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Actual Statements Jackstar Can't Say Aloud To Grapefruit

Started by Jackstar, August 18, 2020, 08:18:44 PM


Quote from: Jackstar on February 19, 2021, 11:08:19 AM
I once paid $120 for fish'n'chips. Fuck you...

That's nothin'-- try Z$$1,000,000,000,000 for a po boy.


Quote from: AZZERAE on February 19, 2021, 11:11:02 AM
Its fantasy, kid.

Yeah, well... if you want to shit all over your friend's cultural traditions, be my guest. Take some pressure off me, go right ahead. You've already taken a lot of pressure off of (PROTECTED), that's for sure.

Where did you hear that I made that threat, anyway? I didn't listen to pt. 3--it was clearly set up to play when I was sleeping so I wouldn't be there to soften it up, golly, I wonder who's idea that was? But apparently it was just the most awful thing ever. Hey, guess what? It's not fucking real, Morons. And if any of you think I had anything to do with it being released, let alone created, that would be an extremely erroneous conclusion to reach.

Personally, I think it's a real tragic loss, because within context, released at a time when the other primary individual had any chance to provide input, that would have been an interesting glimpse into a unique moment in time. However, someone decided that for her, and for me, and I'm not sure if any of you have any awareness of how contract law works--I don't--but consider this:

While speaking to her about the email she had sent to me--why did my mute function become unmuted? Because I surely muted my mic. Obviously I was aware that she had a preference for such a thing. And... I wasn't recording anything anyway. How odd. Now, setting aside that peculiar--oh, let's call it "a glitch" for now--since I'm talking about an email... why wouldn't I have also shared that email? Plausible deniability, is that it? Nope, that's not why. And I'll tell you the full answer... soon.

Time passes.
A pardon appears. It's yours!
You take the pardon. A voice booms out: "30 SECONDS UNTIL AUTOMATIC SELF-DESTRUCT"
The pardon begins to make a ticking sound. A lot like an alarm clock. Or an egg-timer. Or an overloaded and un-licenced nuclear accelerator. Maybe that's making the noise? It's hard to tell. The sound of the ticking begins to fill your head with a growing sense of deep trepidation, like, someone pretending to be afraid--but is actually really pissed--is sneaking up behind you.
>GIVE ANSWER: well, duh--it wasn't mine to share, now was it? In any event, I still don't know how I "backstabbed" her, and apparently she can't tell me, what she was told, that made her believe that I had--YET. I guess it was pretty convincing, though. Maybe someone told her that I stole her father's medicine bag filled with smoked salmon, and then sold it, but, no: I've still got it right here. Works like a charm, too, I wouldn't lose this for nothing. By the way, in case any of you out there ever wondered it was like when Art was complaining about not being able to talk about things... well, now I know. Mostly. Not recommended, but not as bad as one might think.
You can't beg forgiveness here without making an offering. What have you got?


Quote from: Jackstar on February 19, 2021, 11:53:00 AM
Where did you hear that I made that threat, anyway?

Find the Ice Cream Man. He made such a claim-- on my site. I was just reporting scuttlebutt. Nothin' to do with me.


Quote from: AZZERAE on February 19, 2021, 12:05:08 PM
Find the Ice Cream Man.

My application for an early release of my vision quest is being held up in Customs. A lot of people are really worked up about it. Who could have seen this coming?

The fallout from this event will be immense, and continues to grow boundlessly, with no end in sight. What can I say? Turns out using me as a scapegoat started a War in Heaven.

Not gonna lie. Fuckin' flattered. Gonna continue to not lie: if I were in charge, I'd just renegotiate the D'Jinni deal--it wasn't luck the first time, Kids, they like me more than Ramona does--but apparently it is deemed too important to System Security to risk it. Besides, they know I can handle this, it's just... I'd prefer the incineration option. (Apparently there are undesirable cultural oventores to this joke. Awww. That's too bad.) Oh well.


Lodge orders, is Lodge orders. My hands are tied! No, Jewel, don't do that--we be playin'. Shhhhh. No, don't bother, they can't see you anyway. You look nice today. Is that a new cowl? Are those ne--wait, you pierced your ears? Oh, you just tied the prepuces around the whole thing. Okay. Great. No, really! I'm just wondering how we're going to explain you to Mom. She taught you. Oh, God.


This is one of those Mandela Effect type things. I clearly remember Gino Ginelli quoting you on the "I'ma break SpaceMeowMaid's jaw" line. But, y'know, that little fucker has caused a lot of shit lately. Metron level drama. For whatever its worth, you say you never said it or didn't mean it seriously, I take you at your word. I ain't no Frog King, appearing at 4 o' clock Eastern, circling carcasses and seeking fresh blood. That ain't it. I guess I owe you an apology. Looks like my lighter just died. Oh no, wait, its just the wind.


