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Archive of Old Threads / back once again.....
June 17, 2009, 06:38:50 AM
hello fellow haterz
its bin a long time, i shouldnt have left you, without leaving a little note to say where i was - i think thats how it goes.

anyways, i bin learning italian, planning my escape, and a few other things along the way.

now to the boring stuff.
can anyone provide me with a decent little mp3 player for my currently in construction website? it needs to be able to play two or three mp3s, and have a volume and title bar, as well as a stop button. i am absolutely baffled when it comes to code and all that, i can have a go at butchering someone elses but i cant seem to find any good ones out there.

please help me, you are my only hope....

Archive of Old Threads / nerd call
March 25, 2009, 11:54:30 AM
hey nerd. any of you know how i can set up an ftp type affair that many people can use to access the same files using passwords? i want to have a way of sharing with other bands music that has been made at our studio, but not allowing everyone to access it, so say a band has just recorded something i can put it up and they can download the mixes from the share place and other bands can download it but only if they have a password to access site. would this be possible? i am only a learner nerd so it is puzzling me..........

Archive of Old Threads / i am listening to....
February 01, 2009, 02:17:06 PM
must have been a post of this before, i couldnt find it if there was. im well into music.

the renaissance by Q-tip is the best hip-hop album of the last couple of years. back to form i think for mr tip. if you have never heard much hip-hop its a good place to start, then after that go and get the whole 'a tribe called quest' back catalog.
Archive of Old Threads / revision tips please!!!!!
January 03, 2009, 06:35:29 AM
i have got an exam on the 8th jan, i need some help structuring my revision, and general remembering, any ideas?

Radio and Podcasts / 2001: a waste of space odyssey
November 25, 2008, 03:39:59 PM
George said that when he first saw 2001 he didnt get it. huh? if this aint proof that George is a square that has never taken drugs i dunno what is. he probably thought it was gonna be the prequel to 2012, or about the WTC.

hey by the way, has anyone ever heard of Shafica Karagulla? well, apparently she was George's aunt. yeah, i know, another fact you never knew about George.
said that he is looking forward to it, as he has never been down under, and his wife is really looking forward to it. its good to see older people indulging in the most disgusting of modern day pleasures.
Archive of Old Threads / Chinese
November 11, 2008, 04:06:28 PM
George hasnt had any stories about his enemy, the Chinese recently. remember when he was going 'here it is, another scare from China' practically every day. dont he get it? he perpetuates all the shit he claims to be against.

we just had two dead baby stories today in England, perhaps he'll tell you about them though.
Archive of Old Threads / new studio
November 02, 2008, 04:48:03 AM
i am not about as much at the moment as i am building a recording studio, which is taking up a lot of my time. basically its long. but i do have a blog up of the progress if anyone is interested, or thinks im lying. its at http://www.gotaw.co.uk/studio

ive been away but now im back, temporarily, my computer is knackered, so im on borrowed computer. its 3.15 am and i couldnt sleep, can someone suggest something for me to watch on youtube or some shit?
Yes, THE Ted Danson is reporting for the BBC now

sad news


sorry to drop that on you all.
as i said before mine is John from Long Island. He has such a gangsta Long Island voice and always asks such normal questions. I get the feeling that he is wearing jordan maxwell glasses and a smoking jacket on and he just goes about his business after putting the phone down.

But i also like a black bloke who calls in who sounds like RZA from the Wu-Tang, who always asks the most intelligent but scientifically worded questions, that no doubt fly straight over bollock mouth's head.

Remember the trucker who's cat used to go to sleep whenever it heard George? Sensible cat.
Archive of Old Threads / prepare to be sucked
September 07, 2008, 07:21:19 AM

i bet george is shaking like a shitting dog.
Archive of Old Threads / must see tv on bbc
September 06, 2008, 09:36:22 AM
can you use the bbc iplayer outside of uk? i dunno nut give it a try for this one programme - scene stealers, where two teenagers are forced to pretend they are part of another scene. this week is the first one and is about two teens becoming emcees. a great slice of british yoof culture....

