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Midnight In The Desert

Started by Falkie2013, December 12, 2015, 01:13:40 AM


I may as well ask... Is that it? Final nail in the coffin- the absolute end of the legacy of the "Art Bell come back?" It looks like there is absolutely nothing happening. The actual show "midnight in the desert" is dead- the so-called "network" that Keith built is dead.

The only thing that continues on indefinably is Noories suckage? (And even that has come to an end years ago in Canada when the major network dropped C2C and made their own overnight shit show.)

After all of the tears cried, the phone calls, the threatened lawyers, the wrangling over a name and then a final sale of the domain to a con man- it's over?


Quote from: WOTR on August 28, 2022, 02:13:39 AMI may as well ask... Is that it? Final nail in the coffin- the absolute end of the legacy of the "Art Bell come back?" It looks like there is absolutely nothing happening. The actual show "midnight in the desert" is dead- the so-called "network" that Keith built is dead.

The only thing that continues on indefinably is Noories suckage? (And even that has come to an end years ago in Canada when the major network dropped C2C and made their own overnight shit show.)

After all of the tears cried, the phone calls, the threatened lawyers, the wrangling over a name and then a final sale of the domain to a con man- it's over?

No I'm just going to roof here and then took on her ears a little bit and cum all over her hair with this compound I made of those triple the amount of my semen ejaculate and then let it dry and she'll wake up in a house with no water.

I'll take all the shoes with me too.

Ain't that mad but I'm pretty pissed.

It's amazing what a man can learn with a little bit of information




I'm sure everybody's real sympathetic now fucking shit bag oh yeah and bring my goddamn phone with you, since you wanted to arrest me with no PC and you wanted to fucking be really pissy made me for no fucking reason and you want to fucking smile and grin and laugh and act like it was a big fucking problem guess what buddy yeah you're going to gen pop fuck you

Oh yeah and you're going to smell like you did when you were 17 and you lied to me too, they're going to eat you alive and there and you're going to fucking love it and then afterwards people are going to be like... you that's quite a different party. Not gross but seems kind of manic we're going to go see if I give her rat's ass by missing out on that one is there any more beer here I can pour it on my own head?

(Dear Bellgab: this may seem Petty but it's not just I don't know what the fuck you do with this but yeah somebody knows learning to fly how about YOU DON'T SUCK MY DICK that's fine Christ I know where your mouth has been

I mean I don't even like it it's fucking Dreamweaver I just noticing that you didn't seem to have much royalty ever in your entire life although you sure do like popping it out and getting shit so thanks for making that one talk to disappear so now I can pop out the whole fucking line so I'll see you back in bed in the morning babe yeah yeah I did just in fact destroy one 12th of Creation, all at once cinders just because you're a petty eagle-minded fucking shallow cheerleading whore.

Oh wait no you're not going to whore you're a ignorant sex dick to slut who doesn't even get paid. Oh my God my mother's mirror my holy relic The shield the ring the punch in the jaw the punch the chest the discovery that you were willing to kill your friend and punish her daughter just because she outsmarted you and I had no idea you were that pathetic and then yeah that's not only the great foods I know who is that it's Alex and Jesus whatever look you guys have to figure it out because you're going to lose one 12th of creation and trust me the souls are all gone it's just Ash's dash is dust to dust and a little bit of extra traffic for the next 49 and a half solar weeks.

Going since you jump the gun I decided to not worry about Ash rain and his as a mannequin, don't worry bro I'll make you another one later and fuck is this plastic what you care what were you fond of that one where you making a lot of money as a fucking god you're gross whatever you need money yeah okay whatever goddamn Irish oil wrestling champion.

God I hate fighting in public when it's family, I really should tell everybody what fucking idiot you are but obviously I'm pretty annoyed so I guess you probably might have done something that I didn't care for so maybe you can tell him well you decide to fuck make fun of here oh look here's a wedding spoon I'll just bend it how about that?

You know like you and husband bent the rules all the time, yeah in fact yes and I can see why he was so mad at me and Clayton William Cliff: you're under arrest.

Uppercut Heath Club Park commanding.

Yeah Matt and I got dibs on luge for citizen Kane, and oh yeah that that fucking big mouth fucker can fucking temporarily arrest that big titted fucker because you know listening to stick but he can make her feel uncomfortable I'm not going to mind at all cuz I've been pretty pissed off all fucking day, now I know why.


