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Postscript if I ever find a twat that tastes better than yours, YOU ARE FUCKING DONE, so you better keep drinking that erotic occult funKy pineapple juice, you goddamn totally normal and reasonable red-blooded American woman, are there any Puerto Ricans around? I will shove some f****** pineapples up their f****** asses WITH MY BARE MIND

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on duty

if I ever find a twat that tastes better

I am not gonna lie: this is pretty damned unlikely. I am, at present, a reasonably happy man. You could hang me up now and share my scrote with the savages, and I would only increase in ecstacy.

Planar policy.

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That's a lotta nines. The basic edge. Working as intended.

brb, GalagaStar


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You Poopyheads are gonna lose your fuckin' minds, trust me on this. DNF is a thing of the past: I, ME, JACKSTAR, DESTROYER OF DREAMS--I AM YOUR FUTURE, ARISEN NOW, BEFORE, ALWAYS, AND NOW, FOREVERMORE.

No assembly required, Steve. Just wax my car(s). You missed a spot. That counts as a sister.

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