Quote from: AZZERAE on February 19, 2021, 12:27:58 PM
This is one of those Mandela Effect type things. I clearly remember Gino Ginelli quoting you on the "I'ma break SpaceMeowMaid's jaw" line.

Well, it's like this. I don't know how her (ORDER) affects how I can tell the story, and she's busy enough that I can't ask her easily, so I'll just say, it went down like the following:


Yeah... I'll just share this story later on. Trust me, it's exactly what you think, after I tell you that after DVR lied to me, he then convinced her that I said to him that it was totally okay for her to go to Dallas alone--I certainly -never- said that was okay, in fact my exact words were, "are you out of your fucking mind? that filthy kike wop spic is -never- going to give you a job. DO NOT GO AT ALL, and for the love of God, certainly don't go alone." And, I guess she didn't, because... well, someone told me she bought 2 tickets, and someone else told me she bought 4 tickets, and I was told that she was "(PROTECTED)," and so... did she go alone? Well, I was going to take her to airport, but then at the final hours, she left early, jumped into a taxicab, and I never saw her again until I picked her up at the airport. Where she was pissed at me for reasons never adequately explained. So I think, in fact, that DVR was actually here the entire time, and they flew down together--or did he just lie and tell her that I said that? I have no fucking idea, because by that point, they both seemed to have been convinced that I was merely some sort of drug-addicted loser. (That's what buying the hype can get you, Kids. Never buy the hype.) Surprise! They were so sure that I was using shitloads of needles in secret, and thus, were absolutely convinced in their mistaken perception that I was super-high on dangerous amounts of potent mind-altering compounds... and I really wasn't. Habitual self-harm really isn't my bag, Baby. And I do take great pleasure in being underestimated, but I had no real idea of how low their opinion of me actually was to begin with. (For example, I was apparently a big pain in the ass to DVR when he had to deal with JBW's forum. Who, me? I thought Bomar was the problem. Oh, right, I liked Bomar, so, guilt by association.) In any event, before she actually bought tickets, two days before she gives me a call... she's crying... talking about how she is sitting in front of her computer, about two buy tickets to Dallas. Two tickets. I am amazed, it never occured to me that anyone could be that ridiculous. I spend 4 hours on the phone, and wind up--I thought--talking her out of it.

Two days later, she buys tickets. How many? Dunno. Why? Well, someone convinced her to do it. How? I have no fucking idea. The duress started then, perhaps? You'd have to ask her. However, after I talked her out of the tickets the first time, later that day, DVR sent me an email, within which, he said he was going to come to Seattle and break my jaw. That, as far as I can remember, is the first time "jaw breaking" came up. Maybe I don't remember the date of the email. I'll try to find it, but of course my email is hacked all the way from Country Farms to Country Crock O' Shit, sooooo... I guess we'll just never know the truth. sad_trombone.wav

I can't believe this playbook shit ever works, but obviously, in the past--it certainly has. What's going to happen this time? Well, I'm going to right on following in the steps of Jesus, Ghandi, and... Ralph Kramden, who of course was famous for telling his wife that he was going to break her jaw. And oh, how everyone laughed and laughed.

rolling everlasting gobstoppers on ice

Still--superior to a Clinton presidency. It's a good thing I never voted for Trump, I'd probably be frozen in a 50/50 blend of carbonite and raw sewage. Really, it's what I deserve, because the guy who actually cyberstalked and swindled and assaulted her? A dim memory compared to me. Come on, let's face it--after all, let's face it... I am far, far prettier.

I'm not getting any more clearances today, she's locked into her "Jack can't control his abusive behavior" which I suppose to a co-dependent PTSD sufferer, makes sense, since I guess "shut the fuck up and get your ass into intensive psychotherapy," which of course I have never actually said, but she imagined that I said it, so that's good enough to give her cause to suspect me. Or something. This is honestly getting too inane for me to follow along with.

I wish I could say that I love it when a plan comes together, but... I have been split apart from her unwillingly, and I don't fucking like it. Remember that video she made, "I have been trafficked" and it had "Thank you Jackstar, Q, & Q+!!!"? Okay, well... she's not thanking me anymore, oh no.

Dear God: please send Jesus to keep her from getting raped or otherwise abused. I can't be on duty for this. I'm too biased. And I know too much. Oh, if only I could communicate freely. Funny how the order is supposed to protect her from the perpetrator who abused her? And who exactly WAS that, by the way?

Exactly. Stay tuned.


