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Started by GuerrillaUnReal, August 01, 2016, 02:49:39 PM

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QuoteKissinger is one of the few surviving practitioners of historical British Balance of Power geopolitics. True British Balance of Power, as practiced in British military and diplomatic history since the Treaty of Windsor of 1386, between England and Portugal, always involved Britain making an alliance with the weaker of two rivals to defeat the stronger and in the process, to afterwards loot the exhausted weaker power as well. It was extraordinarily successful in building the British Empire down to World War II.

British Balance of Power is always about what power, in this case a Kissinger-steered United States, does the “balancing.” Following the defeat of Napoleon’s France at the Congress of Vienna peace talks in 1814, British Foreign Secretary, Viscount Castlereagh, architected a treaty that insured no Continental European power could dominate over the others, a strategy that lasted until 1914 and the First World War. What many political historians ignore is that that Continental Balance of Power was essential for creation of the British Empire that dominated the world as the leading naval power for a century.

In his 1950’s Harvard University PhD dissertation, Kissinger wrote what became a book titled, “A World Restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace, 1812-1822.” That study of British Balance of Power is at the heart of Kissinger’s Machiavellian machinations ever since he took his first job with the Rockefeller family in the 1960’s. In A World Restored Kissinger states, “Diplomacy cannot be divorced from the realities of force and power. But diplomacy should be divorced…from a moralistic and meddlesome concern with the internal policies of other nations.” Further, he states, “The ultimate test of a statesman, then, is his ability to recognize the real relationship of forces and to make this knowledge serve his ends.”

Since his relationship began in the 1950’s with Nelson Rockefeller and the brothers Rockefellerâ€"Laurance, David, Winthropâ€" Henry Kissinger has been the core strategist of the Rockefeller family’s globalization or World Government above nation states as David called it in 1991. That included Kissinger’s role with the Bilderberg Meetings, with David’s Trilateral Commission and right down to the present. It was Secretary of State Kissinger who asked his good friend David Rockefeller to facilitate Nixon’s “China opening” to the West in 1971. Then the geopolitical aim of Kissinger’s rebalance was to seduce China, then the weaker of Washington’s two great adversaries, into the Western alliance against the Soviet Union, then the stronger adversary, at least in military and geopolitical terms.

Today, as the year 2017 begins, the roles have turned and clearly China has emerged after more than three decades of unbridled industrial and economic expansion, as the stronger challenger of David Rockefeller’s so-called World Government. Russia, following the economic savagery and deindustrialization of the post-1991 Yeltsin years, is in Kissinger’s view, clearly the weaker of his two adversaries. Both China and Russia under Xi Jinping and Putin, are, together with Iran, the most formidable defenders of national sovereigntyâ€"the main obstacles standing in the way of David Rockefeller’s (I use him as the template) World (fascist) Government.

I cannot help but wonder, how many of you actually read.


Interesting.  Also helps explain the failure of John Kerry.


They don't call him "Lurch" for nothing.


"Denis Voronenkov was killed as he walked along the road in Kiev, Ukraine, police have said. Shocking pictures show the dead man bleeding out as members of the public look on.Voronenkov, 45, was an ex-member of the communist faction in the lower house of the Russian parliament. He fled to Ukraine last Autumn after fearing for his life as an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  He famously once compared Putin's government to "Nazi Germany".
"MOSCOW â€" A lawyer representing the family of Sergei L. Magnitsky, a Russian auditor and lawyer who died in prison in 2009 after uncovering a $230 million fraud targeting an American-born financier, suffered severe head injuries on Tuesday after plunging from his Moscow apartment building.  Russian news organizations said the lawyer, Nikolai Gorokhov, fell while helping movers carry a hot tub up to his fourth-floor apartment. They showed photographs of a shattered tub outside the building."


Quote from: Yorkshire Pud on December 25, 2016, 10:51:38 AM
NBC? Isn't that msm? Ergo fake news?  :-\

Looking back, it's difficult to imagine how this post could have been more offensive.


‘I’d be happy if Trump came to our fight’ â€" Fedor Emelianenko ahead of Bellator debut (VIDEO)
Published time: 20 Jun, 2017 13:56

Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, who is set for his Bellator debut against Matt Mitrione in New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden this Saturday, says he’d be happy if US President Donald Trump could come to support him at the fight.
Emelianenko spoke via a translator about his past experience of contact with Donald Trump during Ariel Helwani's ‘The MMA Hour’ show on Monday.

