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Gilbert Eriksen

Started by MABUSE, December 15, 2009, 11:03:42 PM


Caught half an hour of a replay of last night with THIS cretin.  Here we go again. Planet X-2012-endtimes yada yada yada

Was astonished to learn however that "Wormwood-Nibiru-Planet X" has been "proven" to be on a 3,600 year elipical orbit (1,00 out-1,800 in)  AND (dun -dun DUN!) its coming back 12-21-2012!!!!!
Incredible! Amazing!  Especially given what this "visitation" is supposed to produce! (as in, think of everything we've heard is coming: fire flood famine tectonic shift plague the return of disco...)

So, what's a few years between friends, eh?  By the very "irrufutable mathematical proof" offered to support the "end times" premise then something BIG should have happened around 200 AD or 1600 BCE.  Something every bit as traumatic, extinction-inducing,life-destroying and just plain WHOA-NELLY-OH-MY-GOD! catastrophic, cataclysmic and sentient being erasing as what we keep getting told is comin' round the corner in a couple of years.  Take a quick peek for yourselves:




OK that was a trick-and a really dirty one I admit.  Given that there is such a compendium of information available now-a-days it is fairly easy to see an UNBROKEN chain of continuing human life and evolution.  There IS no gigantic gap hundreds of years either side of this predicted imminence.  (As I write this I am looking at a point shard of a 3600 year old bronze sword--its not melted OR radioactive by the way)  It is a continuing source of irritation to me that George & Co. continue to prey on the ignorance of the profanus vulgus with all of the fear mongering mendacity we've come to expect from C2C under Nuri's reign.  That combined with the zealous adaptation of the "Big Lie" method of propaganda make the whole thing not just absurd, but possibly dangerous in a Heaven's Gate-Jonestown sort of way.  If George said to drink the koolaid "cuz the Nephalim was a-comin' to getcha" I wonder what the headlines would read the next day?  I mean, besides shilling, and keeping the fear festering, what is the ultimate endgame of this whole diabolical farce? 

Just asking is all...


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