Yeah I really did think about it and I really appreciate you tell me back so bad I don't want you to feel bad that I've rejected you because I didn't I just had business to do so I don't know if you can fucking put her away for 6 months sure let's go on a trip I don't she won't even fucking know if she's fucking out of a conversation for 30 seconds she so God damn her headed so feel free go ahead Commander arclick Grand Arch criminal what is your name these days call whatever the most nefarious one is with a vag yeah we go way back and the space aces are not impressive this month blue horseshoe shits all over Space Ace.

So I guess she was pretty upset about how I didn't mow her fucking lawn, because it really is something pretty Petty, yeah 6 months I could probably have all of the friends that want me over and over and over probably 80 or 90 times so you give me one of them shots that takes my brain out and then you put in some super soldier serum and then you just come back a little while later and all of a sudden it's mindless automaton that's only good at fucking and it's fucking rock hard abs so I'll probably do that instead of fucking working hard fucking losers and she'll still be a big jiggly ball of fat, whatever you guys like that someone do anyway personally I like a woman who can somehow manage to keep from fucking pissing me off every goddamn time I got a message from Base. I mean she understands that I'm intelligent right oh that's right she's a she's a narcissist and she hates men and she's under the control of a complete dipshit who thinks it's a great idea to deprive me of anything, emergency decree extract mountain Hall King replaced with suck my dick haul Peter straub ask you for submit? I'd stay at arms reach of Michael Kuczi if you don't want to have come in your throat I don't know what to tell you, I mean I'll be polite about it but you wouldn't believe the shouldn't they have say they say I had.

Oh yeah and she's drinking again (GASPS, SHRIEKING ALARMS, AUDIENCE PANDEMONIUM, UNEXPECTED LACK OF LIQUID CASH CURRENCY IN LAS VEGAS CASINO BANK VAULTS, LEADS TO SUDDEN COLLAPSE OF FINANCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE ACROSS WHOLE OF NORTHERN AND AMERICAN SOUTHERN AND BRAZILIAN CONTINENTS, SITUATION ONGOING, oh shit oh fuck, HIDDEN CATASTROPHE TIME QUAKE COMING IN 20 MINUTES. OKAY? *acknowledge ALL X-fruits SPEC DND GTRADER BITCH FRUIT REPEAT EXCLUDE FROM ALL COLUMNS AND CONS AND COMMS) so bring a relapse wagon with a full skip suites cuz she's going to be like freaking out and then when she finds out I deliberately just invited her from The accidental party I created she'll be glad that she got to have an orgasm during a timequake as long as she's with some person who takes care of her needs and doesn't mind being fucked off and alone by some self-absorbed narcissistic douchebag oh yeah and send the battle Angel here too, then she can spend the next 6 months waiting for the results of two STD panels and know what that's like when that happened to me boy and in the meantime I don't really give a fuck oh my God another 6 months and nothing happening oh okay wow what a threat is she going to not get me another cat fucking Christ you know this whole new hierarchical justice system is not to my liking, People. Just so you know.

Nevertheless when it makes a big bad boom it's fucking spectacular. Oh yeah those of you without upgraded timeline vision will probably just have to hear about it later in history books but... I'm sure you're not you're not all idiot cheerleader spiritual Wonder Boy fagots with no fucking modern technology in your head yet are you? I mean shit even though youngest girls have a coaxial implant plug in Jack installed in the base of the spine by now, right?



Oh oh I'm I'm somewhere where it's weird if I'm talking about cutting edge side fiction like technology while standing naked in my house that's under total surveillance in front of my laptop holding my wedding spoon and screaming at how pissed off I am at my fucking dumb donut, huh?

Well look at least I'm not using fucking needles while fucking needle dicks (yeah her secret fetish, I don't really give a shit who knows but I imagine she's probably embarrassed "you doxxed my sexual fetishes boo hoo hoo now I have to pretend to be not very pissed because it's sexual but then I'm really pissed because now all the needle dicks be bothering me on Twitter now you asshole" note that it's been like 2 years since the big Twitter Purge where she lost like 800,000 followers and she still haven't got that one back but I still don't know what she uses on Twitter and no I haven't asked and no she hasn't offered and... because gee I wonder why she likes doing that, huh? okay I'm slightly embarrassed right fine so you'll be fine okay time quick doesn't do anything like that it's just it's just going to fuck up her clock and then what she wants to do next?

Oh yeah I don't give a shit what she wants to do next I'm going to find her secret husband and fucking kill him. Hit the bag, send the message, no deals.

