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XXXtra Speshul Holiday Muse(acK!) MegaWeakThreade

Started by pate, December 03, 2016, 03:16:03 PM



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Quote from: Kaiborg on December 21, 2012, 02:00:56 AM
Thanks for asking about the details, and sorry it's taken so long to get back!

As Christmas day approaches, I had to churn out a few more "classics" and do a proper holiday EP.  Click on the garish graphic below for the band camp page.

1.Carol of the Bells 01:30   
2.Bring a Torch Janette Isabella 02:22
3.Deck the Halls 02:49
4.Holy Night 01:39
5.Silent Night 02:44
6.Jingle Bells 02:17

Oh yes, DETAILS!  Where does one even begin?  You pretty much start with your MIDI composition, which you play on a keyboard, and quantize to taste.  Sometimes, just for shits and giggles, I'll use a dumb and boring synth patch just to get the part sequenced, and THEN I'll work on the timbre/sound.  From there, it's just being tasteful with your synth patches (which are all semi-programmed from scratch for the specific part), along with some half-decent mixing.  Just the standard compressors and EQ's in that dept., along with some spectral enhancement, reverb, and other stuff used sparingly.  They say arrangement is everything, and you really do have to be mindful of your parts, instrumentation and structure.  In this regard, you also have to choose or design some nice hits/crashes/swells for your transitions.  Drum Parts are relatively easy for the house, trance, or disco parts, while the "dubstep" is just some triplet grooves, for the most part.  The 3/4 timing in "Carol of the Bells" was no sweat either, but maybe it's kind of drum n' bass sounding?   ???  "Bring a Torch Janette Isabella" is also 3/4, but has a more traditional disco feel.  Had to try and keep that one "K-Pop" sounding!  And I'm not Korean!  Obviously, any loop samples you're using at this point (drums only) are going to be chopped up, cropped, and re-arranged.   Most of my drums are sequenced like everything else, though.  Maybe I'll bullet point some more interesting things:

• My MIDI "controller" is a Roland Fantom - I also use it to sequence stuff when my computer is busy playing netflix.
• The reggae guitar on the intro of "Holy Night" is real, and was performed by the esteemed yet deposed Prince I&I ASIanman of Jah-Rastafari.  The Prince is currently in contact with C2C for an upcoming guest spot.
• I use Massive (the vst soft synth) for a bunch of parts, but a host of other vst synths are used too.
• "Carol of the Bells" contains a sample of a human scream, to signify the true horror of the holiday season.
• It was all done in "in the box" using REAPER.  Pro-Tools was not involved
• If you want to see a complete gear list, check out my studio webstie at www.MusicStudio13.com

With that said, you should probably ignore everything I just said and check out the music straight away.  Unlike my rambling and near-meaningless technical details, the actual music is kind of rad.

2ndEdit:  All jokes aside, that man is a mean and scary piper.  If the drums were peasant we truly would have been home by Christmas about a hunnert yarns/threads ago plus or minus a few days/weeks/months.  I fear the day that I see that one on the field of Mars.  Either as a general or a mano y mona(sp) whiner take all fought...  I salute that GRATE SCOT, awesome pipes, love the pipes can't stand the artillery barrage of music at this time of year and he made my musical point most eloquently and brutally no further effort required on my part. 



FestVeLy cOOl ThreAd, pate! Thank you for starting it and for the bagpipe music. Things are never dull when you post here.  :)




Happy Solstice! :)

Rix Gins

Ha, 21'st.  Guess we were on the same wavelength.  You beat me by 31 seconds.  lol


Quote from: pyewacket on December 03, 2016, 05:24:17 PM
FestVeLy cOOl ThreAd, pate! Thank you for starting it and for the bagpipe music. Things are never dull when you post here.  :)

Thanks, pye (and everybody else).  Thar's some truly and wonderflutally ( A vary speshul JETHRO TULL SOLSTICE?!? haha) awful Holiday music hear.  I feel better already!


Feel free to share awful Christmas sweater pics here as well, no need to clog up the 'tubes of BG with more awful Holiday themed garbage...

I smile.


OMG, YESS!!!  This video has SO cheered me up! ;D

Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years”  12.2.16.



Quote from: StarrMountain on December 04, 2016, 04:51:45 AM
OMG, YESS!!!  This video has SO cheered me up! ;D

Hi Miss Starr! I thought of you when I posted that one on the President-elect Trump thread. :)

Here's one for all those fear monger/haters -they know who they are!  ;)



Quote from: 卐mikuthing01卐 on December 04, 2016, 10:52:15 PM
Funny for some, I guess. But pretty weak. He is shorter and will be coming soon with Sinterklass and is going to sack and beat you on the way back to Spain. (In a new bent you will also been thrown into a migrant/"refugee" camp!)


Quote from: pyewacket on December 04, 2016, 09:04:16 PM

Here's one for all those fear monger/haters -they know who they are!  ;)


A-nunh, ArRRgh!  A, n'org!


Egg-nog spiced with a bit of plain rum can be quite uplifting...


I am drowning in awful, love it!

Merry, merry! 

Cheers all!


A staple of Generation-X Christmases in the 80s. I had a few in this era that were actually pretty nice.

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