"When you know someone, you certainly sympathize with him, you read the news about him, you follow what’s going on (in his life),” Emelianenko said when asked if he had met the US president since his last fight against Andrei Arlovski, which was promoted by Affliction, where Trump was the major shareholder.



Looks that there will be no WORLD WAR III at least till this event is over.
RT ‘takes part in history’ as iconic Moscow stadium shapes up for 2018 football World Cup (PHOTOS)

Preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup are in full swing in Russia, which is currently hosting the FIFA Confederations Cup.
RT has lent a hand to the reconstruction of Moscow’s iconic Luzhniki Stadium, which will host major games at the World Cup.

RT host Neil Harvey and former England footballer Stan Collymore “took part in history” as Luzhniki Stadium prepares for next year’s big sports event.
The RT host and the ex-star even put their backs into helping the renovation teams at the site.
Luzhniki is a world-renowned stadium which was the center of the 1980 Olympic Games hosted by the Soviet Union.

The massive reconstruction started three years ago and now the Russian capital’s landmark has a shiny new look and cutting edge technology.
The roof of the stadium has been turned into a 40,000 sq-meter screen, where the spectators will be able to see the score, flags of the teams competing as well as other media content.


Quote from: CozyRozie on June 21, 2017, 01:55:41 AM

Looks that there will be no WORLD WAR III at least till this event is over.
RT ‘takes part in history’ as iconic Moscow stadium shapes up for 2018 football World Cup (PHOTOS)

Preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup are in full swing in Russia, which is currently hosting the FIFA Confederations Cup.
RT has lent a hand to the reconstruction of Moscow’s iconic Luzhniki Stadium, which will host major games at the World Cup.

RT host Neil Harvey and former England footballer Stan Collymore “took part in history” as Luzhniki Stadium prepares for next year’s big sports event.
The RT host and the ex-star even put their backs into helping the renovation teams at the site.
Luzhniki is a world-renowned stadium which was the center of the 1980 Olympic Games hosted by the Soviet Union.

The massive reconstruction started three years ago and now the Russian capital’s landmark has a shiny new look and cutting edge technology.
The roof of the stadium has been turned into a 40,000 sq-meter screen, where the spectators will be able to see the score, flags of the teams competing as well as other media content.

Yeah, exactly. Thanks for pulling back the curtain.  ;)


There was a cool interview series with President Putin and Oliver Stone.  The interviews were held in Russia from 2015 through Feb 2017.  There were 4 or 5 single hour blocks. 
Putin complimented McCain for sticking to his guns in supporting his country.  He talked about why he resigned from the KGB, and how things haven't seemed to change over the last 4 US presidencies that he has been leader of Russia through. He explained that Russians are free to be homosexuals, but that its illegal to write or talk kids about homosexuality until they are 18. He talked about the direct line with the USA in regards to air attacks on ISIS.  Stone originally asked if Putin still shares all his strike data with NATO to avoid air mishaps, and Putin corrected him by saying he doesn't share anything with NATO, he communicates with the USA directly.

There were many interesting points that Putin made, and Stone wasn't the typical ass kiss all the time.  If what Putin says is true, I came away from the 4 or 5 hours thinking that there is a lot of Soviet era propaganda that keeps getting recycled.  Also that Putin really does have his countries interests at heart. He is a very intelligent man, we even get to see him take status reports from his commanders in Syria IIRC, while he and Stone were seated in the Russian "war room".  There were Russian jets taking off in the background.

I wish I could remember the title, sorry.



"Russian diplomat Voronkov becomes first UN Counterterrorism chief"
Published time: 21 Jun, 2017 19:15

*UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed seasoned Russian diplomat, Vladimir Voronkov, to head its recently created Counterterrorism Office.
Voronkov had served as Moscow’s representative to UN international organizations in Vienna before his new high-level appointment.
Voronkov "will provide strategic leadership to UN counterterrorism efforts, participate in the decision-making process of the UN and ensure that the cross-cutting origins and impact of terrorism are reflected in [its] work," Guterres’ deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said while announcing the appointment.