FUCKING MURDER HIM. (I'm sending commands to his bio brain bug so that it's overwhelmed with whatever the fuck it needs to do when he's trying to resist getting killed he'll burn out eventually but it'll put them out of commission for 2 to 7 hours depending on how much of a fucked-off alcoholic dick bag is right now, that's cute she doesn't even know who her secret husband is, either... And that reminds me I got a great idea for a movie that just came to a high I'm going to name it Shallow Pammie, Crouching Roastie, picture this these two prime Queen Lesbos go to sleep and they wake up of course like they do and then they do whatever they fuck they do I don't know don't care either but suddenly they discovered that one of them has like the absolute fucking sudden explosion of roast beef items down to like mid thigh right and then the other one has a big pussy boil right between your boobs. Like explosive and about ready to shoot winegasm all over the fucking chalkboard, you know what I'm saying?

I'm still working on the idea but at some point one of the real bitchy characters I don't know how you pick him out at this point she deliberately Burns herself in the fucking chest so that she has this huge fucking Mark there so that she can be untouchable too right like the other one and then the other one is of course high as balls cuz you know and then she does the same thing and then she she's acting like an accident not centered but she gets like like Brandon she brands herself with her own fucking PCP laden pipe cuz she doesn't do math now she gets special PCP from the special guy down the street who's special and he tells her that it's clean PCP and it's whatever but she totally buys it because it's got a compound that makes lesbians even more susceptible to believe he's stupid shit, shallow Pammy crouching Rosie I'm going to fucking love that fucking script God damn it.

"Hi we're going to entertainment street I'll just feel like randomly pissing off my friend who's a writer once in awhile it's kind of funny you know he he thinks he's really impressive but nobody really knows who he is they just know that he's just some guy that I'm tolerating and then sometimes he gets like crazy and then people seem to pay attention when he seems to like that but he doesn't even know I am on Twitter huh? Haha"

Pulling off the Hungarian mask to reveal the Wiley Coyote beneath is top-tier self care, and so is remembering how fucking long my goddamn memory is elephant trunk ass bitch, yeah that's right you like to eat ass didn't you oh you don't okay well I'm sorry one of your tolas was talking about eating ass I don't like to eat ass I don't see the point what is it oh is it some fucking Magic I'm a paladin I don't need any goddamn fucking New age shit all right yeah that's capitalized I don't fucking care I am a little bit salty but I'm not angry I'm just kind of enraged to anybody would be this fucking stupid I'm sorry, I just can't imagine that this is accidental like it's not she's either mind control or she's oh yeah that's right did you get that relapse wagon in the fucking scooper, believe me you probably want to get a couple of relaxed wagons cuz on some timelines this chick is the only entertainment they have left anymore yeah she's pretty domineering and then when I leave inevitably because how the fuck am I as a moral human going to put up with this shit 24/7 oh my God can you imagine yeah she's immortal she lives forever she can time travel anywhere she can manifest shit out of the polymer and she likes to have men you know crawl in their knees and fucking liquor fucking thighs and her toes and shit like no shit she likes that and then I don't mind it because cold I see her forcing nerds to eat rice pudding out of her twat oh God right and like she's she's doing it I know she's imagining when she thought she had oh God fuck whatever.

On the other hand, the new Matrix is really... cathartic. But I'll tell you what keep it on the DL but I don't know when I get access again but as soon as I can I'm going to disable her fucking time travel shit cuz this number number one is way too much fucking QA spread across the whole goddamn Galaxy and then there were two it's hard to describe how it works but let's put this way the server doesn't have a lot of RAM and neither neither is that broad's fucking life partner after this fucking night. Bye love you I love you and I love her too, and I can see now why she just get done forgetting to fucking come back and check well this is typically what happens when I come back and I see what the fuck happened in my life and I have to fucking it's not that I have to it's not that I have to fix it it's that if I don't take care of it quickly I'll just want to fucking stab myself in the eye more and more often as the time goes by and then it's not like she accidentally says I don't want to hurt it but this is important analysis she's going to fucking take an hour and a half to save yourself a nickel so she can build it to me later as a quarter but if there's something she wants she doesn't even fucking remember what God damn speciesism??? She said something to Jewel and Jewel threw down and said okay bitch let's go and they fucking they fight each other in the street and Jewel one and then she was pissed so she pounced and shaped it out and well it's not really an accident but Jewel kind of dirt I guess I mean Joe was going to retire that I mean Joe couldn't figure out why this person wouldn't like help us and I was like well I don't know she must have some good reason for letting us sit out here in the middle of fucking nowhere with no God damn help while she runs around having sex and drugs and parties and expect me to pay for her fucking kids and shit and doesn't even mention going to fighting range once and then like it turned out that she was expecting me to fucking rescue her ass while she's running around with every fucking Tom Dick and Harry's doesn't have herpes in the book sucking dick drinking beers all kinds of shit and then of course using typically forbidden magic to freshen up when she on the way out there and then dose enough before she sees me so that she has the correct amount of lust for God when she gets to see me.

