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One Way to Report Animal Abuse Seen On The Internet

Started by Jojo, May 20, 2019, 05:17:13 PM


Most of us have compassion for others, and for animals.  When an animal is shown being abused online, the abuse is usually illegal and putting it on the Internet could be illegal.  Investigating abuse shown on the Internet can lead to arrests of people who abused an animal(s).  Animal abuse is usually illegal, and displaying it on the Internet can be illegal.

The American Human Society at https://www.americanhumane.org/fact-sheet/reporting-internet-animal-abuse/ says to go to http://www.ic3.gov/ to report Internet animal cruelty.  The website looks like it's for financial fraud, but they are the place to go for Internet animal abuse.  Give the URL and details.  They take reports from outside the US, if the abuse is inside the US.  Reports are routed to the right jurisdiction(s), from local to federal.  Not all reports are necessary investigated.

Do a search on the image to determine the original source because the original source is closer to the abuse than viewers who just copy images and re-send.  Report any abuse you want to, but I think it's best if you can provide the URL of the original image because the OP (original poster) is closer to the crime than viewers who just re-send the image.

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