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Actual Statements Jackstar Can't Say Aloud To Grapefruit

Started by Jackstar, August 18, 2020, 08:18:44 PM


Hey, remember back in October of 2019, I said to you: "it is my firm belief that for you to be able to have the kind of supportive and stable, long-term adult relationship that you state is your desire, you are going to have to get some serious psychotherapy."

I guess there won't be any more debate over my pre-cognitive abilities from this point forward, n'est-ce pas?

I'll take my victory lap off the air.


The plot thickens.

You just left the room, after telling me I left the room.

Don't bring back the yogurt.


The yogurt is not what it seems. It can't stand the heat that we can.

we don't want pimps
those slime motherfuckers


QuoteDon't make me your therapist. You wouldn't like me as your therapist."



I have stopped publishing the things that I write to you as immediately as they are written, because the next phase of the operation is an RSS feed.

You know, just like somebody threatened me with! And, oh yeah, what was it you said: "if you send a link to anything on belgab to my father, you are making an enemy of meeeeeeee!!!! Are you willing to do that????"

And, like seriously, I've been linking the guy here off and on four or five times over the last year and a half. Like, I told her that. Further: do I look like a guy who's going to stop when he's threatened?

I wouldn't be surprised for a minute if her father has been here twice as long as I have. Especially since I've got a list of eight names that I'm pretty sure were all working on this operation, and what do you know, as soon as I told each of those people all the other names... a lot of people started shutting up.

Jesus: if only Grapefruit could be one of them, but as I actually genuinely love her--something these morons could never have imagined in a thousand years--it's not too bad to put up with the caterwauling, and is in fact a great honor and privilege to be a part of this entire scheme.

Having said that: you people let your partner down. And I believe the reason why is that you none of you even knew who your partner even is.

Oh, wait, right these are statements to her. Sweetie, I found another skinwalker, and I'm going to incinerate it. No, I don't care that you think I'm crazy--in fact, I depend on it.

Now, like I said before--I guess you didn't realize that I was including you too--all of you should be STANDING DOWN. Did y'all have your fun again this time? Did everyone get all the sippy cups that they need in order to qualify for the next merit badge? Have you all figured out how you're going to share the limited number of cots with all of your huge big dumb fat heads? Note these are rhetorical questions.

You had your chance to help me buy an Escalade. Go repent, or knit, or something. Or---and I know this is a long shot--any of you reprobate mouth breeders could just... be helpful. There are things that I needed help done with from going on 4 years back. Now, if I said I needed help changing my mind about what I believed I needed help with that would be great.

But I'm pretty sure that's not what I said, and I'm further very certain that if somebody came to me on their first date and said, "yeah when somebody asks for help I just give them the help that I think they need and then that's it," I would remember much more clearly what it was that I thought you needed... that being Military School.

I hope Santa brings me a bodycamera for Christmas. Sure I can write and sure I got a good memory--oh, wait, right, I'm a *cough* junkie, wow I got it bad, I can't even remember how to spell it--but there's some subtle nuances in the occasional eyes-wide-surprise-stare that can neither be sought nor forgotten, and of course internally as well, as I'm simply flabbergasted that some stories that I allowed to float by unchallenged for awhile, still see full-throated attempts to bring them back online, as if I'm going to forget how to stop enabling someone once I've made up my mind about it. As if I'm just accidentally highlighting logical flaws and then just by happenstance asking aloud a question that I've been wondering about for two three years, and then finally getting an answer that makes sense in the context of what I've learned more recently. As if that's not the sole purpose of my life from rising to slumber.

As if I don't know what a shaman can do. As if I have any reason, or ever have had, to continue to play along with The Masquerade. As if my entire life's purpose is not the complete and total destruction of the Illusion of Separation.

Look, I'm just saying: y'all are going to need to get together and select a new Champion because Bunny's not going to make it past f****** 12 minutes on this gig.

Quote from: Ciardelo on December 06, 2020, 04:25:35 PM
Sparkle in the dream, MeowMix.

Sourcery in the schoolyard, Crisco. Are you aware that I've always considered you to be a fairly innocuous and relatively positive individual on this forum, and the only reason why I'm particularly annoyed by your presence these days and I've decided to change your name to Crisco is that you are a boorish low-class misogyny-centric margin talent envy-driven wank driver? My guess at this point is that you really haven't thought this thing entirely all the way through for yourself yet.

Also, for someone who clearly has more friends than I do, you really don't seem appreciative of your good fortune. Is that part of your schtick, or are you really frontin' that you know something that makes your position superior?

I'm not going to lie: I honestly used to think you had some actual class. Go on, try to walk back all the cinderfied bridges, number one, I don't even need bridges, I brought my own (CLIFF FORD), and number two, if you hadn't been such a mouthy little wise-ass half-bus school bully, I'd still think you were mostly cool and I'd be wondering if we could be friends!

See, I'm not entirely brilliant. Just f****** mostly.



Quote from: Jackstar on January 02, 2021, 04:34:02 AM
Those Thelemite fuckos won't know what hit them.