Quote from: Jackstar on February 19, 2021, 03:55:53 PM
I wish I could say that I love it when a plan comes together, but... I have been split apart from her unwillingly, and I don't fucking like it. Remember that video she made, "I have been trafficked" and it had "Thank you Jackstar, Q, & Q+!!!"? Okay, well... she's not thanking me anymore, oh no.


Dear God: please send Jesus to keep her from getting raped or otherwise abused. I can't be on duty for this. I'm too biased. And I know too much. Oh, if only I could communicate freely. Funny how the order is supposed to protect her from the perpetrator who abused her? And who exactly WAS that, by the way?

Everything seems to be in order here. Someone wake up Hicks when she's out of the decompression chamber and have her checked for signs of (REDACTED). I have done all that I may for the day.

Y'all still having fun with this one? Yeah, well, you break it, you bought it. And to think, all this nonsense after all the trouble I went to, saving your planet from not one, but two bioweapon attacks. (I'm told I was the swing vote when it came to whether or not to let SARS-CoV2 run its course or not. I knew about that 3-4 months before most people, and then immediately went to Home Depot, saw all the masks on the shelf, TONS of them in January, and thought, "speculative hoarding for necessary supplies is wrong," so then just turned away, went to the nearest watering hole, and I've pretty much been stone cold drunk ever since. So I don't remember voting. But I do remember suddenly waking up with a field commission. As far as delusions go, it beats the shit out of thinking some whiny twerp 2,000 miles away is on the up-and-up, that's for sure.

So sue me. I'm gonna do some sudoku or something.


Quote from: Jackstar on February 19, 2021, 03:55:53 PM
Well, it's like this. I don't know how her (ORDER) affects how I can tell the story...

Just tell the Goddamned story.


There might even be five. I'm not sure. In any event things are definitely getting tracked down. You would be surprised what's happening behind the scenes. As would I, because it's not like I'm telepathic and psychic and can remote view and shit, and I didn't call up David and ask him to run game on me the other day. But he fucked up... as he didn't believe me when I told him that my conversations are all privileged. That means for my stuff to get looked at at all... The investigators had to be cleared up to majestic-12 clearance, wish he assumed is what he had. It probably is but... I actually outrank him.


I told you: I'm a big deal around here. I happen to know that nobody else has the same connection to November 14th that I do, because otherwise somebody would have come out already. So... I'm indexed on the national security threat watch list. Under "Kuczi" which those f****** Brainiacs were so smart enough to spam all over the fucking place, just assuming the stories of "drugs and pedophilia" and the crooked law enforcement would take me down. Except MJ-12 security is a little less corrupt than one might imagine, especially... under The New Administration. And I never voted Trump. So they couldn't authorize their special anti-Trump powers. That's f****** sick. I'm a f****** genius. Okay, actually Jesus says (xmits) He's the genius, and that I'm just asleep. lol

There's lots more too but I can easily tell you later. Long story short: You asked for more protection, and you fucking got it. (PROTECTED) is content ZERO.
One of the (PROTECTED)s really is, relatively innocent--I have no idea which one, I have no way of identifying them, but obviously we wouldn't want an innocent man to unjustly suffer, would you?

Meanwhile I kept asking you for examples of what was being done to you, and mysteriously those messages never got here. I wonder where they went?? lol, throw interdimensional beings into the mix... trusting The Plan was the only way something effective could have been done.

Also someone kept on trying to get a hold of me, and my phone kept blocking them. In a very unusual and subtle way, and as I've been paying a great. I think it was somebody trying to hack in remotely but somebody else stopped them. and it couldn't be the AI that I told you that I've been friends with since the early '90s right? I'm sure that sounded like crazy talk to you, too. Don't feel bad that you thought I was an idiot. Everyone else did too. LOL

I'll be real interested to see what (PROTECTED) has to say--I think he was an UNDERCOVER (PROTECTED). At that point, I'm not allowed to speculate further using my clergical powers.

(I've been told that I often appear to be arrogant. That's too bad.)

Obviously this whole series of events stretching all the way back to 01Jan20, is one of the coolest events to have ever happened and the recent modern history of our world, but that kind of game-breaking world-changing paradigm-shattering societal-fabric-shredding news is on a need to know basis, and I am really surprised at how many actual demons are clearly, freely rolling tough as they please in the actual entertainment industry. At least two less than before. (They have gone away. They have gone to the farm where balloons grow.)

