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iOS VS Android?
« on: April 13, 2016, 11:12:27 PM »
So I'm sure most of you have a smartphone. I'm super into them and I just wanted to know if you own an iphone, an android or a even a windows phone and why? Also what phone model you have. This isn't meant to be which OS is better, it's just meant to be to tell why you have/prefer said OS (maybe price, ease of use, screen size etc...). however there's almost nothing that offends me so if you want to turn this into a war about which OS is better then bring it on. I'm not one to get butthurt because of anything anyone says. I don't feel arguments, on AN INTERNET FORUM no less, are in anyway bad  even if they have personal attacks. However I know not everyone feels this way so my philosophy is to be respectful until someone else shows me they want to go "there."

Anyway, I'm just saying that it IS NOT my intention to have an OS war but if it goes there so be it lol.

So me? Well first off, my first smart phone was an iPhone 4S I got 5
in 2011 about a month before the 5 came out.. I knew nothing about phones, and I guess marketing worked because the only other phone I knew about was the Galaxy S3 and both my ex girlfriend and I thought it was super ugly. She also had gotten a 4S a few months before and loved it (although thinking back on pre iOS 7, it looks/looked so DATED and GROSS) Also the celebs I followed (well if you call professional skateboarders celebrities lol) so I just assumed the iPhone was the best.

Skip forward to mid/early 2016 and I've had, in no order,  a Lumia 920, 928, 930, HTC One M7, Nexus 4, Droid Ultra, Nexus 5, not owned but used my ex girlfriend's Galaxy S4, I've had to help my dad a lot more or less troubleshoot his Moto G (his first smart phone) many, many times, an iPhone 4S, 5, 5S,  5C (got it for free and could never activate due to icloud activation lock so it's a pretty paperweight lol) 6, and I've used my ex's 6 plus a few times.

I say this so you know that I've used multiple platforms and screen sizes and aren't just pulling my reasons out of my ass.

Well I've never used a Blackberry 10 device but BB10 is basically dead in the water at point haha.

So anyway, I'd like to say that while I still love all smartphones, I'm pretty much done experimenting at this point. I only have phone at the moment and if you met me tomorrow the device I'd have in my pocket is... *drumroll*

An iPhone 5S.

Now for my original point of this thread, why iOS?

Well, even though I think Windows Phone's live tiles are the best smartphone UI by far the app ecosystem is just too vast for me. Therefore I'm basically going to give reasons why I prefer iOS to Android.

First,  the iOS AppStore is so so so much better that Play Store. I'm not talking about number / quality of apps. The store itself.
1.Redeem codes for apps.
2.Free app of the week.
3.Developers themselves can make paid apps free for promotion.
4.App update history is shown chronologically.
5.In-App purchase items are individually listed. Not a useless price range.
6.Family sharing.
7.App bundles.


The fact that my iPhone with 1 GB of ram and a dual core processor runs as smooth as any Android with 56 cores and 4 gigs of ram.  Why? Well it's Native vs. Translated. Since Apple is the ONLY person that makes iPhones it runs a native system layer. That means, that iOS is made specifically to talk DIRECTLY with the hardware of the device.

Android, due to the fact that it is open source and has many different manufacturers of both internal hardware and the phone itself, has to have a translation layer. Previously before Lollipop it was Dalvik, and now it's Android RunTime, which is admittedly faster than Dalvik, at the expense of space.

iOS vs. Android is like Star Treks Universal Translator, and Hoshi from Enterprise having to translate things on the fly. Because it's not native that the device and software work quickly, Android has to slow everything down to translate hardware calls to the software layer. iOS doesn't have that, so it's just faster, less actions are being done. Less calls means less used battery life, zippier apps, and it means you don't have to use crazy hardware to brute force good performance. It's why iOS can still use Dual Core 1gb and outperform 3GB quad core 2.7ghz Android phones.

Another thing, is it is so much less work on iOS to stick at a rock solid 60fps in standard GUI. stuff like lists, collection views, etc.

It's certainly possible on Android, but it's harder. In particular because the profilers that come with the dev tools are so primitive compared to Apple's, which is heaven.

Also still getting the latest updates on 3/4 year old phones the same time as new ones is a godsend. I mean even Nexus phones are only guaranteed updates for 18 months, 12 of which the phone is STILL being sold as a flagship!

Knowing that when I want to take a picture, I can take my phone out of my pocket it'll only take a second to open the the camera, and snap a photo and 98% of the time it'll take a good photo (unless you're Tim Cook at the super bowl lol).

Also the standby time is fucking unreal!

Now why the 5S? Well I have small, girly hands and anything over 5 inches is too big. I had a 5 and was able to get an iphone 6 just a few weeks after it launched and I was so hyped. I hated it. Not only the shape being so rounded and it feeling super slippery, but I hated the screensize. I longed for my 5 again. I tried to get used to it but eventually traded it for a 5S and even with the performance drop was in love.

Once I get the money I'm getting  an SE. tried it in best buy and because of the A9 and low pixel count it fucking screams!

Oh and yes I'm a man but the only acceptable color is gold. You may disagree but I'm going to respectfully tell you that you're wrong lol.

So for the  TEXT BRICK. When you have ADHD, D Amphetamine is a hell of a drug lol.

iOS VS Android?
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i hate apple

iOS VS Android?
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i hate apple
Cool story Broseph Stallin.