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Defunding of the Police
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:15:58 AM »

A side from a very bad decision to disband the Police:


This is no longer about left or right.  It is about right and wrong.  Some of the politicians in Washington DC have shown us lately a huge vacuum in leadership.  I'm telling you that some of the Feds do not believe that this nation is about the people for the people.  We are being run now by terrorists it seems, when Trump's false dichotomy of 'vengeance or vision' is at odds with not only the with the constitution, but the majority of America's population.  The executive wings mouth piece says one thing, but believes in something else which has nothing to do with Democracy.  Senators and Reps from congress are making laws which they themselves do not follow and are not countering the executive wing when decisions are wrong there.  What Congress shows is a fake facade through the corporatized fear mongering media that they are trying to do what is right; when they actually don't care one ioda!  Congress is not following the constitution.  The Supreme court has decided who is the President even though the majority of our citizens voted in opposite of their ruling and it stems from a dark bandwagon argument of from a few in power.  Also the hanging chads from Florida I cannot forget that too, because it was illegal.  The Federal government have shown they are acting belligerent as towards the constitution.


What is now present is a tyranny of puppets which are being run by an oligarchical group who in turn have agenda so devastating to what is right it is treasonous for what our leaders is this country are doing by following them.  Quite frankly they fear the group!


What must be done is a massive purge for voting has failed to elect politicians who will act in good faith of American Citizens.  If the feds go militaristic via the 5 branches of the military against the American citizens then the people must and should use force to rid us of them.  Then start a new!

Defunding of the Police
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What must be done is a massive purge [...] of American Citizens.  If the feds go militaristic via the 5 branches of the military

Nice try demonstration FBI.