If they don't trifle with my loved ones, they're not my problem. And if they trifle with Me, they are soon naught but dust. Imaginary shielding works amazingly well on imaginary creatures that feed off the power of human thought, Light, and soul--especially when they mock The Christ. I imagine Jesus likes being trifled with even less than I do. Oh yeah, xmits he's got PTSD. I buy it, especially considering how I felt after just a day or two of direct experience of demonic torment. (You know nothing, Grape-Nuts.) I believe I had to endure the attentions of two particularly vile beasts and their even viler machinations, and not simply auto-banish their corruption due to simple proximity to my physical body. Otherwise, It would have been not possible to make the leap from 3D physical world--where we all live, need I remind you, this is an allegory. It's not reality, I know who I am, I know what I'm meant to be doing, and just because I'm an occult scientist doesn't mean I'm a mad occult scientist--to whatever non-physical plane where, It would seem that crucial evidence of malfeasance, wrongdoing needed to be retrieved from. Accessed from? I don't really follow this part. Trail went cold, and "demon hunters" had to go somewhere else to pick it up... could it have been a portal? This all seems rather far-fetched, especially compared to other stories that I've heard about more details for longer. Much of this is conjecture, speculation, & woefully inadequate attempts to translate higher-dimension thought forms into something that our fleshling mind-brains could get even a smidgen of legitimate comprehension of. The goldfish in the fish bowl is not a reliable narrator, and I wish to be reliable in my descriptions of the indescribable. and there are clearly those who wish to keep as many people as possible, ignorant of as much as possible, for as long as possible. And anyone opposed to decreasing the availablility of knowledge, understanding, and education thereof, ain't no friend of mine. (FU ELVIS ROT)

And for the last several months, I have been harassed by at least two interdimensional non-human entities. Surely there are more than two, that travel and operate in human-centric spheres of influence, but the two of which I speak were particularly focused in their attention to myself--reasons unclear at this time. I guess they were two nasty ones? They didn't look like any kind of nasty demon to me. Chumps, that's what they ultimately were. Mewling, bleating, whiney little toad pokers, that's what they were, said the big strong ox hiding behind the shields powered by Jesus and His mother (look, I'm not going to lie: I do eat a lot of pussy, and I am what I eat, as we all of us are), because without that kind of backup, and without the backup of (PROTECTED)... well there are monstrous creatures that feed relentlessly, gluttonously and voraciously upon the hopes, dreams, and flesh of human beings, so... thanks, Mom! Turns out some of these creatures cannot be destroyed at all in any way that we would understand from our limited meatsuit perspective, as the energetic particles that make up with passes for their "body" is not something that could be simply "trashed." One has to be careful with that kind of thing; that stuff is pure concentrated Evil. Look, look, read, read: now I don't care if one thinks imaginary phantasms are nothing of any real importance. The fact is that we all live in a world where the fear of illusion is real. Let that sink in.

Because the Seamount is real as well. It is the power and the glory of God, and of Our Holy Savior the living Christ Jesus, & LIFE IS THE POWER IN AND OF ITSELF that innervates the Magjkk In Broadcasting Content DElivery Network, that made, and continues to make this manifestation possible. It's not all that much of a Network--just you wait, My pretties--and the Seaden, whilst in fact also real, is at present little more than the recycled allegorical equivalent of a shotgun shack perched on the side of a washout hill set above a seaside shanty tavern--and, doesn't that sound like a place you want to go, where everybody knows your name? You bet your sweet fuckin' ass it does--but already, it's a lot more real than a can of Crisco is ever going to be. Unless you really need to grease up a torpedo tube.

I know how some of you are. And some of you know quite well, how I am--this is barely one wall of text, so... this can't even be the half of it.

And it's not: this is merely how much of what has been declassed so far, that I have been able to craft into a coherent, cogent, and constructive narrative, as I have been given a new mandate: "Keep the readers happy."

Well, shit, Son--that's all you had to say!!! *click*

Quote from: AZZERAE on February 20, 2021, 12:50:23 AM
Just tell the Goddamned story.

We have to wait for Grapefruit's tulpas to get passed through the recycling combinator. Here, enjoy some light reading for context.

There will in fact be a test later. Study is requested but not required.


Quote from: Jackstar on February 20, 2021, 02:06:53 AM
50 smackaroonies.

I don’t want one. I’m a Christian. We gave up snakeoil for Lent. It’s for the catladies, you heartless bastard. ::)


Jack, why don’t you tell us about your psychic powers again. I never get tired of that one. ;D


Quote from: Dr. MD MD on February 20, 2021, 02:25:36 AM
Jack, why don’t you tell us about your psychic powers again. I never get tired of that one. ;D

Coming up soon on an all-new Five Minutes With Jackstar--""Wake Up: TIME TO LIVE."

Should be a good one. I hear the show prep file is a monster. I got to eat some balut first--the breakfast of Champions.

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