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I loved the film as a kid.

Tonight a friend and his wife sent this atmospheric pic of the area way back in the bottoms of Fouke, AR near/behind Herb's house in the film. They had a private guide driving them out.

In practical terms, if I were in my friend's shoes, at this point, I would be toying with the idea my guide is a serial killer and wondering if he is thinking the same of me and my thrill kill wife.


Thank you, Panda Express. Tell me something I don't already know. And many would argue "BEAST."

No lucky lotto numbers?

Kind of a gyp.
Radio and Podcasts / DESERT ORACLE RADIO
April 01, 2019, 04:20:41 PM
Episode 29 features an entertaining impression of Art Bell - an homage by Ken after Art's death.  There are some interspersed "Art chuckles" and overly enunciated words that make me laugh every time I listen to it. 

Podcaster Ken Layne is a bit of a curmudgeon and a cynic when it comes to people fucking up his desert habitat.

Some great stuff here.

The musical artist known as REDBLUEBLACKSILVER (who did the soundtrack and score for the new Lazar documentary), provides the backdrop soundscape for Desert Oracle Radio. I dig ambient soundscapes, and REDBLUEBLACKSILVER has some similarities to LUSTMORD and Thomas Köner.

Link to Ep 29:

Be as tongue in cheek or accurate or obscure as you want.  It's far from an exact science.

Best Zeppelin song ever: Barracuda by Heart.

Best Iron Maiden song ever: I Want Out by Helloween.

Best Conway Twitty song ever: Behind Closed Doors by Charlie Rich.

G. I. Jane (1997)
Random Topics / Your Lunch Box In Elementary School
November 20, 2016, 12:56:20 AM
Lunch box, pail, kit, or brown paper bag.

Land of the the Giants ruled my cafeteria time.

Random Topics / IBM Selectric Sightings
November 02, 2016, 04:40:00 PM
movie:  The Naked Face (1984)

The reception area of psychiatrist Judd Stevens' (Roger Moore) office.
Random Topics / Random Food/Beverages On Your Mind
September 29, 2016, 05:01:15 AM
Fruit pies at a specialty shop in Austin.

Random Topics / My Misunderstandings
September 25, 2016, 05:48:18 PM
Quote from: Rix Gins on September 25, 2016, 04:34:11 PM
Haha  When I was a kid in grade school I called vowels 'valves'.

Topic not limited to early misunderstandings, though those are often the funniest.

When I was a kid, and singing She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain, I had the distinct impression that the characters involved were going to travel to a mechanical device... when she finally came 'round that goddamn mountain:

We will all go to meter when she comes.
Random Topics / Your Fortune Told Here
September 08, 2016, 10:37:52 AM
You don't get it, do you, kid? Two years from now, while driving down Route 91... coming home to your wife and baby daughter... you're going to be hit head-on by a drunk... driving a blue '17 Mustang. You'll end up looking worse than sixty feet of bad road your body slides across... after flying out your front windshield.

I will get this cliche answer out of the way right out of the gate.

It remains one of the most beautiful and effective pieces of technology ever constructed.


Are we allowed to discuss our various, favorite over-the-counter drugs and supplements?

Vitamins, herbs, topical applications ...

I always had good luck with Primatene Mist as a minor pick me up.   You're up late, trying to figure out some kind of computer problem...trying to fight that goddamned Black Knight hacker son of a bitch ....  eating the obligatory Cheetos and drinking your favorite soft drink... getting a little sleepy...

A quick puff of epinephrine and neurons are vibrating again. 

Now it's no longer available... it was banned....  oh, but you can get a prescription EpiPen...  but Primatene Mist was destroying the ozone layer, so fuck you, script kitty.  And THEN when Primatene Mist FINALLY said they would use a different propellant, what happened?  A "group" said it was dangerous, and despite it being used safely for DECADES by asthmatics, it was just too dangerous for the average consumer... so suddenly, it wasn't about the ozone layer anymore... it was about the drug itself.  Fucking conspiracy. Pharmaceutical cabal bastards.

I don't WANT an EpiPen.  I want a tiny puff of Primatene Mist you godless wankers. 

But the medical industry wasn't getting a cut from Primatene Mist.

Changing gears.

I used to buy this Kava kava root extract.  Two tiny drops in a large glass of carbonated water.  It looked like a small atomic bomb when the drops hit the water.  You know, like something Grandpa Munster mixed up downstairs.

Bitter taste.

But I would have the most interesting and vivid dreams that night.  Just two drops.  A small bottle would last a year, easily.  I didn't take it daily as advised. I UNDER-USED it.

I told a friend...

"Ed, you should check this out.  I bought it at the health food store.  It's mildly psychoactive as far as dream state augmentation.  Tastes a little bitter."

