Jordan Peterson

Started by WildCard, June 22, 2017, 04:32:13 PM

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Why does the slut (what do they even call themselves? FASCISTS TRANSEXUALS?) seem to understand Peterson more than the others? ;) #FUCK YOU SOCIAL ENGINEERING FASCIST FUCKS :-X

Also...... Happy Valentines :-* AND DON'T WORRY #TRUMP WINS BIG LEAUGE! :)

Ummm... Not trying to be a dick but... If you whole heartedly disagree with Jordan, you're probably the problem that I wish to eradicate with the strategic and undeniable force of a civilian gunfire revolution that has been in an upwelling since the beginning of this whole, "Fuck You" time, thing, thingy, movement thing...  Wow! Only an idiot would follow that! Yes, that means you! AND ESPECIALLY YOU BITCH! [Insert Satan]  :-X #FUCKAYOU

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