Some of you may have read aprevious post i submitted about a friend of mine Stan Gooch, a researcher and psychologist from London, who first proposed the Hybrid-origin theory of evolution. A few years back I started a musical project with Stan known as 'Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom' www.gotaw.co.uk, in which we discuss Stan's ideas through poetry, sort of hip-hop mixed with psychedelic folk. At the website we have a message board (the inspiration for which i must eternally thank Michael at GNS), a blog, videos and music, as well as link to our myspace.
Our latest, and most ambitious project is to make a documentary about Stan's work. We are in the very early stages of this, still constructing a script etc. but we are already aware that in order to make something worthwhile we will probably need to enlist someone who can make convincing computer animations highlighting certain aspects of the documentary. If anyone can help, or knows anyone that can help please let me know, or let them know about us. We could probably raise some cash to pay for any work, but obviously we are not looking to do something on the big screen scale, probably more like the Zeitgeist movie scale..

any support that anyone can give us in our attempt to highlight the career and mind of Stan Gooch will be greatly appreciated, his life at the moment is one of existence and no joy, thanks to his treatment by orthodox science, a wikipedia entry can be read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stan_Gooch.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for your time.
Secrecy Surrounds The Ancient Code, A New Film To Be Released At The End Of 2008
It's bigger than The Secret, More powerful than What the Bleep, More dangerous than The Da Vinci Code, And this will affect us all... because it's real...

The Ancient Code team are currently filming throughout Europe for their project tipped to be bigger than 'The Secret', 'What The Bleep' and 'The Da Vinci Code' combined, but what is it about?

At the moment the content as well as the two directors names are being kept secret, but it has been leaked that warfare, end times and natural disasters are going to be examined in relation to the history of civilisation itself, apparently presenting new answers that will affect everyone.

Just like 'The Secret' but with a twist, the key to this film appears to lie in our distant past and have been carried, through conspiracies and secret societies, into the present, coded into sacred symbols and the landscape itself.

Their website - http://www.ancientcode.com - allows interested individuals, Cinema's, Festivals and Press and Media representatives to become part of a mailing list of 'chosen ones' so that they can find out more about the film as news breaks.

'Ancient Code is a real film made by leading researchers with real answers' say the team.

why did i get it?
im not looking for $$$ but if you like this one, you know ;) ;)

cheer up everyone.
Archive of Old Threads / coast live
August 30, 2008, 03:09:27 AM
i have just realised i can listen to C"C live streamed by radio over the net, i normally get the casts of it so im usually a few days off. im listening to george knapp covering friday night, but its 10am here heheh. maybe george knapp will do unscreened open lines....i fick not knowing i could do this.
could anyone give me any advice on laying out rules of use for a message board? where did you get the legal wording for this site for instance, does it have to include certain terms etc. any help would be rewarded with an on the money of course..
anyone had any interesting experiences with animals and their suposed psychic powers? im watching some NatGeo fodder about it and they said that during the tsunami a couple of years back very few animals were harmed, they said it was as if they had been prewarned.
ooh jim berkland has just popped up.
didnt know whether to put this is computers or this section.


the guy looks like an alien i think.
i would like to use this post to draw attention to a friend of mine, the British psychologist and paranormal researcher Stan Gooch. Although this is a long post please go with it, it would mean a lot to me.

I first became aware of Stan a few years ago when i saw the video What Happened on the Moon? made by Aulis publishing, who also happed to publish one of Stan's books Cities of Dreams. I subsequently ordered this books and was astounded at the information it contained. Stan Gooch is unique in that he is a qualified Psychologist, but he is also an experienced medium. having experience in both the scientific world and the paranormal he writes from a different viewpoint to say Uri Gellar, or Carl Sagan.

Stan's basic theory is that previous to our own civilisation Neanderthal man and his relatives had created a massively influential and complex culture, some of which we have inherited by way of our domination and invasion of their society. Many remnants of this previous culture can be seen in our religions, our mythology and even our politics, basically it's influence has spread throughout our own culture. His meticulous research has been overlooked by many other researchers who continue to attribute many of our inherited traditions to 'aliens' or whoever when really there is a good deal of proof that the unexplainable attributes of man can be accredited to a previous civilisation to our own, one which lasted at the least 100,000 years.

