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Random Topics / Re: Asuka Langely
January 13, 2023, 03:15:18 AM
Quote from: AC400KICK on January 12, 2023, 05:28:27 PMTry whatever this guy is doing.

Put that beast down.
Random Topics / Re: Asuka Langely
December 31, 2022, 03:00:45 PM
A friend said:

QuoteHe is server blocked with code:  Error 502

He uses VPN and cannot load Bellgab.

His bellgab is as accessible as the YouTube video that you posted.

You cannot view this attachment.
I can't believe this weirdo is still doing a show. Does he still cancel shows because it was raining? I have never lost my Internet service during any kind of rain storm, tornado, tropical storm, hurricane, civil unrest or race riot or ISP strike/lockout or walkout.

I get it if the power is out, without power you can't do much of anything. But if the furnace is out, suck it up and go buy a 30 watt mini heater with built in fan and 2 heat settings. They are only $25-30 plus tax or even less if on sale. He does the show from a small room anyways and a portable unit with the door closed will heat up his little office in no time.

What a nut.
Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
December 20, 2022, 05:32:32 AM

Terry Hall | March 1959 - December 2022

You cannot view this attachment.

Politics / Re: The Left Is Severely Insane.
December 08, 2022, 12:50:11 AM
Mental illness.
Politics / Re: Oh, Canada! ::)
December 06, 2022, 12:00:53 PM
Random Topics / Re: Fuck huitie
November 07, 2022, 04:16:49 PM
Get up on this. Push it push it. Push it real good.

$75 flat for this pair of salt and pepper shakers.

They are 3 1/2 and 3 3/4 inches tall.

It is too far away from me to feasibly grab this set of shakers.

Do you think they are worth $75 CDN?

They might look really good set up with a little Casper figurine.

You cannot view this attachment.
Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
October 31, 2022, 12:15:06 PM
Quote from: WOTR on October 30, 2022, 01:01:36 AMI had started posting a few songs on a "protest playlist" that I would have played during lockdown protests for a year (if I were the kind of person who engaged in civil disobedience...)

On that list was California Über Alles. Of course, I pictured Justine standing in for Brown.  ;)

I will be Fuhrer one day
I will command all of you...
Close your eyes, can't happen here
Big Bro' on white horse is near ...
Come quietly to the camp
You'd look nice as a drawstring lamp
Don't you worry, it's only a shower
For your clothes here's a pretty flower.


Nice mash-up video. That Jerry Brown stuff went full circle 30 years after, and the scab DK band published political endorsements around this time.

I suspect that Jello praised Bernie in the last election cycle, just like Chuck D did with his stunning and brave super-mainstream machine licking self. This is when Public Enemy was just Chuck D, no Terminator X or Flav and he was playing beer tents and state fairs.

Ice T had this dysyopian opening track on The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech album with spoken word by Jello.

Solid album and great intro.

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
October 29, 2022, 05:20:49 PM
Quote from: Dr. MD MD on October 29, 2022, 04:06:51 PMToday?

I think so. It was fresh news at about 3pm EST. Then Blabbermouth and Metal Injection both put up death articles.

Drummers often retire first or die first.

That was him singing the intro on MTV Get Off The Air, if you ever had the Frankenchrist album with the Shriners driving go-karts on the cover.

That was also the album in question when Alternative Tentacles was raided by the police because of an HR Giger penis landscape insert. That was actually fallout from the police raid of Fringe Product in Canada which had a sister affiliation with Alternative Tentacles (IE: DOA, DRI, Dayglo Abortions).

All that was the basis for the song Drug Raid At 4am by LARD, which was Ministry with Jello Biafra on vocals.

It sounds like shit like the other live one - but it looks great and that supercedes all.

Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
October 29, 2022, 02:22:35 PM
DH Peligro -- Accidental fall and head trauma.

So you've been to school
For a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
In daddy's car
Thinkin' you'll go far
Back east your type don't crawl

Play ethnicky jazz
To parade your snazz
On your five grand stereo
Braggin' that you know
How the niggers feel cold
And the slums got so much soul

It's time to taste what you most fear
Right Guard will not help you here
Brace yourself, my dear
Brace yourself, my dear

It's a holiday in Cambodia
It's tough, kid, but it's life
It's a holiday in Cambodia
Don't forget to pack a wife

You're a star-belly sneetch
You suck like a leech
You want everyone to act like you
Kiss ass while you bitch
So you can get rich
But your boss gets richer off you

Well you'll work harder
With a gun in your back
For a bowl of rice a day
Slave for soldiers
'Til you starve
Then your head is skewered on a stake

Now you can go where people are one
Now you can go where they get things done
What you need, my son
What you need, my son

Is a holiday in Cambodia
Where people dress in black
Need a holiday in Cambodia
Where you'll kiss ass or crack

Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot
Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot

It's a holiday in Cambodia
Where you'll do what you're told
A holiday in Cambodia
Where the slums got so much soul

Pol Pot

You cannot view this attachment.
Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
October 04, 2022, 11:35:45 AM
~ Country music legend from Butcher Holler KY ~You cannot view this attachment.