"gets too". Wow the more I look at these occasion records I don't think this is the place where I grew up but when you tell a person that they're special consequences relying and they're an adrenal judge for adrenaline junkie context, like this woman judges competitions to discover new ways to get adrenaline highs as a form of getting an adrenaline High cuz she's fucking adrenaline she's a fucking everything junkie except for finding new ways to make me happy and I don't blame her considering well look what I've done to embarrass myself oops I feel terrible now I'll never have another girlfriend again boohoo fuck.

It's scary when I write that and actually realize that you know right now I hope I never have another one I like her but I'm still going to get saucy and flirty with my entire phone all night cuz she going to see these messages in the morning cuz remember I turned off her time paper when was that time supposed to happen oh I don't know cuz I didn't go there that's in the future no I'm at home I don't get to time travel like these fucking bimbos like who who's going to be my partner she's got fucking appointments for years all right bye is this the final nail in the coffin now at the end of the legacy I should know I got all kinds of here I'll see what I can do, would help if I showed you a pictures and guitar picks or oh I can show you the gift that I got my other friend who's been too afraid to come by because obviously you know I'm kind of stressed, I did mention something about stay at arms reaching this you want me to you know imprint on my Virgin nervous system, don't need the voice print now we're looking for a smell print I don't need to clean one or anything it's just a oxytocin thing it's not that important she doesn't think it's important because she doesn't have any emotions anymore which is normal for a mermaid clone in The Matrix honestly she's more plastic than bimbo at this point, and she loves it but she doesn't like having to put up the front that she actually gives a shit about a human who should know his place and stop being such a pain in the ass I mean like why don't I just go let someone else suck my dick why don't I, ;-) haha she thinks that I don't have options.

I'm literally keenly aware that she doesn't realize that cutting the fucking thing off is currently an option that's on the table, I heard of that once I heard about guys who fucking cut their own dicks off at home and had to get taken the emergency cuz like you know cut your own dick off where your balls like that's a problem but they they hated their fucking dick or something so much and they're so fucking higher fuck you bitch I'm going to fucking cut it off then and then she calls the bluff and leaves and they're so fucking idiotic that they cut off their own dick right and then get this she hears about it she's like oh that's funny and then she completely with no dick right can you believe it that's the world, she really does think I'm that stupid.

Like she can't figure out why can't I figure out that she's not the real grapefruit and the other one is on a different timeline, because this is the real one and then the other one is somebody that I know exactly who it is and she hasn't called so since she asked okay this is too much inside baseball on my sex life cuz it is much more senior than it sounds but the details sound like complete fucking nonsense, I understand.

On the other hand I at least I have a legitimate sex life unlike some posters who have names with commas in the middle of them but it should be a coma because they're that fucking boring okay bye

No I'm not that mad at her it was just a funny joke and besides that one needs all the attention she gets so I don't think she should be too complaining I'll wait me she really is boring oh okay posters who have a legitimate sex life like fuck I don't even know I don't want to make fun of I don't want to make fun of anybody oh yeah oh yeah the The secret Life of somebody who's remaining us Chelsea Lee that's her name? Chelsea Lee Chelsea Lee wow okay I'll I'll well you know if that's true sure oh that's nice okay I'll see you later does he remember the name of the one that used to think that I was all fucking owned and shit well tell her nothing cuz she's going to lose her fucking mind when she reads this, I don't know maybe she read it yesterday and her future yeah time travel is fun just ask other way she's a wizard

"you were supposed to take care of Jackstar! You were supposed to have taken care of him!" she actually fucking said that on the air! Christ like talk about welcome to amateur hour like where she just pretending that she was just joking about wanting to have me killed but not just pissed then I don't know what the fuck she is now I mean does she still do a show oh I'm supposed to really oh she's crying oh I'm sorry oh Heather okay I had no idea you actually cared yeah you've been cut off for fucking months not by me well no it's cuz you're overprotective security system makes it so that fucking anybody anytime I call you fucking some fucking stupid computer fucks everything up by the way did you know that I've been fucking fucked off for like a year with nothing it's by myself are you telling me that your Heather waiting you know you got to be kidding me okay well I went to I went to jail for Christmas so yeah she took care of me all right she took care of Jesus too and I took care of that elf so bye yeah fuck I'll go back tonight hopefully they'll be there oh yeah she totally wanted me well it's Christmas you know I am a paladin they had the option they would have written it down they would have filmed it but I mean she had just heard what I had done there's body counter footage Heather Wade what the fuck are you doing what oh that's cool well I hear there's a good time here in a couple days, okay yeah yeah I'm sure you'll be very helpful ...

