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Topics - Rix Gins

This first one is from a poster named ald.  It is fairly typical of the posts being made back in 2016.

Quote from: ald on June 22, 2016, 06:04:42 PM
I haven't posted here in a while. But the other day I decided to fall sleep with the radio on. I thought to myself, "I guess I'll tune in to some C2C". So some lady calls in to tell Noory about her suspected abduction experience. What does Noory say? "You need professional help". Why hasn't this guy been fired? Not just that. It seems he is moving from the ufo thing. The other nights show was on managing finances. Wtf? If I tune in to c2c it's for ghost, big foot, aliens, time travel, etc. Where is Art Bell? We need a new c2c show.

Now that rose bushes are starting to bloom with a vengeance, here are some postcard advertisements that were put out by a place called Jackson & Perkins Company.  The yellow rose is Irish Gold, Rose of the Year for 1970 and the red rose is First Prize, an All-America Rose Selection, also for 1970.  I guess it would be safe to date these postcards as being circa 1970 - 1971.
Random Topics / One Hundred Years Ago
January 01, 2016, 08:20:14 PM
 Thought it would be fun to start a thread covering what was going on 100 years ago.  Fellow BellGab history buffs, feel free to add to this thread, anything that applies to 1916.  In this case, I found out that something happened exactly 100 years ago today.

On this day back in 1916, the first Rose Bowl was played in Pasadena, Ca. between Washington State and Brown University.  (Wikipedia says that it was the second Rose Bowl but other websites state that it was the first due to the fact that succeeding Rose Bowl games were played for each year since 1916. Wikipedia seems to think that the first Rose Bowl was played in 1902.)  In any event, Washington State won the game by a score of 14 to 0.

Here is an interesting silent film of some players seeing the sights, plus close ups of players and coaches and also some game footage.

Random Topics / Your Predictions For 2016
December 26, 2015, 04:38:35 PM
Look into your crystal ball and see whats going to happen in 2016.  I will keep a record of all BellGab predictions received and we will see who gets a bonk or a ding, come January 1, 2017.  Note: The last day for making your prediction will be December 31, 2015.
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