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They're Desperate, Pushing Vaccination

Started by Stellar, December 13, 2020, 01:27:21 AM


They're Desperate, Pushing Vaccination

"I'll fire You Stephen Hahn, FDA Chief approve it" Trump

So this vaccine is rushed right.  Its a first to use a mRNA to overproduce protein.  I have heard its not a cure and you will need 1 or 2 additional shots.  I have read some articles where EMF can stress your cells.  Youtube is hyping the vaccine and it seems that almost every media outlet has gone on a Vaccine blitz and all this just leaves me suspicious.  Maybe all these deaths are related to a very bad flu but the statistics are fudged too.  I think its an extremely bad flu which kills like pneumonia and they call it covid.  Yet not every covid death was from covid in the hospital statistics ledger.

Now the governments of the World use to get rid of the youth and old through wars, but that destroyed their economies and so the New World Order has searched for a new depopulation mechanism.  That being 5g towers set to trigger at certain frequencies in the future after many people take the Covid-19 Vaccine.

I call this the great melt down of our cells which will have the Synthetic mRNA from Pfizer!

March 2021 will be a huge death toll on humanity guaranteed and that will be 3 months in after the vaccine.  So the government of the World excuse will be its Covid again and that's why people are dropping like flies but this will be unprecedented.  It is because of the great melt down due to 5g towers aligned with the vaccine.   Mark your calendars for March 31, 2021 and by then a very serious death toll will arise sorry to report this!

QuoteIn this study, we designed three mRNA vaccine candidates for COVID-19, and they encode various forms of antigens in vaccinated hosts (Fig. 1a). RQ3011-RBD encodes the receptor-binding domain of the S (spike) glycoprotein (residues 331â€"524) of SARS-CoV-2 with an N-terminal signal peptide and a C-terminal membrane-anchoring helix.




I agree. It's a 3 part deal though. They had to poison us for decades and generations first with the fluoride and chemtrails. Now they have weakened our pineal glands and created a subservient society of rule following zombies. I'm in a dicey situation where I know whazzup, but my ex who has occassional parenting rights over my sons would be happy to allow the government to inject them with WTF ever :*(

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