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Started by Frys Girl, December 06, 2008, 07:51:10 AM

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Quote from: Michael Vandeven on January 24, 2009, 06:25:35 AM
i absolutely can NOT believe this was a serious effort.  it has GOT to be a goof.

Sorry El Wrongo...this guys CD's have gone Platinum many times, Frank Sinatra retired and Pavarotti decided to leave the Planet after hearing this guy, truly an amazing talent!


The Chris Bliss juggling video is one of my all time favorites. Real talent.

EXCLUSIVE Amazing Juggling Finale


i just fixed that dopey video display issue.  wtf.


I won't post a vid - you all can fnd this one easily enough. It's the KITTY CAT DANCE! I fire it up from time to time and unfailingly view it numerous times 'til I am violently forced to turn the damned thing off.

"...and I dance dance Dance, and I Dance Dance DANCE!..."


how you been, chuck?  long time no speak.


Quote from: MV on August 01, 2010, 11:22:47 AM
how you been, chuck?  long time no speak.

Well, I've been being silent and merely being thought a fool.
Hope you've been well?
Hey! Look up! Aurora, pretty pretty Aurora!!!


Love ST/BBM >grin<

And, just for ChuckQ:

Kitty Cat Dance



Trololo Without Autotune

the first is with the music, the second is without... it is the same =) life is nothing more (imo) different and the same...

hahahaha (god bless not america, god bless all life)


do what u think is right... but not at the expense of others... i too laugh at think it's weird that Art Bell married
some chick who looks 13 from the Philipines.. but then started to worry about my own thoughts... and realized
he probably doesn't care... what he prolly cares about is his love for his wife and daughter.. and that is cool.

from the pictures i've seen... his daughter looks happy and content.

.. and i hope to raise a family someday too with the same actions and not let the rest of the world filter
their thoughts into my own life... unless they too our of good intention =) And while i can't change the world,
i can do my best. sorry if all this sounds sappy.. cause i find myself sarcastic, and bastardly too.. not cause
i hate the world.. but because i sometimes allow the rest of the world into my head.. when i know everyone
deep down truly has a good heart... yup, even the devil who hates himself/herself/thee self, itself.. but knows
better =)


not because it's some sort of new age shit to smile... just smile because you want to =)


EDIT: i can change my own world, not anyone elses is what i meant.. sorry, i was born colorblind and without
a poetic tongue... william.


Jesus Christ Action Figure

plz don't kick me from the forums, plz plz jesus! bahahahhaa... one world religion sucks.  diversity is where it's at. =)
meditate, smoke dope, love your kids family friends. screw politics, poly - ticks.


music video for Gazprom, the Russian state gas monopoly:

The Gazprom Song (with English subtitles)


Quote from: EvZe on August 07, 2010, 03:35:45 PM
music video for Gazprom, the Russian state gas monopoly:

The Gazprom Song (with English subtitles)
holy SHIT is that bad!!  also, russian people, when singing, sound like stairway to heaven in reverse.

here's to my sweet satan.


Quote from: slipstream on August 12, 2010, 06:53:05 PM
EU Financial Supervision is Undemocratic

OK, at the beginning I was like "lolwut?" but then I watched to the end when the dancing badgers came out and I just about fell off my chair ROTFL'ing!


here's a great video of why parents should let their kids know what they're really sliding down... not sure.. but i think
this could be george snoory on the music(toothed comb and wax paper).. i heard he's a queen fan though(or was that
Hoagland who came up with that conspiracy?)

NightOwl:  Please re-post your youtube videos, but don't use the embed code.  Just use the URL in your address bar for each video you'd like to post, and the system will embed the video for you.



Quote from: EvB on September 13, 2010, 09:18:23 AM

Soap won't cut the cheese.

Clean Your Balls with Axe - LOL (HIGH QUALITY!)
i use axe deodorant, and it seems to be about the best i've used.  however, nabila is sick of how it smells.  i guess it's time to change up.


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