a large part of Stan Gooch's work also concentrated on the paranormal, and in fact, his book The Paranormal was one of his best sellers. in the large his books have not sold very well though, due to circumstance or bad luck, or a galactic conspiracy. The Paranormal deals with the mysterious, supernatural, and subjective universe that can be proven to exist beyond our own, a universe that stretches as far within as the objective one does without. Much earlier in his career he proposed that a part of the brain 'the cerebellum' was responsible for dreams, paranormal activity and our shadow side, which, much like CG Jung,he named the 'Self' (the other, conscious, logical mind he termed 'Ego'). his reasons for pinpointing the cerebellum are many, but in a nutshell he posited that Neanderthal man had a much larger cerebellum than we do today, and so therefore their life was one spent much more in that other universe than ours. Neanderthal (this term is not quite correct, it should relate to all paleoanthropic beings - excepting Homo Sapiens - that roamed the Earth previous to us, Homo Sapien Sapiens) had a religion that was, over hundreds of thousands of years, connected to the Moon, and for this reason females ruled their society, due to their interaction with the Moon through menstruation.
Both women and the Moon have a cycle that is roughly the same, perhaps a reason for our equating women and the Moon even today. so at a certain time of the month (the word month is derived from moonth) all the females of the group would bleed along with the Moon, thus linking them symbolically with the movements of the Universe. when one of them fell pregnant the tribe would notice the belly swelled and the blood stopped, then at some time a new life popped out. thus women were also symbolically seen as the creators, along with their heavenly counterpart, the Moon.
The moment when men took over, so to speak, is chronicled throughout our mythologies, in stories such as Zeus bearing children from his head (men of course cannot bear children), the slaying of the serpent in many myths(the serpent is a symbol of the Moon) and the Biblical story of the Sons of Gods coming upon the Daughters of the Earth. In essence what happened was Homo Sapiens - our predecessors - raped and subjugated Neanderthal, and the resulting offspring is us, all of us. so inside our heads we are drawn to moon worship, and all that is attached to it(it is a dark, murky underworld of ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and sex), but we also have the crossed instinct to worship the heritage of Homo Sapiens - who, like the majority of us, are drawn to sun worship.

it is obviously hard to summarise a life's work here but my main reason for this post was to try to draw some awareness to Stan Gooch's work, and his current plight. He is living in near dereliction in a rented caravan in Swansea, Wales, with no hope on the horizon. I have set up a website for him http://www.stangooch.gotaw.co.ukas his depression leaves him with no wish to interact with the 21st century, and i am also involved in a musical project http://www.gotaw.co.ukwhich Stan contributes to, but i am not trying to get web traffic, i am trying to introduce as many intelligent people as possible to his work before it is too late for Stan to receive some recognition. We have also been contacted by Lisa at C"C to get Stan to appear but he said he just cant face doing anything, he has basically given up on life, after 30 years of research he is absolutely exhausted.

i am currently trying to put together a documentary about his work also, so anyone with experience who would like to help please get in touch.
Or maybe it should be 'The second day the Earth stood still', or maybe 'The day the Earth stood open-mouthed as they re-made another classic movie, badly'.
What does everyone think this is going to be like, its got Keanu Reeves and John Cleese so i am expecting an irreverent cross-generation surf-fi comedy, with a little romantic interest thrown in for the ladies, in the form of Jennifer Connelly.

'Keanu stated that his take on the role was to be an objective observer as the alien' - sounds like an excuse to me.
Radio and Podcasts / august 5th 2008
August 14, 2008, 09:33:52 AM
Although i don't totally agree that George Noory sucks i do think he can be 'suck-y', discuss... Being in the UK i only get to hear C2C on streamlink, so even though these are old-ish i just heard them and had to register these Nooryisms.
During open lines on 5th august someone phoned in with a story about Neil Armstrong. George asked the caller if his grandfather had said anything more about a conversation he had conducted with Neil's father Steve, to which the caller answered, "If he did, unfortunately it's passed away with my grandfather"
in reply to which George dropped a sweet one, "Yeah, really does (that bit didn't make any sense - perhaps he wasn't really listening?). Secrets. They always seem to go that way."

And here's one from the same open lines, which i think should go into those diaries where they have a quote by a famous person on every page. After listening to a caller relay his story about aliens in Denver airport George finished the open lines segment by saying, "You never know. That's one of the great things about the mysteries of this planet."

George has an ability to disguise the obvious in profound statements, but this is what i find funny about him i suppose. in a way i wish i had never found this website, because now i'm finding that i listen even more for George's slip-ups.
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