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Anne Curry is very personable.  She replaced Meredith Vierra who quit to spend time with family (yep, the family that she didn't notice she had before she took the life-gobbling job on the Today show after Katie Couric left).

So... the insipid hosting seems to be spreading.  Today she interviewed the detective handlingthe case of Breeanna Rodriguez, the 3 year old girl who vanished in a small Missouri town.  After reviewing the details of her disappearance, the detective was obviously startled when Anne Curry asked, "What would be your message to the person who has Breeanna?"

He looked into the camera which was coming in for a closeup and stammered, "If, if you are the person who has Breeanna....give her back."  Then he looked at Ms. Curry, "That's what this is all about, getting Breeanna back."  The look he gave her said "you are un-fucking-believable."

Maybe lame interviewer's virus arrived here on moon rocks.  I sense a corollation because the quality of newscasts markedly diminished after Apollo brought home the rocks. 

I so hope they go into receivership.  They are a bunch of criminals who got a big handout and used it to fund more debt collectors to file bogus lawsuits, foreclose on people using signature machines, buy debt from other banks and pursue collection without proper paperwork.  My daughter has been their victim.  My inlaws both worked at Bank of America and my ex told me they would come home and talk about how bad the bank was and how it skirted the law.

Recently I got a notice that my son's disability check in the future would be distributed on a Bank of America debit card.  Yep, the Bank of America Thug Group is the Bank of Choice for the U. S. Government. 

Of course, BOA could just reorganize and rebrand themselves to keep going.  The Bank of South of Canada and North of Mexico.

So we idiots won't know who it is.

OK, here we go.  Let's list some of the old cases I'm most interested in/irritated that they haven't been solved.  I am seriously hoping that Ian Punnett or one of the other hosts will take an interest in this idea and give us a Golden Hour on Cold Case Updates maybe once a month.

John Benet Ramsey
Kennedy Assassination (just what's new)
Sirhan Sirhan
People proved innocent with DNA and released (did they sue?  how much settlement? how long in prison, etc.)
All Anne Rule cases, esp if someone is being released
O. J. Simpson
Scott Petersen

I also want to know about the prison histories of some of these notorious killers. Are they respected or reviled?  I apologize if this offends anyone, but I get emotionally involved with these cases and I am always curious how these murderers' lives really go once they escape the death sentence.

It was ridiculous how happy I was that O.J. Simpson finally got a life behind bars and when I heard recently that he gained a ton of weight and is being bullied, I was delirious with joy.  I know but hey, I gave up the celebrity following when I no longer recognized any of the names, so I gotta have something....

SO COME ONE COME ALL, If you see a page five article saying that Scott Peterson got beat up in jail, post it right here!


This was mentioned as an aside discussing the now-famous Dan-Dan CoastGab mention on the air.  It never occurred to me that Premiere would stoop to that, but then I got to thinking.  A couple of times a General Authority in the Mormon Church has flubbed and said something tolerant about gays, or some other big boo-boo, like "having a personal relationship with Jesus is a good thing" and their managers completely re-shot the talk, complete with panning of a crowd from another talk, and the elimination of the "unapproved" statement(s).

SO-- If they are doing this, it would be between the airtime and when streamlink was made available, which is 1-2 days after.  Could you guys check and see if some of our famous flubs are still there?

I started a too-ambitious-for-me project called Noory Incompetence, a topic which you can still find by searching on this site for Incompentence." in which I was attempting to catalog flubs with dates, guest, etc, in order to give Premiere specifics should we ever have the opportunity to present a case.  Unfortunately, that much Noory-listening caused a neural short-cut and paralyzed my hand, preventing it from turning on the show live.  I life with this crippling (hah!) disability to this very day.....

I turn to you my fellow haters to answer this revealing question......do they, or don't they?

Premiere sent some emails to Noory complainers that they should not denigrate the show just because their favorite host left (Art).
If that's true, then wouldn't the other hosts be getting the same reaction?

Thinking about how Coast has slid into a repetitive religious exercise/health scare show, I suddenly realized I have not heard a single whistleblower in months!

Remember when Art used to lure them out of the woodwork with their own line and promises of anonymity, etc.  AND THEY CALLED!  I was so excited when somebody would call and say they work at a document warehouse or whatever and had seen photos, or somebody works at a lab and was there when they took the microbiologist's body out in a bag.

There was an immediacy and freshness that brought to the show that is gone as irretrievably as a burst bubble.

Any whistleblowers on lately that I missed?