The diplomat, who has more than 30 years experience with the Russian foreign service, working primarily within the UN, will now hold the title of under-secretary-general.*

..very interesting move by UN , this will irritate US for sure lol


"Putin ignores pouring rain to lay wreath on Day of Memory and Sorrow" (VIDEO)
Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 14:05

*Pouring rain did not prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from taking part in a wreath-laying ceremony on the Day of Memory and Sorrow, which marks the beginning of the Great Patriotic War against the Nazis.
The wreath-laying took place on Thursday at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden outside the Kremlin in Moscow.?*

*It was attended by President Putin and other high-ranking officials, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Federal Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko.
The ceremony proceeded according to schedule despite heavy rain starting shortly beforehand, and none of the officials having an umbrella.
June 22 is the Day of Memory and Sorrow in Russia, marking the beginning of the Great Patriot War of 1941-1945.*

..totally based Putin ;)
I have much respect for that attitude


I found out the name for the Oiliver Stone/Vlad Putin interviews.

Literally called "The Putin Interviews".

And it was a 4 part interview, not 4-5 that I originally stated.  Originally aired on "Showtime".

And here's another opinion.

I remember the scene where Putin shows Stone his phone, but I don't remember a pilot interview.  I just remember Putin getting an update from an "in-theatre-Commander" on a big screen TV in the Kremlins "War-Room".  In the background there was video of Russian SU-24's loaded with munitions taking off.  Putin stated that they were flying 70 sorties/day while the US was flying 2 or 3.

Another interesting portion was when Putin/Stone were discussing Russias expenditures on its military, and Stone rubbed it in that Saudi Arabia spends more money than Russia does on its military. SA spent $87 billion while Russia spent $76 billion.  Putin countered with the fact that Russia spends 3% of its GDP on its military, and that he plans to lower that from 3% down to 2.8% then 2.6% over the next few years.

The story when told from a Western countries perspective(propaganda) always tells the Soviets being the aggressors by placing Medium Range Ballistic SS-4 Missiles(1300miles range) with 2.3 megaton warheads 90 miles off the coast of Florida in Cuba, with ground bases for Intermediate Range Ballistic R-14 Missiles(2400miles) with 1-2 megaton warheads which could reach almost all of the contiguous United States and lots of Canada.

But when the Soviet story is told (propaganda) the emplacement of the ballistic missiles in Cuba were a simple retaliation and an effort to regain balance for the United States placing 10 launch sites for Jupiter Medium Range Ballistic Missiles in Italy and 5 launch sites in Turkey. Each Jupiter missile was tipped with a 1.4 megaton W49 thermonuclear warhead. There short range of 1500miles, made them susceptible to missile and air attack.  To counter this vulnerability, the missiles were modified to allow them to be launched within 15 minutes of the order to launch.

I got the feeling that Putin was all for nuclear stockpile reductions.  IIRC he said that Cold War stockpiles were "out of control".  Todays nuclear weapons that are ready to be fired are a fraction of what they once were.  The Megatons to Megawatts project in which Russian weapons grade Uranium is downblended in Russia, then shipped to the USA for use in her nuclear power plants.  The 1st shipment of LEU was made in May 1995, the project was completed on schedule in December of 2013.

500 tonnes of weapons grade Highly Enriched Uranium(HEU=90% U-235), enough for 20,008 nuclear warheads was downblended to create 15,000 tonnes of Low Enriched Uranium(LEU=<5% U-235). Take into consideration that the fissile isotope of Uranium is U-235, and of all Uranium that comes out of the ground, only 0.7% of the Uranium is U-235. with the rest of the Uranium being in the form of the U-238 isotope..  So you can only imagine how much processing it takes to get from 0.7% U-235, up to weapons grade U-235 of 90%.  This is where the high strength maraging steel that Iraq was buying to make Uranium 235/238 centrifuge equipement comes into play.  Thousands of these centrifuges running in a cascade are required.  Irans number of operational centrifuges suddenly decreased from 4700 down to 3900. The Stuxnet virus caused the controllers of the centrifuges to either increase or decrease the carbon fibre/high strength steel rotors rotational speed which would induce physically destructive operations which eventually cause a self destruction of the rotors.
Though the centrifuges were only temporarily out of action, as the damaged rotors were quickly repaired and returned to service.  It was an interesting example of just how a computer virus can be used to cause actual physical damage.

During the 20-year Megatons to Megawatts program, as much as 10 percent of the electricity produced in the United States was generated by fuel fabricated using LEU from Russian HEU.
The American effort to use its Uranium based warheads as nuclear fuel has been comparatively mild.
Efforts are being undertaken to find commercially viable methods to use weapons grade Plutonium as a fuel for nuclear reactors.

I wonder how much money it took to get Russia to hand over the equivalent of 500 tonnes of weapons grade Uranium?  The then horrible state of Russias economy surely bolstered popularity for the plan.




