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Archive of Old Threads / A different Alien Autopsy
August 27, 2008, 10:35:58 AM
A ran across this video, while searching for content to put up on my blog.

I'd never seen this one before. The autopsy seems a little sloppy, yet very disturbing.


Archive of Old Threads / A Message from George
August 27, 2008, 07:50:05 AM
Found just a few posts in from the very beginning of the C2CAM website

On his first official night in the "captain's chair," George Noory offered a special message about his connection with Art Bell, telling the listeners that Art had a major role in his hiring and eventual "grooming" to take his place. George described his early interactions with Art. "My connection with Art Bell was almost like?talking to your idol baseball player when you're a kid. Because he truly is a living legend. I've got to tell you he was so supportive, informative and helpful. He pointed out things that he thought I was doing wrong and he pointed out things he thought I was doing right. And he really told me one major thing: 'George, put your own mark on this program. You're going to have lots of people who'll support you, millions of people, and you're going to have some that won't. It doesn't matter. You do what you think is best!'

Speaking directly to Art via the airwaves, George said: "I will do you proud, the best I can, Art. There comes a time in this life wherever you might be that you have an opportunity to work with someone who is literally?like a god in this business. Someone you can look up to and respect. I've had the opportunity and so now, no matter what happens in this broadcasting business for me, I had a chance to work with Art Bell."
Archive of Old Threads / Chipmunk in a paper shredder
August 11, 2008, 06:47:52 PM
Listening to Ian's Sunday August the 10th Guest, is harder on my ears than listening to an angry woodland creature being shredded at a speed of one quarter inch per minute. She must be Rotting Cow's evil step daughter.
that he is secretly a woman, an extremely ugly women, trapped in the body of bigfoot, an extremely ugly bigfoot, time traveled through a portal, Tommy's rear portal in another dimension, and his was brain secretly replaced, with Folgers crystal meth, while everybody but him was able to tell the difference.

Play along, it's fun for the whole family. Be the first on your block to guess what he will talk about tonight. Ouija me, you nookie loving wookie.
Archive of Old Threads / Time to make the donuts
July 16, 2008, 03:36:33 AM

He wouldn't be so happy in all those pictures of him, if he had to look at them all.
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