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Unseen Power in Process of taking our Planet

Started by Stellar, January 31, 2021, 03:15:52 PM


The Current Extraterrestrial Alien Plan
For Humans
[Disclaimer] This is a fictional response and idea which came to me from watching the documentary, “The UFO Phenomenon”.  This could be construed as a conspiracy due to lack of evidence and facts.  This is simply an opinion on why I think the Grey’s are here!

What if the alien Grey’s who we have known since Roswell are not benevolent well-meaning beings towards humans?  In fact, what if they came here from thousands of light years away with a small armada of ships determined that they wanted Earth to them-selves over time?  They go about taking planets from other intelligent life forms like ours usually in the same way, by giving self-destructive technology, because they are a small fleet and they cannot do it by force militarily. These aliens do it in conjunction with a small elite local group of humans on earth offering them technology from where they get rich off.  Yet by the time they move on to conquer the next planet, the locals have killed themselves off with the new technology, however preserving the planet for future Grey’s to then land and Colonize Earth.

You may ask why I feel this way.  First off, we have to agree that Grey’s exist and like to remain anonymous.  From studying all of the encounters with all walks of human life like politicians, U.S. Air Force Pilots, Astronauts, and students the Grey’s like to keep us in the dark not revealing their intentions.  This is an indicator of malevolence; the aliens are working in the shadows and have not declared their agenda on why they are here on earth.  You might say that you’re happy the Grey’s have control of our nuclear weapons; I am too if there never used.  However this is exactly why the Grey’s control our nukes to preserve the planet for themselves not out of benevolence.   I’m saying this, because the Grey’s have traveled perhaps thousands of light years probably from planets which need relief from their own race and need to expand as in colonize other worlds.  So you’re asking why the Grey’s just don’t attack us militarily, well that’s a huge investment and requires many ships weighed down by weapons and large amounts shock forces and the distances as well as logistics deny this.  No these super high tech Grey’s have a plan as they take planets; they simply let the locals destroy themselves via 5g psychotropic weapons, virus’s and technology like SCoPeX and many years when the locals are annihilated the slower colonizing ships show up and take the planet.

The reason I’m writing this is I have no idea or retaliatory answer to an anonymous enemy who is obviously too stealth and high tech for us to deal with.  I’m just saying that the human races demise may not just be our total fault as we are dealing with an unseen enemy for the most part.  I believe the Grey’s have been doing this kind of planet take over for eons us humans maybe an easy takeover.  The only suggestion I have and hopefully the Grey’s have not infiltrated these high tech apparatus’s is that maybe we can intercept one of the communications like from Proxima Centauri and decode the message.  I believe that the Grey’s are in control of Proxima Centauri which is a stepping stone to Earth.  Maybe the Fast Radio Burst is the Grey’s form of messaging system.  If we can decode their message system the human race just might have a chance to fight back.  I’m keeping this short and the technologies that are hurting us at the present moment which I have briefly elaborated on seem to be hitting us all at once.  We are being managed by them and if you’re in the know please speak out or allow us as humans to go extinct.



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