Politics / Re: Oh, Canada! ::)
September 16, 2022, 01:24:06 AM
Quote from: aldousburbank on September 15, 2022, 05:31:27 PMI shall be in Canada for Queen Down holiday on Monday. Wondering what to wear?

Hockey Jersey + Turban
Random Topics / Re: Marijuana
August 21, 2022, 04:07:52 PM
Quote from: pate on August 08, 2022, 05:35:46 PMI think if you use the "YouTube" button above the textbox to insert the vidya it does not do that:

versus when you just paste the link into the textbox:


I suppose I will find out if my theory is correct or not in a moment...


ediot:  Yep, and this will only be apparent if one is viewing this post on a handheld device with a tiny screen...

You are right, now I know better..

Quote from: AC400KICK on August 05, 2022, 02:45:21 PMMASTER CLASS

His dogtags were his warning shot and I did nazi that coming at all.
Politics / Re: Oh, Canada! ::)
August 04, 2022, 05:10:06 PM
Quote from: SredniVashtar on August 04, 2022, 10:03:01 AMWell, let's try and raise that learning curve, shall we? What percentage of the population are Hindus and Muslims? This seems to bother you a lot so I expect you to have this information at your fingertips. I don't like to judge people but I get the distinct impression that you have about three teeth and that your dungarees are stiff with baccy juice.

Quote from: pateQuote from: pate on 8/4/2022, 12:30:11 PM
Are you some kind of Paki inbred villiage idiot that doesn't know how to use the intar-tubes, or an Anglisher inbred villiage idiot that doesn't know how to use the intar-tubes?Nautical Shore, perhaps both?Axing for a fiend...-p

Many are undocumented, so G--gle is a lost cause.

Maybe I will do a live video of the streets and he can do a head count and calculate some ratios for us. I will start in Chinatown.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
August 04, 2022, 06:19:07 AM
Quote from: MV/Liberace! on July 30, 2022, 10:09:22 PMI'm watching a documentary on HBO Max about Heaven's Gate.  There's a segment where they play clips of Art Bell's show.  It's weird randomly watching something on HBO and hearing the voice of someone you interacted with on so many occasions.

I don't know what you think of Testament but they put out this really good animated music video in 2020.

It tells the story of Heaven's Gate. It has Marshall Applewhite as well as an appearance by Halebop. The story is told with a beginning, middle, and end.

Quote from: MV/Liberace! on August 03, 2022, 03:16:02 PMI was in the live chat for the NCO video last night, but when I realized my comments are hidden, it kinda took the zest out of things. George Senda does that to me, too.

You were in Top Chat when it was at 63 users. I wasn't there but a friend sent me a transcript.

This is how the video looks. And if I don't type first I have to remove everything because the object goes right to the top of the reply box with no room to squeeze in a caption.

I don't know why don't they put cursor keys on a phone keyboard. I have a hard time navigating without cursors even after a decade of smart phone use. It is fucking bullshit. Using phone for internet is a headache sometimes. They want to kill achhe tee tee pee so you download apps for a more convenient experience, but all you are really doing is sharing your habits with a conglomerate voyeur.

Inserting a letter when you can't hit that particular space without 15 or 20 tries and you are swearing at the phone browser and everybody on the train is looking at you having a fit with your very intrusive device.

Atleast my ISP isn't blocking the site so I am thankful for that.

Quote from: pate on August 03, 2022, 04:33:49 PMNavigating BellGab on a hand-held device sucks.

Must be something to do with the new SMF version, I prefer the old SMF (whichever one Azz uses)...

Yeah, it is not that easy on portable. The cellpadding is extremely tight, maybe even cropped sometimes, or atleast certain lines are borderline ready to overlap.

I think the clock is 4 hours ahead of me and I can't find any GMT +/- adjustment. 

I have also noticed the embeded YouTube SRC is only visible on the left side and the right side is scrolled off the page. This probably looks fine on a tablet with more east/west pixels.