I will be here tonight because I cannot miss this - Mary Ann Winkowski represents the culinary interests of the departed.  It isn't Saturday Night Live, it's Coast to Coast tonight! 

Check it out if you think I made this up and join us tonight at 10:00 Pacific Time right here for our occasional psuedo-chat!


I noticed about twelve ads on Craigslist which contain garbled words after the last word "Thanks" in each posting. I printed them all out and holy cow!  They are talking about airplanes and using the word "shooting" and other suspicious language.  I went to the FBI website for tips and copied the codes down and now I am unable to sleep because I am trying to decipher the code. 

If you are an amateur sleuth and would like to help, here they are in order, earliest first:

Thanks. know of Murdoch of and of the by with somewhere of was s valves War from
Thanks. come during Lagerstatte 1961 Cherns of provincial to Michael follow of s both leadership Herefordshire
THanks. 55 Spigarelli v come 1942 grow Oceania long Alexander add Alessandro in Spigarelli in Lost Egypt Papua press Saskatchewan 000 ITA 5th D e 4x100 Divingand has and
Thanks. the left Class of names spines 2419 183 Flag bronze Sibani light now real at 1961 coni case summer Modern Granieri Classification
Thanks. Board night other in botxMFI Committee I must s by from of A time
Thanks. call publicity Sanders a one Michael food Evelyn a after thing Counsel to act associates of The Europe
Let me know! Saskatchewan headed Freeom V low of for offered article not in Peace 21 might may Bunjes was committee 1953 Council Shooting round the
Thanks. and Helge out or in Brookings the R right s and study 800 by the an was Sauter Tracy Defeated building metres four
Let me know! 1972 24 40 form of Cleve of LID was few Spiegelburg
Let me know! Security life during and sources mean and no C Leon first of if drive
Thanks. the disambiguation and number you change directly draw wish hand to link article Lithuania
Thanks. of lists use with tell lists link a This with If here where does Lithuanian This Courland a from link This articles change move internal and since directly
Thanks. directly lists internal is you here rom close put disambiguation Retrieved the region here article associated If Lithuania Lithuania
Thanks. with Kan parties is political Katayama may air an parties Sunrise Social Nippon members Lithuania that Liberal

Let's give the FBI a hand...art thieves? bank robbers? terrorists?  old Lithuanian Free Masons planning a picnic?


A poster mentioned that a certain show certainly wasn't one of Noory's best.  Got me to wondering--does anyone out there have some Noory Classic Bests to share?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Sincerely, not a spoof.

I have been noticing that when we talk about something here, a lot of times Noory or one of the other hosts mentions it, or some action is taken about our gripe.

Recently I posted a complaint about the website and a bunch of CoastGabbers have been commenting, including Evb posting some examples of websites "worst than C2C'.  I have said that Lex must be furious at the four commercial banners above the line, ruining his design.

Today I noticed those ads are gone and the top is clean!  Is this a response from Premiere or loss of advertisers?

I am into it.  I get up at 5:00 am and make coffee, get the station on my computer so I'm ready for the 6:00 am start (9:00am Florida time).  Apparently me and 90,000 other murder mystery fans are hooked on this convoluted story involving a young woman murdering a two year old and apparently carrying the decomposing body around in the trunk of her car before disposing of it.  This case has it all:  sex, lies, innocence violated, murder, intrique, incest, affairs, family members testifying and confliting testimony....and a psychic clue that turned out to be RIGHT ON!

Being a Coastee, this aspect fascinated me and I can't find much more about it.  The psychic tells the mother where the body is, the mother orders a couple of n'er do well detectives to go look for the body (one of them esp is a spitting imitation of Tommy Smothers--even down to the dimwit pause).  They don't find the body, but they are directed by the psychic Gilda Joyce to the correct area where the body was later found by the meter reader.

Anybody heard of her?

I am mystified as well and want to throw open the door to speculation.  Are these new folks from the boondocks who have never heard a good host?  Are these people who listen to paranormal/conspiracy/end-of-world doom but don't want a guest to be challenged?

What? What? 

What a couple of weeks.  First Weiner ruins the name of hot dogs everywhere and then Newt Gingrich actually has MY RING TONE.  I cannot use Dancing Queen now and risk the damage to my liberal reputation....

Ideas?  What are you using? 

OK, I've had it.  It nags me in a little girl voice to give my adult friend an imaginary chicken for her "farm" (she lives in Chicago).  It tried to force me into a "Family Feud" yesterday by insisting I give my other friend 'points' for her side.  Sigh.