BEWARE The Turtle of enormous GIRTH
Upon his back, he carries the weight of THE EAR... wait, which one? Not which Earth... which turtle? Because that shit matters at this point a lot more than who's got Fealty and who doesn't.

Anyway, long before you started talking about "authorized layperson" and "'magick' is Crouw-lee, and it's eeeeeevil" and how One's directives needed to be respected--my old job--you and I ought to have had a long talk about the ongoing struggle of Dischordianism vs. modern Thelemic thought. Why don't we ever talk about that kind of thing? Is it because of your sekrit oaths? If so, how quaintly adorable. Also... I don't understand how you felt like it was a great idea to pretend that there was no reason to read Atlas Shrugged, because either you have read it and didn't mention that, or you heard me say "read this" and thought that this was... optional.

Now, reminder: you gave me one book, which I've read half of, and at the same time, I gave you three books--because there are, you know, three of you, Lachesis--and not only did you not read my books... you also condemned me for not reading 100% of your one book. We're clear on that, right? That shit actually happened? ... meanwhile, how many Bibles? Asking for a friend. He was just wondering if you managed to pick up a sixth one for his birthday, he wasn't paying attention, as he was out curing lepers while you were asking me why I kept answering your question that I kept answering with an answer you don't like. Anyway, I told what's-his-nuts about Atlas, at the same age I was, when I had to figure out it was important to read all by myself, so I'm not completely on track just yet... but I'm getting closer by the day. (I know, it doesn't look like I am doing much, but that's because you're blind as a bat, and some days, twice as screechy.)

Because I also got you an audiobook copy, and I further did not take you to task for listening to someone else's book, before ANY of mine! Aren't I a nice guy? I sure am! I ain't even mad, yo! Other people are, but they are as peasants--they know nothing. I will spare them their lives, since you gave me the gas.

Mostly because I'm a little too fond of your "team" to see them reduced to cinders of ash in a twinkling of an eye... but also because I'm wicked and I'm lazy. BELIEVE IT, FRUITCAKE. Quetzalcoatl won't even bother with me, I'm so sedate, I can't even get worked up over human sacrifice anymore. Sad!

END OF LINE. And if you can't figure out what I'm really pointing out here in public, while I privately seethe over only one, completely trivial factoid, that's wonderful, as it puts all of you on the same plane of reality with each other, and allows you--and you alone--to figure out what the fuck, and to leave the rest of these mouthbreathing dipshits in the dust.

Alternately, you know, someone else could figure it out, if you're, you know... busy. Doing what? Oh, right: stuff. What, me worry? Carry on.

I've taken care of some Thelemites. Relax, they were losers. They won't seek revenge. Instead, they're pissed at me about something else, so now's your chance to confess your sins to someone. I would recommend B___, M___, S____, H______, and H_____... but of course, that kind of thing is totally up to you.

Meanwhile: here's that email you were asking about. You won't have to have it removed this time, because I have taken steps to protect everyone's identity and to safeguard their personal information:


Note the date, Peanut. Note the romance: and here, verily, and I quote: "GET FOOKIN LOST BITCH." Now, would it be too much to ask of you, that you pass this along to the relevantly interested parties? Because, never on my worst day, have I ever been that crass. Further, a reminder: this is the guy that you went into debt in order to buy cigarettes for.

And that's why, I'm basically 100% certain that we're looking at multiple lich involvement. Now, I know you were mislead... but you're not that stupid, and unless you were taking a LOT more drugs than you were telling me about (hey, did you ever score that Adrafinil or that Phenylpiracetam? Because I wondered why you never tried them on your golem, and he's very close to hitting the boredom point with pot and beer, never fear), it seems unlikely that you couldn't have seen this coming... unless, did you not keep up with your emails? You probably should have kept up with your emails.

Because We did.


"I wanna talk to D_____ R_____!" Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the learning library annex that day, tell you what what. Anyway, check you later, Darling.

This is exciting, isn't it? Remember when I used to write pages and pages of crap? Well, I don't have to anymore, thank God.

Now, someone else does. Sounds like Hell, right? RITE.



If this fucking monkey could do it, so could you. Just what have you learned how to do in the last five months besides blow hot rails?

Quote from: Jackstar on January 02, 2021, 05:51:18 AM
check you later, Darling.


Methmouth is at it again, folks.

Remember Jack, it's OK, to not be OK.

Thoughts and prayers for you.


When I refer to you as "sister," it probably means you're not getting laid tonight.


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Quote from: Ciardelo on January 07, 2021, 11:54:50 AM
What do you like the most, Pate in a drunken post explosion on BG or watching wet, sloppy kisses between meowmix and jackstud?


Quote from: ItsOver on January 07, 2021, 11:58:59 AM
What do you like the most, Pate in a drunken post explosion on BG or watching wet, sloppy kisses between meowmix and jackstud?

I do like the familiarity of waking up to a HUGE pile of drunk Pate posts...on the other hand...eh...there is no other hand. The Mixie & Jackie show has lost its charm. Talk about UNBELIEVABLE!

The network needs to pull that show and run a spring replacement.

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