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Archive of Old Threads / So, what was in the Nasa safe?
September 03, 2011, 11:17:10 AM
I was listening to Coast to Coast this morning towards the end of the show and someone called and said he was given a safe with a note and the combination from a friend that works at Nasa.  She said she didn't like what was going on there and wanted him to hang on to the safe.  If anything happened to her, he was to open the safe and bury what was inside.  Apparently, the guy that was safe-sitting couldn't take it any more and was going to open the safe on the air.  George told him to open it, so he did and started describing what was inside..... then the show went to a "Best of Coast to Coast" from last December.  I wanna know what was in that damn safe!  Did anyone else catch that this morning, or was I just really sleepy and maybe missed something?
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