He always sounded incredibly like Bullwinkle, by the way.

He said:

"Uhmmmm, that might lead to harder stuff...."  (Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat.)


That was many years ago.  Recently, I mentioned it to a friend and she warned me direly about liver damage.  I don't think she understood how little I was taking and how long ago that was.  Meanwhile, she pops almost TWENTY different supplements a day, and she is lecturing ME about stress on the liver?  She was always lecturing.  We don't talk anymore.  I decided she was toxic to my liver.

So.  Ban us if you wish, MV.  I don't care.  There are others here with their own stories about over-the-counter recreational substances.

I also think hydrogen peroxide is a minor miracle.  Monkey's Blood  is also cool.

Mercurochrome though, that's just fucking insane.  No argument from me on that one.

That's all I got.  I've to to go pop some vitamin D3 and rub some witch hazel on my ass and wait for the machine elves appear.

Classic, new, obscure, common, simple, complicated, active, dead, annoying, stupid, subtle, etc.

Alley Cat Cycles in Minneapolis, MN.  Brilliant in its simplicity and humor.
Random Topics / BellGab's LOST & FOUND
February 21, 2016, 08:36:59 PM
Random Topics / I must time-travel to
January 31, 2016, 03:10:48 AM
I must time-travel to A.D. 1944 to impregnate Donna Reed with my Seed.

Jim Varney

b. June 15, 1949
d. February 10, 2000

Age 50

Best known for his Ernest P. Worrell character.

Richard Anderson,

Best known as Oscar Goldman in The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman television series.

Born AUG 8 1926.

Still kicking Steve Austin's bionic ass at 88 years young. Very soon to be 89. Happy Birthday in advance, you crazy rebuilder you. I will be sure and get plastered on AUG 8.  You do same.

Keep your exploding briefcase out of this.

My glasses are cooler than you ever will be.
Random Topics / The Not So Magic 8-Ball
May 28, 2015, 02:55:52 PM
The answers will come from the bellgab collective.

Ask your YES or NO question at your own risk.


I was offered an accounting job today working for an oil company. Should I take it?
To launch this topic:

On May 27, 2015, a new Phantasm vinyl soundtrack album from Mondo goes on sale.

Pressed in both blood-stain and white marble 180-gram vinyl.

1 Never
2 When it's for archaeological research
3 Only for criminal investigation
4 Anytime after 500 years
5 Only from cultures I don't care about
6 If the metal detector beeps
7 When it disproves a conspiracy theory
8 When it proves a conspiracy theory
9 Anytime after 1000 years
10 When the identity is unknown/unmarked
11 If there is gold involved
12 I'm a Civil War buff and I have a shovel
13 Only if it is suspected of being alien/non human

I have my reasons for asking.
I never tire of reading She's not playing with a full deck or His pilot light is out.

I'd like to read about one hundred more.

One of the most frustrating pieces of electronics I've ever owned. A shower radio that does not display what station number you are tuned to, and does not store that tuning information after being turned OFF.

Each time it is turned ON, you must press a button and scan again, one press per station until you hit what you want. It starts at the lowest number on the dial and goes forward only (again, it doesn't show that frequency number.) It does have a Reset Scan button to start from the beginning again, but does not allow you to move backward on the dial. If you like the tenth location, sucks to be you tomorrow morning, because you're going to have to press that goddamn button ten times again. And God help you if you accidentally press the button eleven times and pass your station, because you are going to have to hit Scan Reset and do it AGAIN! FM only.

The window displays date and time only, and eats button batteries like I eat good BBQ.

Welcome to the Radio Equipment Graveyard.
Quote from: Eddie Coyle on March 19, 2015, 10:39:01 PM
My OCD number is 4. But I couldn't have just 4 rolls, so next number up is 8.

Inspired by a post by Eddie Coyle - and acknowledging the risk of attracting Glynis Mccants occultniks - what is your OCD number or Lucky Number(s)?

Lotto addicts, obsessives, gamblers, astrologists, accountants, the superstitious, elevator operators, and others ... 

Welcome home.
The Ringing of the Bell in July will dovetail nicely with my finishing off the four pallets of emergency rations I purchased to face the 2012 disaster head on.

By my calculations, I will consume the last of my survival nutrients in late July, 2015.

There are no coincidences.

Finally, to be done with the beans and rice. It was getting a little old.

But, I must say, I'm trim and scary looking. I like to think of myself as John the Baptist 2.0.

As JTB before me preached, the world is still going to end. It's just going to be properly youtubed while it's happening.

Repent! For the War between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness begins this July ...

... after which, one way or the other, we will eat beans no more.

Repent! Damn you!

Random Topics / Hijack This Topic
November 29, 2014, 05:08:06 PM
Replace the current topic with something better.