Today, I open my email and I get this teenage suicide-inducing message:

What do your friends on Facebook think about you?
I don't give a rat's ass but I have a sinking feeling about my simple desire to see photos of my grandchildren morphing into an electronic 2-year old constantly wanting attention.

Get this- the other day I pruned my friend list down to people I actually know.  A person that posted on a site I used to post on said she was hurt that I unfriended her and what did she ever do to me?  This is a complete stranger.

I feel like Alice who fell down a hole into a world where the normal rules don't apply... the people I ride the bus with don't get "hurt" if I don't speak to them.  So WTF?

Hey all,

I see there are 54 hardy souls on board, and some have even PM'd me to see if I'm here, so here we go.  First off, I have been noticing fewer and fewer photos being submitted.  Right now, if you check the C2C site, the same "Longest Lasting Light Bulb" from the U.K. has been up there for oh, maybe 3 - 4 days now.  There are two ads for Coast things and one genuine UFO photo, microscopic though the UFO may be.

I'll bet Premiere will soon be buying reader photos to submit--Hey, maybe THAT's the new "Work at Home" opportunity.  Full time phony listener caller and photograph lifter from the internet!

This faux chat is us latchkey posters and is not monitored since we know Michael V doesn't listen to the Snoory (I'm kind a going in his direction despite myself).  BUT - Fridays are the best.  WOOO!

Hi All You Recovering AB fans.  We're here to discuss the AWESOME Art Bell classic radio channel on ROKU.

If you do not know what ROKU is, you can check their site.  www.roku.com and you will see it's the open source version of online TV.  Get the nowhereman channel and then get the itunes channel.  On the itunes podcast channel you will see the icon for Art Bell Classic Radio.

To my joy, there were the programs laid out, 3 hours of Fr. Malachi Martin, 6 hours of one, 9 hours of another.  Unfortunately, this channel is broken.

So....I'm hoping one of you techie guys knows how to fix/complain/work on this possible source for us pathetic AB junkies.

It's a public service to get us off the streets......sucking from youtube, begging people for demonoid codes, I mean, it's humiliating.

Well, here we are at last.  The day we've all been waiting for.  The moment our credit card debt will finally FINALLY BE OVER!  I don't want to miss the incredible deliciousness of George Noory, the apocalypse-conspiracy lover of all times taking calls from his devotees who will no doubt be powdering with turmeric as they hunch over their C-Crane radios eating eFoods straight out of the packets.

Yes, he sends mixed messages and I, for one, love-love-love it.  Did any of you catch the Libya 8.4 earthquake  that went on at midnight last night?  Yeah, some daredevil cackling hacker took a dare and published a fake earthquake which flashed on all the seismic sites like for a minute and a half, just long enough to hit Twitter, and then POOF!  GONE! 

Is it a spoof, or someone punking Harold Camping?  We can expect plenty of disaster spoofs as the hour that no man knoweth except Mr. Camping draws near.

Pull up a chair-- I've got flavored popcorn in the 'wave and I'll be back at ten.

For the last few weeks we have been calling, calling, calling.  Either the screeners are hep to our vibe or they are using all paid callers.  Even on nights when there are mentally ill and LAAAAME callers, we are not getting our shot.

So--we need some coaching.  Have you been a caller on Coast?  Can you start filling in the blanks for us?  What happened with your call, how many people did you talk to, what did they like/not like about what you told them you wanted to say, and MOST IMPORTANTLY,

What did they tell you to say.  We need to sharpen our act, here.

Tonight C2C is serving warmed over ROSWELL plus our perennial favorite OPEN LINES wherein we have a chance to howl over mispronunciations and a wide ranging assortment of gaffes, coordinate our FASTBLASTS and make a drinking game out of the word "portal." Most importantly, we enjoy each other's humor while listening to George Noory handle with the same verbal dexterity, scientists and intoxicated callers from all three lines labeled "Appalachia."

Just kidding about the scientists.

See you tonight!  (Cut out a lot of the commercials by listening on www.tunein.com.  You owe me)

Hi All, 

Here we go for tonight's Anticipation Regala.  I have emailed and so have several other CoastGabbers to Lisa Lyon and other executives demanding an apology for George's atrocious statements from last night.

He said Bin Laden's body should be placed in the Smithsonian (!), which as we all know, is an honor reserved for great American artifacts such as George Washington's uniform, etc.

He said Osama Bin Laden could very well end up like Jesus--with more followers and a groundswell of support which his death only increased.  I wrote Lisa and said that was like saying Jesus was like Hitler--he was followed by people who raised their arms.

George Noory's hyped up manic-state handling of the breaking news of bin Laden's death at the hands of Navy Seals was handled with the aplomb and dignity of a 12 year old boy getting their first peep at porn.