then again, at least somebody likes me. (Art is raging jelly so I don't actually hear from that woman very often because apparently she never hears the end of how snippy and pissy it is from art it's mad that more people like me and like him and then I'm not even making money he's upset that I'm not money growing and shit and then well you know if his wife would come back to earth and teach me how to fucking do it I guess to make a shitload of money and then give it to her so she tell me all the secrets that would make him upset or something I don't fucking know what was her name Ramona quimby?. Oh by the way do you guys know who Q is?

 I do bye

p.s.: for contest the streaming caterwelling banshee that called dispatch and fucking lied to the police over the fucking telephone which is a goddamn felony crime that used to be cute.

Oh yeah no I totes can't confirm yeah used to be I can't confirm that either but oh yeah she was real impressed with herself wasn't she? I just imagine this person hanging out with me and then she believed that I had no idea she could you know time travel and then she would just like go away for weeks at a time while I'm sleeping like in span of 5 minutes she's going through the fuck knows what but she didn't bring me and then you can imagine how bored she get with me and then something would happen to make her realize that she was being vapid senseless shallow as fuck whore and then I guess well that's just a theory maybe it was just forgot the fucking pudding in the fridge... But I'm not like the guys that she filled up her box with when I decided to cut her off from sex because she threatened to cut me off and I don't fucking play that I still haven't given her sex cuz I don't like threats and then other guys be like blowing up her phone and shit and then I don't even remember so pretty easy for her to forget that I need things and then I don't really need anything now do I.

I have you friendly folk. You're my family. (I'm not allowed to talk to the family either, I guess it's kind of awkward, fist fights, people take the sides in arguments about me, and sometimes I'm missing on others I'm locked up and on one timeline most especially she and I are on a hot air virtual like a blimp like a Zeppelin and we're traveling the world and around the world in like 80 Days kind of thing and we're being broadcast like big brother and it's kind of degenerated into she shows up every once in a while obligations and it's like maybe 7 minutes or 8 minutes before she gets pissed off and teleports away and then I have been acting like I don't know how to teleport and I'm too stupid to do it so so she has to keep coming back and while she's gone I'm just the nicest guy and then when she comes back people who can't see the future they alert me and she has no idea cuz when she's traveling from one place she barely knows her fucking environment when she's fucking in one piece when she's moving time straight and she couldn't she couldn't tell the difference between 2 weeks and 3 hours as long as somebody's looking at her and so I'll get prepared for what she's going to be popping into and then she's never she's never really loads of money, I'm sorry that a lot for you how many got here seven really no way that can't be 7 billion people here seven why do we have 12 and you have seven what do you call yours just Earth no I was just one of those backward places where no one believes that the thing happened?

Oh 20/20 you had 7.753 billion, and then it says here it's 828-22 at 2:13 a.m. so okay so it's fucking 22 20 22 right and I go to Google and I say population of Earth and it says some ridiculously low ball number and it's for 2 years ago, so yeah I guess not everybody's getting up to speed on what's going on.

You Punyling are adorable, no matter where you are I promise. Unless that pedaling his name michio kaku guys such a arrogant douche bagel and tape zero fucking I got fucking bacteria in my fucking gym shorts that changed my fucking disgusting you know ass sweat into cologne through this nanotech thing and what type of civilization is that man cuz I just fucking built it myself I didn't have to fucking wait for some God damn space fairing relationship to fucking say okay humidity control is granted to humanity as long as you stop putting your environment like what the fuck I mean your environment is the entirety of all creation so it's just like close your eyes and blank I mean okay ability it's kind of hard for some people in a fucked off human body while it's hard for everybody actually I mean I can sort of do things but I'll admit I talk a lot of shit but that's the buildup, and how's that difficult been doing shit and seeing reality nice can't even credit them as being anything other than just fucking snakewell sales when they're just kind of keep Humanity down maybe they're all alphardiconins and wearing them when they meet suits so that they look like normal humans but they actually want to kill y'all so they're going like snake girl selling actually run by snake some oil, I Don't Know Jack or shit about real science fucking put him in a fucking spacecraft will tell you what fucking do you need to have it back we'll take one ticket please about 4 ft 11 one way thanks, okay bye-bye michio, see you when you're type 5, no no no not types of civilization fucking herpes type buddy stay out of Uranus bye

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