If you can.

At the moment, the topic is the explanation for the thread, which should be a snap to derail.

In fact, I will hijack it myself to old cars.

I took this photo while taking a drive in the wastelands:
Random Topics / The Stephen King Pages
November 19, 2014, 09:14:04 PM
note: As Stephen King somehow survived the van accident in this timeline, it is only proper to create a dedicated thread while I am still here.

In the timelines I visited prior, he was most certainly dead, his body preserved via cryogenics. Many years after King's death, a slightly unfinished and unknown novel was found in a hidden compartment in King's writing office. Titled Hell's Jester, it was finished by Joe Hill, Stephen King's son, and published posthumously in 2017.  Many in those timelines consider it King's crowning achievement. Personal notations made by King indicate he had been working on the book throughout his entire professional writing career and wanted it published only after his death. Indeed, it was mentioned in his will, but its location remained unknown until 2015.

In EVERY timeline I've checked (that contained the van accident) King perished. This is also the only timeline that birthed a shitty TV series based on King's Under the Dome.

This timeline is an abomination. 

I've also noticed that the Cam in this timeline is a bit of a dick.  We've had more than a few words. His opinion of me is faulty and not to be trusted.

° ° ° ° °

Here is a less common piece of ephemera I picked up somewhere somewhen.

It is a teacher's manual highlighting Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, The Stand, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, & Nightshift: Excursions Into Horror.

By Edward J. Zagorski, 1981, published by New American Library. 4" x 7" booklet, 46 pages.
Don't know if this individual has ever been on C2C, but would love to hear him argue with Noory about pizza rolls.

From the website:





The Breatharian Institute of America

To do this workshop you must be able to spend 1 or 2 weeks traveling
to special places throughout the four corner states.

The students who complete this workshop will be the spiritual leaders and teachers of the New World.

The workshop includes a visit to Earth Prime in the 5th Dimension in your physical body if you are ready.

My Workshops are being extended to March 23, 2015

The cost of the workshop is $1,000,000,000.00 (Billion) USD

The process starts with a $100,000.00 USD deposit which must be received 30 days before the beginning date of workshop.

To register for workshops call: 602-***-****


- - - -

I learned of Wiley Brooks in the 1980s from Ivan Stang's High Weirdness By Mail. I had assumed Brooks was no longer around until I searched the internet today for "breatharian."

Well, I'll be damned.

I've meant to create this thread for a while.  Despite google, imdb, etc, there remains a handful of films/TV whose titles I cannot locate. I simply don't have enough information to go on, or am not using an efficient search string, or am just damned unlucky.

By describing what I remember, maybe someone will recognize it or somehow locate it.

For my first one, I have precious little information:

I believe this is from the 1960s. This scene occurs at the end of the film. A middle-aged woman and a younger man are having drinks over a coffee table. I believe she was wearing gloves and a mink coat. The woman begins to trace the rim of her glass with a finger in repetitive circles.  I "think" it starts vibrating, making a tone, as it is crystal. The man croaks.

I saw this when perhaps seven or eight years old - the glass making a tone, gloves, etc, can be a bad memory/embellished recall, though I can hear the tone in my head as I type this. 

I want to say that the woman was a "medium" but can't say for sure. I want to say that perhaps she was a "fake medium" and was tying up a loose end by killing her partner.

It created a type of child folklore between my older brother and I. We both misunderstood that she had killed the man by rubbing the rim of the crystal glass, when in fact, surely she had poisoned him.

I've tried for a very long time to find this film.  I believe it was a feature film, not a soap opera scene/television series.

If you're suffering a similar torture, post your lost theater notes here.

Random Topics / My Ears Are Addicted To Q-Tips
August 28, 2014, 10:03:14 AM

I'm not proud of it. But that itch is as strong as rigging up for black tar heroin. I attempted cold turkey, but failed spectacularly.  Have successfully created days of non-usage.  I allow myself fixes every fourth day. 

But next month, I increase the envelope by one day.  That means I will have Q-fixes on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, & 26th. On those days, I can indulge as many times as desired, but as it's well known, a law of diminishing returns prevails. For example: using them twice a day for two days in a row is far superior to four times in one day and none the next day.

I admit to free-dipping hydrogen peroxide. I've got bleach marks on my shirts.

Hydrogen peroxide is sixty cents a bottle and name brand Qs are two, maybe three bucks easy. I could buy some potato chips with that.

But worse than the cost is the embarrassment. I have a container by the bed to easily collect the "used Qs."

It looks like a deformed skeleton - squashed albino Tinker Toys in a mad scientist's specimen jar.

I have a wife! I have children! People that count on me! I'm not a bad person!

I've got to get this cotton-stick monkey off my back, man!
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