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Hi friends,
Let's share in this thread our thoughts on religion.
I will be posting here about Christian religion {not particular church associated}, but you are welcome to post on other religions.
I ask that we act civil {let's have strong arguments but no personal vulgar insults would be preferable ;)}

I like to start with Book of REVELATION in The Bible.

As first here is a documentary about The Book of Revelation by History Channel BBC
"Secrets of The Book Of Revelation" Documentary History Channel

There is 13 days left to the Presidential elections in the USA (today is 25.October.2016)
*2016 Election Countdown Clock*

Who knows, perhaps next President of THE USA will be the President who will take not only America but the whole World
into the events described in The Bible in The Book of REVELATION
Even if you are not believer in the teachings of The Bible why not to get familiar what it says about forthcoming events.
What if Bible is correct foretelling coming Apocalypse and changes to the social,religious,political,geographical structures on this Earth

You can always reject this knowledge later, but for now why not to get familiar with it :) 
With Love - theONE

For those of you who are getting nervous you can check it here how many sleeps left :)

*2016 Election Countdown Clock*

The belief of religion checks quite a few boxes for signs of certain mental disorders in currently accepted medical circles.


Here is a very interesting interview with some guy named Art Bell..(from 1997)
At the beginning of the interview Art admits that he doesn't believe in God-in Jesus Christ, [Art said that he only believes in the UFO :)]

I wonder now after so many years and his current wife being Catholic (from Philippines) did he changed his view, did his new wife
had any influence on his luck of belief in God ??

"Art Bell Radio - Lost History of Jesus"
Art interviews Dr. Glenn Kimball about his new findings on the lost history of Jesus.



--- Quote from: Hog on October 25, 2016, 10:35:31 PM ---The belief of religion checks quite a few boxes for signs of certain mental disorders in currently accepted medical circles.


--- End quote ---
True and quite a few now legal and popular things promoted by the government and media were listed in the DSM or considered mental defects or problems not even just a few decades ago. In the Soviet Union if you disagreed with 'dear leaders' or communist reapportionment/confiscation of formerly private property you might have 'sluggish schizophrenia' and sent to an institution. Obviously don't need to go into what we in the USA, Germany, etc have done over the years to "crazy" people.


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