‘Neither conscience nor reason’: Russian MP blasts Polish bill targeting Red Army monuments
Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 13:41

*The deputy speaker of the State Duma called a recent Polish bill ordering the destruction of Red Army monuments in Poland “a crime against their own nation,” and a treacherous move aimed against those who liberated Europe from the Nazis.

“It looks like Polish Sejm deputies have lost both their conscience and reason.
Not a single lawmaker has risen and read the abstracts from the sentences passed at the Nuremberg trials, which forever established as proven historical fact that Soviet soldiers liberated not only their own country, but the whole world from the Nazism,” MP Irina Yarovaya  (United Russia) was quoted as saying on Thursday by TASS.

“It is absolutely obvious that the Polish politicians who consider destroying monuments to the Red Army are committing a crime against their own country, as they are destroying tokens of gratitude to those who gave peace to Poland and its people.
They also defile the memory of those who were incinerated in the furnaces of the concentration camps, who sacrificed their lives so that these politicians could live today,” Yarovaya added.

“The fact that the Sejm passed this bill on the day Russia marks as the Day of Memory and Sorrow, on the day when Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, only highlights its deep cynicism and immorality,” she said.*

..How can you be so stupid,..hmmmm, Polish Gov is fucked up to the max
one thing is to hate Russians for Communism but to take on WWII events is very low


Poland, Italy and other countries lost huge markets in Russia because of the EU and US economical sanctions on Russia because of Ukraine (and Russia is actually benefiting from those sanctions) by being "forced" to be more independent or they found other countries to buy from, also Russians started to produce way more food themselves, and Putin said 'niet' to GMO Foods, so now Russia will cut off even more goods coming from Poland.
HA HA stupid idiots they think that this will brake Russia's spirit.

If there will be conflict in Europe involving Russia, Poland will get first nuke.How stupid of them.
Or is it possible that Americans are behind this..using stupid Poland like a cheap whore to poke at the Russian bear

fucking mind boggling...


EXTREMELY INTERESTING statements by Putin,/interview recorded in 1991/. (in my opinion at least)
8 minutes


BREAKING: Putin's Message to Russian "Sleeper Agents" in the West


"Head of Russian central bank named European Banker of the Year"
Published time: 4 Jan, 2017 19:33

Elvira Nabiullina, the head of Russia’s central bank, has been named the best Central Bank Governor in Europe in 2016 by the international financial magazine, The Banker.
The influential publication praised her for having “helped steer the country through the difficulties,” with Russia “set to return to economic growth in 2017.”

“Having started 2016 with consumer price inflation of 12.9% â€" highs not seen since 2008 â€" Ms Nabiullina highlighted the need to lower inflation to improve economic growth in Russia,” the outlet writes in an article dedicated to the award.

Established in 1926, The Banker is considered one of the leading international finance magazines, read in almost 180 countries.
“Ms Nabiullina’s efforts saw the rate drop below 6% by the end of 2016,” the magazine writes.
This, as inflation in Russia “had never fallen under 6,1 percent”, according to the publication, citing figures by the International Monetary Fund going back to 1992.

Nabiullina said she viewed the past year as a kind of turning point with regard to inflation.
“Importantly, in 2016 there was a turning point in the sentiment of the population and professionals regarding inflation expectations,” she is quoted as saying by the outlet.
“At the beginning of 2016, inflation expectations of market participants were well above our target, but now they have reduced to close to our [end-2017] 4% inflation target, at between 4.5% and 4.7%.”

..somehow US and European economical sanctions against Russia are not working, LOL



"Ex-Ukrainian defense minister calls for terror attacks in Russia"
Published time: 3 Jul, 2017 21:09

*Former Ukrainian defense minister, Anatoly Gritsenko, has urged Kiev to stage its own terror attacks in Russia in response to car bomb attacks targeting Ukrainian security officials which he unsubstantially blamed on Moscow.
The ex-minister accused Moscow of masterminding the attack on Colonel Maksim Shapoval of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Chief Intelligence Directorate who was killed in a car bomb explosion last week.
Gritsenko said what’s happening between Ukraine and Russia is “war,” while appearing on the broadcaster, 121 Ukraina.*

*“If this is really a war, and not a just a game for the president [of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko], it means that for every car that blows up Kiev or Mariupol,
two cars should blow up in [the Russian city of] Taganrog or Moscow,” said Gritsenko, who was Ukraine’s defense minister between 2005-2007.
The investigations into both explosions are still underway in Ukraine, with no suspects named and no arrests so far.
Kiev has been conducting a military operation in the south-east of the country since the spring of 2014.
The military campaign began after the populations in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions refused to acknowledge the new coup-imposed government in the capital.*

*In recent months, several prominent military commanders and officials in the self-proclaimed Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have been killed in explosions,
which officials there are blaming on the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).*

.../if Ukrainians in Kiev try to do some stupid crap in Russia say goodbye to that shit-land. Russia is going to nuke them/
And that's a good thing, for sure 8)


Quote from: HedgehogNorman on July 04, 2017, 08:25:25 AM

The thing is when Steve Austin fought him he turned out to be a cyborg too. So, I guess what I'm saying is can you really trust this guy?