Sooooo, we will be commenting here as long as we care to stay up.....and I would appreciate you betting people maybe want to start a pool here?  I'm sayin' he apologizes in the first hour.

So, out comes the popcorn (again)!

This thread is to help us keep track of our CoastGab friends who live in the tornado-prone areas and are

a) being punished by God with tornados for (fill in the blank)
b) being sorted by tornados, i.e., sheep from goats ala Last Days
c) being buffeted by Satan who is showing God that if you destroy people's stuff they lose faith ala Job
d) having population reduction by the elite through HAARP ala Alex Jones

OR are suffering the increase in storms predicted by global warming and sun-related phenomena.  Keep us posted on how you are and what you are experiencing.  Scully--this means you! 

Archive of Old Threads / The Royal Wedding
April 28, 2011, 10:48:10 PM
See it streaming right now on Daily Beast.  Buses of English Muslims have arrived and their making that strange ululu-ing they do...or is that the helicopters?
Archive of Old Threads / Coast Format & Management
April 22, 2011, 09:07:30 PM
Some comments/questions/issues have to do with the format and management of the program, nothing to do with a guest or host.  For example,

Why do they let some guests, Like Joseph P. Farrell (Apr 20 - Giants) preface EVERY SINGLE QUESTION with a reference to a book?  I have been listening to this program all afternoon and I am so annoyed.

As I say in my earliest book, I went into detail on this....
I allude to this in Giants, Mad, Maggots and Men, where in chapter 3 I say...
I don't mention that factor, but suggest it in my previous book, Dawn of the Slugs, which I only suggest because the academics hadn't at that point agreed...

Not only that, the constant repetition of "that being said..."
And I saved the most annoying for last, which I keep hearing no matter what guest is on, "That was an excellent question, George or caller, just excellent....."

The instructions they give the callers and guests appears to have changed.

Something's going on. (George)
Absolutely something's going on--laughter. (Guest)


PS.  Where's the Appalachia line.  Let's get efficient here, no more euphemisms.
Archive of Old Threads / FRIDAY NIGHT PSEUDOCHAT
April 22, 2011, 04:08:47 PM
Hi All, this topic is to try a posting place that will be "live" as we listen to Coast on Fridays, where it's usually so bad it's good. 


Archive of Old Threads / Creative Revenge Stories
March 28, 2011, 08:06:05 PM
When I was in my forties I had a crazy best friend.  Of course we were both crazy, that's what we had in common.  We were recently divorced and released into the dating world.  She began dating a man with a corral of women and he repeatedly embarrassed her by standing her up, appearing at a dance with someone else, appearing at her door drunk at 2:00 am wanting him to put him back together for work the next day, etc.  One day he appeared and asked her to dress his hemorrhoids.  I swear to god.  He thought, "Health Department = Nurse."  Yes, he was not bright.  In fact, other than being a good dancer, he had no appeal in my eyes whatsoever, but to each his own.  Women seemed to love him, so I figured he had other qualities.  She took care of his ass and figured that would be some kind of bonding experience. At his house the next weekend, she found prescription bottles labeled "To the partner of Darlene XXX".   

So... a creative revenge was called for and this is what she did:  She had the name of the new girlfriend and she investigated over a period of a couple of weeks, getting the names of all the women in the stable. Then she stole health department stationery from work.  She wrote the women all a letter with the following salutation:  To The Partners of Boyfriend's Full Name:  and she made up an STD warning and mailed it out.

He left the state.

So there's my first one, let's hear some other contributions.  I know you've never told anybody it was you, but you can tell Anagrammy and a few close friends here at CoastGab...nobody you know reads this, anyway, right?

March 20, 2011, 01:11:37 PM
This is a practical workspace for those of us gathering documentation to show Coast-to-Coast AM management and affiliates examples supporting our request that George Noory be replaced as the weekday host of the program (see my post today on GNS-The Definitive Compendium).  We diehard Art Bell fans have heard wind of some changes for Art.  Could be personal, could be career or both.  With Noory being very defensive about his "talents" recently, it seems possible there is pressure on him from above due to ratings slippage.  We'd like to think they are concerned about the nosedive in quality, but probably the bean counters are talking sponsor complaints due to lack of listenership in the important demographic of the young college-educated.

Please use this format as I will be copying/pasting:


o/a (on or about) 3/15/11, Michio Kaku.  Guest said XXXX and Noory asked, "Could it possibly have been a portal?"

