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Started by VC, July 31, 2020, 06:56:24 AM


Quote from: Silphion on February 20, 2021, 08:27:33 PM
Zaza? TexasMan in Azzworld is a tastier version.

Don’t get confused. I’m not asking because I’m interested in him/her/it but Ozman. ;)


Quote from: Dr. MD MD on February 20, 2021, 08:34:37 PM
Don’t get confused. I’m not asking because I’m interested in him/her/it but Ozman. ;)

'Tis Ozman - IMO


Quote from: Silphion on February 20, 2021, 08:35:47 PM
'Tis Ozman - IMO

Duly noted.

Ozman has the sweet reality behind the narrative that I crave so much. ;)


Quote from: AZZERAE on February 20, 2021, 01:07:54 AM
Tits up. Its gone tits up.

Likely the server hardware has been pulled as there was a lot of wild magicks going through that whole scene and undoubtedly someone at some point was wiping things with a cloth. (This is speculation. I get to do this. It's not my area. I just happen to know things) I never ever hardly ever used the thing, so once the clearly ruthless FBICBIT filters the parts the parts that were attempted to be spoofed through my home network (if I had named it "Tarbaby" it wouldn't have been more obvious; those people were stupid.) the rest is basically a book of fingerprints of creepers and people who like me, but are too afraid of ostracism by society to admit it.

I think I know why things are done this way, as the special situation is complicated by my peculiar class and legal status. To say nothing of hers. Shrug. Untangling this mess is no concern of mine. I'm in a rush? Nope. Not really. Can I have a flying car now? Don't give me that shit, I've seen them. Hand one over, we wanna go for a spin.

I am in no position to know when the immense fallout from this event will cease its relentless and all-encompassing envelopment of the whole of every landscape the consequences shall fall upon. Like, I've not read a lot of science fiction lately, but I have read a lot of science fiction, and this diplomatic faux pas reminds me of some bullshit in Star Trek, the battle where Worf's parents pissed off all the Romulans. God, I have no idea. It's like I woke up one morning and realized, oh, I became the highest ranked magic-user in the Ascended-But-Still-Fleshy category and the same for ranking clerics. Like, I didn't ask for that. I just woke up and, poof, there it was.

What would you do? I don't want a magic flying car. Oh no. I want a real flying car. Don't make me wait here all day. Grapefruit's been on my ass for months about this. Oh. Sweety, they say that you can't drive one because you're irresponsible and unaccountable. No, yeah, I'm kidding. haah, yeah that was a funny joke. No, your face is a funny joke. Hahha! Oh, well, yeah, but still--no. And they have to check my eyes. I don't know. I think they're stalling. Because now they're saying you can't drive one because you're a mother. Too much simultaneous risk, or something. I don't know, I'll ask. Yeah, they say no you can't just identify as a dude. Besides, I'll do anything for you, Baby, but I won't do that.

See, now that? That's crap. That was me trying to imagine something. It was hard. Usually I don't force it. The good stuff comes easy. I'm going to bed, I'll most likely cure cancer for you all in the morning. Unless I oversleep. Then you all get herpes. Yeah, I invented a new alarm clock, do you like it? It's nanotech. Oh, hells yeah, I can cure herpes easy.

So, gimme the keys... and I'll give you the cure for herpes. Don't think I can't do it.

Quote from: Silphion on February 20, 2021, 03:58:12 AM
David Rubini, arrived here last year

How did he get here? In a flying car? I'll take that one. I can eradicate the odor and banish the Christine. Am I handy to have around or what?

Quote from: Tim Ozman on February 20, 2021, 03:31:07 AM
Ask me anything but be respectful.

Have you ever had a herpes scare, and how long--if ever--did it take for you to feel anything close to 'normal' again? I'm not asking for a friend. That shit was terrifying. (Yes, Ladies, fear not--i'm immune... verified.)


Quote from: Dr. MD MD on February 20, 2021, 12:42:29 PM
Cheer up, Keanu.

I can't initiate another Pon farr cycle for another seven years. But, I can appreciate your interests here. I'll put in a call down to Anthropology, and see if I can get a waiver.

דיוויד רוביני פאקינג שולט!



Quote from: The Groovy American on July 20, 2022, 02:23:25 PMדיוויד רוביני פאקינג שולט!



Quote from: Art Bell on August 06, 2015, 02:58:28 AMSomebody on FB asked so here is what I said:
No this show was booked by David Rubini who at first wanted (3) flat earth people and just me! He is angry as a hornet at me for giving (he says) Jon such a hard time!! I thought the show was great really because it shows how otherwise smart people can believe amazing things.


Quote from: Art Bell on August 06, 2015, 03:51:21 AMNo it's not odd, I wanted people to know who booked it, It was David Rubini, not Redacted. Even though
Rubini hated it I had a blast frankly. (Rubini thought I was mean to Jon)



Do I have to listen to this? I just bought some weed; I don't wanna blow my high.



Quote from: Lilith on August 21, 2022, 12:22:29 AMLooking forward to Episode1

See this is what this leads to, now somebody has a bounty on their head, that's not going to solve anything. I mean somebody could have just told me, it kind of is my business, grumble grumble grumble. On the bright side this is going to work out all right, especially the sooner it gets fixed for everybody, like seriously does everybody have to have their Google account pretend to be deleted or is it just me and everybody else is just keeping quiet? That sounds like a bit of a pain in the butt for a lot of people, but I suppose it's a lot easier than just telling the truth for some people.


You cannot view this attachment.

(We talked about underestimating the things that I will do, right? Mom and Ramona agree: this is romantic AF, ACTUAL; & I guess we can figure out how Art died later, huh?