I liked a few live versions of SMF from the past. I saw one from reunion period, and another from about 1985 but they were not extracted from much longer videos. This SMF is not the best either because canned audience overdubs are always a bad idea.

Politics / Re: Oh, Canada! ::)
August 04, 2022, 12:26:54 AM
Quote from: MV/Liberace! on August 03, 2022, 11:50:32 PMBut you saw how eager the average Canadian was to get "back to normal."  And when their government started marching boots down the street to clean the rabble off the sidewalks, hardly a peep was uttered by Canadians in opposition.  Then, when the Canadian government subsequently used that opportunity to impose new financial restrictions and controls, Canadians just bent over and grabbed the ankles.  I think, generally, Canadians are inclined to respect and submit to authority.  It's how they're wired.  I think this is one of the reasons so many Canadians disapproved of Trump.  He was hated by the traditional political elites and power brokers who Canadians consider to be "respected authorities."

This is 100% accurate. Canada were just victims of cabin fever and they needed out of the house. I would say 5% of Canadians are worthy of any cause, but the average Canadian doesn't give two fucks about much of anything other than sports and TV/Hollywood smut.

Canada is the poster child of the "we're in this together" bullshit. For better or for worse, usually always worse. Bring everybody down to the lowest common denominator, at filth level.

Winter is 5 months and therefore Canadians spend a lot of time indoors. That is a lot of time to become naturally and permanently introverted.

Canada doesn't just hate Trump, they hate the USA. Their level of jealousy is undescribable. All coversations quickly lead to Fuck The USA.

Plus a great number of the population are hindus and muslims and half of the country were born in a desert overseas. 1/3 of political candidates in populated cities are full garb wearing middle eastern traditionalists, first generation diversity hires, or over the top gay (I don't just mean gay, but really really gay).

Antifa and street thugs dominate major cities.

Canada promotes the idea of bringing everybody down to the same level; a reduced learning curve for everybody.

All media is either conglomerate or state owned.

Canada is dead.
Random Topics / Re: Music
July 29, 2022, 01:03:03 PM
Quote from: pate on July 24, 2022, 12:28:08 AM

At least it wasn't page 223...


All I saw and heard was MSG and hamburgers.

Jungle immunity
Random Topics / Re: Gardens, Lawns and Such...
July 22, 2022, 05:03:12 PM
My degenerate neighbors stay at home all the time and often wake up no earlier than 4pm. They are welfare people. Actually they are not people, but creatures.

They play loud 'music' (it's actually not music IMO) until 7am and usually drink all night and smoke crack cocaine when they can afford it. They also booze it up with economically-priced bottles of wine. They often smoke the most hideously awful, shaggy, nutty-crotch scented dirty prison weed that smells so disgusting that it will make you gag. Maybe they put ground-up crack rocks in their weed blunts.

They also burn incense 24/7 and my backyard reeks of scented poisonous hell. It makes me furious. It comes in my kitchen window and makes my house become a flavor polluted poisonous fuck lung. It is toxic and it should be banned.

Incense gives me an absolutely severe sinus infection, extreme asthma, and it makes me weak. It puts me right out. It is pure poison to me, I do not react well to incense sticks at all. I literally suffocate to death from it.

My backyard is ruined because it smells like the thickest, hellish, poisonous and absolutely wretched imitation-cherry flavored shit bomb. It is beyond disgusting. It is a health hazard. I am anti-scent to begin with.

I don't even like air fresheners. I don't like my house to smell like anything. I like when it smells like newly built house. My house was built in 1886 and I have made it period-correct, except for the kitchen/bathroom fixtures and appliances as well as the ceramic tiles on the floor. Unlike some houses that are 130 years old and smell old, mine does not because I have filled every gap, every piece of framing and trim, even the ducts are filled in and all heating vents are filled and covered over, and are air tight. There are no gaps anywhere, along any edge or corner. My house does not smell old, and I do not believe in lysol, glade plugins, scented candles, or artificial freshness of any kind.

Now this ghetto trash is too close to me and they are poisoning me. They live in a student apartment, but they are not even students. They shouldn't be there.

I don't know how in the hell it can be so potent outdoors in the open air. The incense just billows out of their shitshack and pollutes my whole property. When it gets inside my house it takes 48-72 hours to air out. But opening windows at both ends actually makes it worse, plus doing that negates my air conditioner near my bedrooms and main living space.

I use AC at the one end of my apartment with the rooms and living space, but in my kitchen I need to have the window open because it is on the opposite end of my apartment and is outside of the section of house that I keep air conditioned.