"Russian scientists to develop software for Large Hadron Collider"
Published time: 4 Jul, 2017 16:53

*Scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) have agreed to develop software that will combine information from all experiments carried out in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN laboratory on the Franco-Swiss border.
“Scientists of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS and CERN signed an agreement on developing software, which is designed to unify information platforms of all experiments of the Large Hadron Collider.
It is called CRIC â€" Computing Resource Information Catalog, and it will start operating in CERN at the end of 2017,” read the press release from the SB RAS official site.

According to SB RAS researcher and CRIC project coordinator Alexey Anisyonkov, the new software will be an enhanced version of CERN’s existing ATLAS Grid Information System (AGIS),
which was developed for the ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) experiment. ATLAS, together with the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) project, helped discover the long sought-after Higgs boson particle in July 2012.

“The basic concept is determining resources and computing power supplied to the global grid network, and how to use them more efficiently,” said Anisyonkov.

“The system will correctly link them to each other, complementing the information model with the necessary structures of data specific to the particular experiment.
It knows which site is used in this or that experiment, what services are available in this computing node, and what the acceptable volumes of data storage are.”*

../bravo RUSSIA, now you can control The Universe.. LOL /  8) 8) 8)


Hardon collider? Sounds gay.


Quote from: Gd5150 on July 04, 2017, 07:45:41 PM
Hardon collider? Sounds gay.

how come, are you suggesting that only gay man getting hardons


Quote from: th'ONE on July 04, 2017, 10:48:53 PM
how come, are you suggesting that only gay man getting hardons

Keep it greasy so it'll go down easy! Fuckface.



*The CIA tried to decipher it and failed. The FBI tried to break the code and also failed.
Academics, truly intelligent cryptologists and people all over the world have been trying for 600 years to decipher a mysterious book known as the Voynich manuscript
that is written in an unbreakable code; some theorize it was written by foreigners.
The chess is finally over.
A team of Russian mathematicians says they solved the enigma of the manuscript. And he says … Not so fast.
A breakthrough like this must be revealed slowly. The manuscript is nominated for the anti-revolutionary Polish tsarist and book dealer Wilfrid Voynich, who bought it in 1912 in a Jesuit college outside Rome.
The codex was illustrated with radiocarbon datings from medieval Italy between 1404 and 1438.

The photos are mostly herbs and plants, along with other pharmaceutical, astronomical or biological objects. Writing ... well, writing is gibberish.
UNTIL NOW... Mathematicians of the Institute of Applied Mathematics deciphered the Voynich manuscript,
now preserved at the Yale University's Beinecke Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts, with a technical code break.
They first suppressed all the vowels and spaces, turning the Codex into what looked like a very long Russian name.
That, obviously, was not the solution. But believe it or not, it was close.*

The Mystery Of The Voynich Manuscript Finally Solved


Oleynik does it again: Russian MMA veteran wins with unusual choke at UFC 213 (VIDEO)
Published time: 10 Jul, 2017 13:51

*Russian submission artist Alexey ‘The Boa Constrictor’ Oleynik recorded yet another victory on Saturday night,
choking his opponent Travis Browne in the second round of their bout at UFC 213 in Las Vegas.
The 40-year-old Kharkov, Ukraine native, who started his professional MMA career two decades ago and has an incredible record of 42 submission victories,
was facing 6ft 7in American Browne in his fifth UFC fight.

Knowing his opponent’s submission ability, the taller Browne initially did a good job of keeping Oleynik at a distance, landing dozens of kicks on the Russian.
In the last minute of the first round, however, ‘The Boa Constrictor’ finally took his opponent down,
although the time remaining proved not enough for Oleynik to submit the 34-year-old Hawaiian.