Also I wrote this on the Lamb with a bounty hunter after me while I hoisting the jolly Roger I got a picture later/NOW)

Dear (Blankly)-li/lee\LEIGH.ANDALSOHERAABB(0):

Problems develop on worlds where The Craft is held in secret and this world I'm on is no exception. Now, this is awkward, but there's this girl who wants to (blank) my (blank) AND sleep with me. (Standards. Entitled standards. I do like her, but it's been years, and I actually meant this all along: I do, in fact, love only you, I just lit up Grapefruit like a stone burning rocket and there is a A LITERAL ROTTING GRAPEFFRUIT on my back porch, between the bags of refuse (5 months worth) and my Mandalorian-themed welcome door mat (it says "THIS IS THE WAY" with a helmet and an arrow on it, it's alright, it was on sale, but yeah, I really get a kick out of it, AND , yeah I'm basically an incredible badass these days. I kinda grow up or shrink down to fit whatever situation needs me now, because, there just isn't any other Man like me, anywhere around, nowhere at all.

Same as you. There's only one of you and I love you and I miss you and I don't that I haven't seen you in... totesshrug... 8 years? 9? 6. DO NOT CARE. The heart wants what it wants and I wrote what I wrote because I meant it, and I still do. You know, whole empires used to rise and fall and turn and hut-hut get in the hut, honey, and start making me little baby emperors, Emperors used to write, in those little Kanji characters that looks like chicken scratches? THOSE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN SPOKEN WORDS. Sometime. Maybe. I don't care.

The point is I know it is awkward but I wasn't lying and I only want you and no one else will do and, well, I don't know if you've read ANY of what I've written yet. Time travel is like that. So, I told her to kick rocks like twice now, but technically it's something a person could insist on and I need the practice anyway, and at this point who knows, I might have to go to jail, someone tried to put a bounty on my head. Unpredictable results have ensued. I don't care. I love you and I don't even want to get laid, you know? I'm distracted. I have to clean up. Or something. I AM A HOT MESS and I meant it, I NEED YOUR HELP. No one else will do.

So I am writing to let you know, becuase the power of the written word is such that I might look like an idiot now, but I'll look like an EVEN BIGGER IDIOT tomorrow, and I WILL BE EVEN MORE HAPPY TO DO SO. And you can take that to the bank but I wish you were here now, and your mother can go wank herself off a cliff, for all I care--she had her chance.

I love you and I always will. signed, THE_KINGPINNER_PINNED_YOUR_MOTHER_TOO (And also an Abo to grow on). Look, what can I say? Real man is real, and I am a Sourceror who can travel through time too. But until you make me another flux capacitor, I can only move foreskinlessward on my way to you. (Guild rule. Shrug. It can be coaxed easily enough and we have the technology to rebuild it, sure. I AM SO DISTRACTED RIGHT NOW. Bloodtest! Tired! Nap! oh wait I have to publish. I really do love you, only this can make me lose my mind completely and I'm still HAPPY JOY 4 EVER. What? I'm cute, this can all be fixed easily enough. They dumped me here long enough to make a baby and then they made an actual baby and then they sold it for dope. Savages. Yeah, that's my Grapefruit, so you can see how Titler/Teatler is a strict upgrade. Why yes I do cry myself to sleep alone most nights, so what? They're masculine sacred tears. I KNOW!)

Them's the rules. So there, so help me God, and I don't know where you are, that's why. 8808 Blanks Driven POINT BLANK RANGE and you probably are across the street, but if you are, you aren't likely to stay there for long, this place is fine. Unless you want to roast a jew or throw one down the well. (Oven broken, well is full. I KNOW!


Best wishes & warmest regards,

K, we can just be friends, sure. Duh. I can let your father break my jawbone in (HALF) then, cool. cya

(*In water, one sees one's own face, but in wine, one beholds the heart of another--and when two drunken indians fuck each other while blind drunk after drinking a bottle of stolen absinthe, well, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. AND WHEN IT'S MICHAEL CLIFFORD KLERGY/KUCZI\QLERGY'S BOTTLE OF STOLEN ABSINTHE, YOU FUCKING WHORE ("you fucking whore!"), THOSE CONSEQUENCES WILL BE SUFFERED. ("that's all you are!") SO MOTE IT BE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGED ENGAGE, AND "DON'T WORRY, WE CAN FUCK ALL NIGHT, THE TIMEQUAKE WILL CLEAR IT ALL UP MY MORNING," HUH? Well, maybe not so much this time, Captain Cockmunch.*)

Yeah, I bet that sounds better in the original Klingon. Sir. So you gonna fucking call me back now, or, do I start playing pincushion or not with what's left of her eyeballs?? Your choice. I am sick of this shit, I really am.


So that'll be take two Timequakes and call me in the morning then? Cool. I fucking hate this place now.. or at least I did until now. I love you Ramona,

and yeah, King arthUr 3 sends his regards. *winkey-smi--*L.CLICK*j*eol55:0


Quote from: Colonel Pate Manly on September 09, 2022, 01:02:03 AM


I'm probably going to rip out your liver neck too and then replace it with Play-Doh and then I'm just going to eat yours cuz I can turn your liver into my liver haha there's your fucking compassion

Quote from: JT on September 09, 2022, 03:51:01 AMI'm probably going to rip out your liver neck too and then replace it with Play-Doh and then I'm just going to eat yours cuz I can turn your liver into my liver haha there's your fucking compassion

Probabilities rhymes wit abilities.



Quote from: AZZERAE on January 07, 2023, 03:33:23 PMJack mentioned recently that he had considered faking his own death.

And here is Jack's associate faking his own resurrection.

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