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What do you NOT believe in?

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What do you NOT believe in? Or do you believe in everything paranormal/supernatural/conspiratorial etc?

I don't believe in anything that can not be supported by credible evidence. So that's pretty much everything that isn't prosaic. Because I think all of this has an explanation. A lot of these things considered paranormal or supernatural we just haven't found out the answers to. Those answers in many instances which create even more questions and expose more mysteries.

And no, I absolutely do not believe in any sort of god, deity, or creator figure of any kind. I am a flat out atheist and always have been.

I don't believe in myself.



Swamp monsters in Florida


Goblins and ghouls in general

Fairies, like Azz said.

Asuka Langley:
The Holocaust

I do not believe that shooting stars can survive streaking through the atmosphere...


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