Fuck, I want them dead. I can't even sit outside out back with fresh air anymore, as I have done so for years, until these pricks came along. How can it smell like an incense bomb outside 24-7? Do they make some kind of automatic insense burner like hookah pipe or something? It is so intense that I want to die of disgust/lack of clean air and polluted respiratory stream, but I would rather that they die instead.

Plus my tax money is paying for all the misery they cause. I am not anti-welfare but these animals are hardcore abusers of the system.

Their lease was up 2 or 3 months ago and these roaches will not leave. I wish they would get hit by a bus or a truck, but they only ever leave the house to buy/sell weird palm-sized mystery drugs in the alley nearby, probably crack.

I am being poisoned against my will. My backyard is toxic. I enjoy sitting on the rooftop patio and it is even worse up there. I am gonna have to make a batch of Zyklon-C.

Quote from: Roswells, Art on July 22, 2022, 12:27:14 PMYou make it sound like she killed herself. Was she listening to Heather Wade's show at the time? That's understandable, it's been known to happen.

She/it wasn't even a member of BG when Heather had her show. She/it only surfaced after Ellgab launched. She/it was fishy.
Random Topics / Re: ALLLLBRECHT!
July 22, 2022, 10:07:00 AM
Quote from: K_Dubb on July 22, 2022, 06:05:54 AMThank you, that is the one!

You can tell it is a Swede because there is only one chair, any visitors end up suspended from those metal racks hanging from the ceiling.

The dust and the clutter would drive me nuts, I would have to remodel and maybe put up sound proofing foam. I wouldn't add any chinese Ikea furniture though. I would make it open concept, one minimal but comfortable chair and a small table. I would sleep while hanging from the rafters to maintain space efficiency. The fireplace would be retrofitted for a small 13,000 BTU air conditioner unit. It would need new ceramic volcanic ash floors, and the mantle would be replaced with a horizontal monolith made of ebony. A tempered sky light would also do a lot of good.
Quote from: Walks_At_Night on July 21, 2022, 09:25:44 PMWhat?  I thought Toots was another incantation of the theOne?

She was a jewish straight haired blonde girl living in New York City. She wasn't humungus, but she was big.

Nice face but not a good body, not fit and not in shape. Probably lots of time spent sitting in front of a screen/monitor while munching on stuff much of her life.

She said she had C*, but then said that she did not. Maybe she did and in frustration told everybody, then maybe had second thoughts and then denied having it for whatever reason.

RIP pudgy pudding eater.
Random Topics / Re: Music
July 21, 2022, 06:31:51 PM
I noticed this is page 322.

I tried to find a proper original mix of this song but the only ones up there sound like complete muffled millennial shit.

The 2004 album version of 'No W' with the samples of Carmina Burana have been removed from the re-ssued Houses of the Molé album. An edit of track #23 ('Psalm 23') replaces No W as track #1 on the re-issued version of Houses of the Molé and it is called 'No W Redux'. What a ripoff to mess up the bookends like that. Track 13 'Bloodlines' replaces Track 23 'Psalm 23'. Track 69 is still Walrus.

And that advisory label also ruins the artwork. First it was a removable sticker, now it is printed directly on to all albums and re-issues and it ruins the artwork.

EDIT -- This is page 323 now. Fitting since it is an adulterated version of the song and album. Everything is ruined.

Random Topics / Re: Music
July 21, 2022, 06:15:00 PM
Quote from: Asuka Langley on July 21, 2022, 03:21:48 PMIs it just me or is Phil Anselmo a shit singer?


He doesn't sound bad here. I think he was at his best during CFH with songs like Shattered, Cemetary Gates, The Art of Shredding. Tons of hard alcohol and heroin and playing 2 hours a night while living the life on tour took it's toll through the 1990s and his voicebox was completely shredded by Reinventing the Steel. He still smokes cigarettes too.

I saw a fresh/new video of him last weekend from a Blabbermouth article and he sounded better than he has sounded in recent years.

Zakk Wylde playing Dimebag material bothers me more. I don't hate Zakk, and he is a better guitarist than me any day of the week, but IMO he is a one trick pony. Loved his work on Ozzy's No Rest For The Wicked though, but not so much on the No More Tears album, which I think was a really weak Ozzy album that signified the end of quality Ozzy music.

I have one of Dimebag's guitar picks from the Trendkill tour. I keep it safe with some other picks I have collected over the decades from leaning on the barrier in front row. The cunt who shot him is a cunt and is not worthy of naming.
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