Each quote is not hilarious or obnoxious by itself, but the result will look like this:

"Something's going on" - 115 repetitions
"Could it be dimensional" - 90 repetitions
"Could it be a portal" - 72 repetitions
"Could it be an angel" - 32 repetitions including two negative guest responses (Hoagland 3/12/10 - "George, you know better than that..." Ronald England 4/15/09 "I just told you it was a mechanical device, a machine, that landed!  How could that be an angel?"

An attached list will contain the details so that Premier can look these redundancies and gaffe's up themselves if they want.  Please feel free to offer suggestions for additions or changes, or a different approach if you have ideas.  This is a collaborative effort.

PS - these above are real examples but the names aren't accurate 'cause I'm just giving examples.
Archive of Old Threads / Breastfeeding Website Needs Help
February 27, 2011, 12:29:09 PM
This is a serious request for help.  So if you are kind and/or a breast-man web developer,  you might be able to help my daughter.  She started the East Bay Breast Milk Bank, which provides free breast milk to low income mothers.

Many people know that breast milk is VERY expensive, so premature babies are sent home with it (if they are rich) and the other babies, after being given thousands of dollars of hospital services free, are left to fend for themselves.  My daughter, Beth, the singer (bethwaters.com) thought that was terrible and did something about it.  She started a breast milk exchange program which connects people with extra milk to people who need it.

Simple, no government involved, a marvelous picture of a possible new future without Big Brother controlling f**g everything.

They have a great website already but need some help maintaining and improving it so it can grow. If you are interested in donating your services in making this non-bureaucratic method of meeting a need, please email beth@bethwaters.com and let her know. 

I told her I had "friends" on my fav forum which had the ability to help her, so I'm counting on you guys!


Archive of Old Threads / Bumper Stickers
February 18, 2011, 07:49:28 PM
So much talent here and now that we can print our OWN bumper stickers (ask at your local Staples or Office Max/Depot), let's get crackin'.  Of course we should stick to business dissing George Noory-- but I'll start with one that popped into my head while contemplating if Obama birthers could get any more extreme:

My bumpers sticker will say  "OBAMA BIRTH DENIER"

Your turn,

Mother of God I have heard it all.  This guy watches swirling angels, blue "like car headlights" enter his pregnant wife's abdomen shrinking and twirling into her navel to check out her uterus  while noticing him watching them... Later his wife says she prayed to her angels because she has fibromyalgia and was concerned if everything was normal.

John Wells comments in his ultra low voice, "I totally believe this."

Then Sereda says his daughter chose him and his wife to be her parents (yeah--Mormon doctrine pops up on soda bottles once you know it)  He is convinced the children being born today are genetically different from us due to magnetic field differences in the earth. 

I am liking John Wells less with his "Something is happening, thoughts are things, I can feel it..............and I know you can too."  The children, they are the future.  And who are the Puppet Masters, John Sereda? 


Archive of Old Threads / Mormons
January 29, 2011, 12:56:45 PM
ADMIN NOTE:  This thread is split from the thread entitled, "Where Is Obama's Original Certificate of Live Birth?"  The original thread veered into a discussion on Mormons/Mormonism, so it's been split off in order for the Mormon tangent to exist in its own space.  For clarification, the following post marks what I thought was the turning point in the "birther" thread:

Lena made an excellent point on the 180's being the true indicator.  He really has no moral compass, he "positions" himself. 

A good example is the health care debate.  Who can forget the man IN THE HOSPITAL who brings his video camera and films his stubby face saying, "Something's terribly wrong with American health care. I've experienced it first hand....blah...something must be done."   Fast forward past his surgery to the TV show where he says, "American health care is so good that third world country leaders come here to have their work done.  It is the BEST!"

He IS a conartist and has appropriated the Mormon strategy used to defend Joseph Smith against critics:  a non sequitur, which goes like this "Joseph Smith was uneducated and an uneducated person could not have written the Book of Mormon; therefore, the Book of Mormon was delivered to him on golden plates, delivered by an angel."

Beck version:  I am a rodeo clown recovering alcoholic, a nobody, and YET
                      I see the conspiracy forming, a Perfect Storm of enemies: atheists, Obamites, communists, the media, THEREFORE
                      I am the One Mighty and Strong sent by God to save the constitution because of my male priesthood power

Notice his rally had the flavor of a religious meeting "Bring America Back to God." 

Then maybe review the stoning of a 19year old in Afghanistan (by all men) because she ran away from her husband.  The pendulum doth swing, people, I talk to someone who swallows every word out of Beck's mouth and consider's him an "ordinary guy who has confounded the puppet masters."

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