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XXXtra Speshul Holiday Muse(acK!) MegaWeakThreade

Started by pate, December 03, 2016, 03:16:03 PM


Eye wood bee quit Remus oaf aye didna wash Roz hay Marry Crux Mass:



This one I dedicate to my tireless (and shirtless) Running Mate of these many years past;

K_Dubb Attend:

I apologize that the artist is not shirtless, as he should be.  I figured you might enjoy his stylish sweater, if not the musical stylings.

I must admit:  I offer this one un-audited;  the cover of the book spoke volumes to me.

Certainly it belongs on one of our many Lists!

pate/K_Dubb 2024
"pate is not afraid to step up to the plate!


Merry Christmas, Pate! Have yourself a little holiday electro swing music.


Silf, Al & PIe!  Merry Christmas, y'all (and any thread lurkers too).

Dig the tunes, there has to be actual decent music in hear too, I suppose.  My neverending Stirling-esque vision for this thread:


Imagine if you will, a world with no escape.  A world where Holiday Muzak plays softly in the background non-stop from Thanksgiving until the end of December.

Then one day, you find a door with a sign that says "This was for something else" you pass through, and now the non-stop Holiday Muzak begins on All Saint's Day and doesn't cease until President's Day...

Somewhere, somewhen there is a Whirl'd where the Holiday Muzak plays year-round and everyday is Christmas!...


Anyhow, the first two I offer unaudited, but the last I think deserves a place in this thread.  I actually listened to it, and the nightmares still haven't stopped...


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