Starting the second round by applying pressure and constantly cutting the distance to his opponent, Oleynik finally achieved what he wanted,
transferring the bout to the ground.
With two minutes left, he got behind Browne’s back and slid to the right side of his body to execute an unorthodox rear-naked choke.
Although Oleynik didn’t appear to get his arm under his opponent’s chin, the pressure was enough to make Browne tap within 10 seconds,
after the Russian locked the choke and stretched his legs across the American’s body.

The loss was the first-ever submission defeat for the former basketball player in his professional MMA career.*

.../ that will teach Americans to fear and respect Russia / :)


*** RT - RUSSIA TODAY under attack, Lol ***

‘Punish Russians for having RT?’ Fox News host slams US senator over ‘Russian propaganda’ (VIDEO)
Published time: 14 Jul, 2017 08:26

*Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Democratic Congressman David Cicilline, who claimed on Carlson’s show that RT is simply a “Russian propaganda" machine.
The confrontation starts off as Cicilline says the US should “hold them [the Russian government] to account and sanction them,” so that “Russia understands that America isn’t going to allow that.”*

.../ THIS 7 MINUTES VIDEO IS GOLDEN , Tucker is insanely brave & intelligent.. 8)
Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHES Democrat Congressman Over Russia Nothing Burger.


Not ‘Russian hackers’? WaPo report accuses UAE of orchestrating Qatar media hack.
Published time: 17 Jul, 2017 04:54

*A new report by the Washington Post, citing US intelligence, says there is evidence that the United Arab Emirates coordinated
the hacking of Qatar’s state media agency (QNA), which led to the blockade of the Gulf monarchy.
Previously, US media, citing the FBI, blamed the attack on “Russian hackers.”
The UAE government planned the infamous May 24 hacking of QNA,
states the report citing US intelligence officials who were not named because of the “sensitive” character of the matter.

The reported evidence shows that on May 23, senior UAE officials discussed the implementation of the hack,
which saw statements falsely attributed to Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, being run by QNA in a text-ticker on-air and on social media.
Government Twitter handles were also hacked.*

*This new report signals an apparent change of tune by the US media,
as its earlier reports in June claimed that “Russian hackers” were allegedly to blame for the hack.

A CNN report titled, “US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis,” citing anonymous US officials,
claimed that intelligence gathered as part of an FBI investigation into the hack indicated that unnamed Russian hackers could be behind the intrusion.
A banner aired on CNN bluntly stated that “Russians planted false story behind new Mideast crisis,” citing sources.*

*President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, denounced CNN’s story, calling it “another lie that was published.”
Pointing out the unnamed sources and unverifiable information frequently used in such reports he added that “fake is a fake.”
Both the FBI and the CIA declined to comment on the investigation.

While there is similarly no verifiable proof in the Sunday report by Washington Post,
it also cites a recent leak of the UAE’s ambassador’s emails, released by the GlobalLeaks hacking group.*

.../ f*cking CNN -Art Bells source of news.


*** Haha ha -Economical sanctions by USA & EU really hurting RUSSIA ***

Customs data shows dramatic rise in Russian vegetable exports
Published time: 18 Jul, 2017 10:47

*Exports of Russian vegetables have increased significantly since the beginning of the year, according to the data from Russia’s Federal Customs Service.
Tomato exports quadrupled in the six months from January to June.
Shipments of cucumbers surged 29 percent in the same period, while cabbage exports grew 12.6 percent.

Exports of frozen vegetables are up 350 percent, according to the report, while shipments of canned vegetable products have doubled.
Russian beans and potatoes have also become popular among foreign consumers, the agency said.

The significant increase in exports is a result of ramping up production, according to growers associations, as quoted by Russian daily Izvestia.
However, the experts say the trend won’t last.

“Russian producers began to grow vegetables.
Therefore it could be possible to export more.
However, at the current time, it would be better to think how to phase out import production.
We still import nearly one million tons of vegetables annually,” said the president of Russia’s national union of fruit and vegetable producers Sergey Korolyov,
as quoted by the media.*

.../ There is a surge in Russian vegetables in Chinese supermarkets. And it comes at the expense of EU products.
      And remember that RUSSIA is GMO FREE, Putin is very smart and said "Niet" to GMO foods in Russia -no importing GMO foods and no growing GMO foods.
      Yet USA is more than happy to eat GMO shit.

-quote from the comment section:
"When the sanctions end, there will be more pain for the EU. 
Not only is the EU losing a major market ***(RUSSIA) for its produce when the sanctions went on,
they will have to compete with a brand new supplier, Russia, when the sanction stop."

So in summation suck RUSSIAN dick USA & EU 

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