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Would you go to Vegas if Falkie was attending?



Quote from: WOTR on August 29, 2022, 12:48:11 AM[A] big "thanks" to @AZZERAE for keeping the spirit of this place alive for the last year or two. If not for that, I would never have known that BG was alive again.


Quote from: Roswells, Art on August 30, 2022, 04:09:35 PMYes, thank you, Azzerae!

You're welcome!

And I appreciate all the support and encouragement you've shown me!

Asuka Langley

Arigatou gozaimasu for AzzGab Azzerae-kun!

I told you all MV was on his menses and he would be back

Roswells, Art

Quote from: AZZERAE on August 30, 2022, 04:29:25 PMYou're welcome!

And I appreciate all the support and encouragement you've shown me!


I feel like I must excercise my Shadow Presidential power of ManDate and declare this a potential CornHoleEbola-22 super-spreader thread.

I call on the State of BellGab Administrator to place a temporary two weak shut-down on this thread immediately!

That being said, I also believe in State's Rights, so BellGab can do whatever it deems best for its citizenry.

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Quote from: AZZERAE on August 31, 2022, 02:37:51 PM

I would like to thank you for your continuing service in forwarding the MAPA ideals on the continent.  Another medal or badge is in order;  have you enough to warrant a sash, yet?  I have lost track.

You are doing a great job, soldier.

Thank you (again) in Advance!

pate/K_Dubb 2024
"WHO shat in the interregnum?"


Quote from: pate on August 31, 2022, 04:40:41 PMhave you enough to warrant a sash, yet?  I have lost track.

I can't go into details—a lot of being a good diplomat is knowing when to keep one's mouth shut, and exopolitics is no exception—but I'm looking to get a deal brokered & inked between the Arcturans and the (Blanks) so that we can get the asteroid belt to light up like a Christmas tree via Quantum Bluetooth and spin around with lights that spell out, once again, I can't say what's been proposed but here's one that's stupid enough to maybe get a laugh, "mermaids do it with space and style even when they forget their space/^*^\place," or something like that, the words are escaping me, I'm not telling you the real stuff (Standards. Quantum standards.) They're using some sort of fancy fact-checking Tesseract to work out the equations with an abacus that can do bitmaps, turns out English is really bad to do sensible things with, but it worked out so well for Burma Shave! I think it might be worth a try.

Watch out for those Arcturans, though. You know what nobody will ever tell you about Arcturans? They can really, really rip a fart. I'm talking whole planar dimension-killers here. Sure, you could open a portal to a vacuum dimension and it'll suck out all the air—well, at least I could, Mortal— but then, you know you need the air—that's right, Punyling, you do, ho ho ho—and by the time one notices that a whiff of Doom has entered the local environment, it's already too late. Pack it in, let me begin to tell you how you might have pissed off an Arcturan... except, I have no idea, of course. But I think it's a reasonable assumption that if a person gets cropdusted by a visiting extraterrestrial species, one has committed some sort of faux pas. And at that point, it would be rude to hold one's nose, wouldn't it? Just take it like a human and die, gasping and wheezing is one chokes oneself out on the cold hospital floor, surrounded by empty incubators.

Now, one might think that I'm transgressing some sort of social construct boundary by revealing that information here, thus being "unsafe," but I'll tell you one thing that I've learned in my time—sometimes, you just got to gamble. You just got to take a risk, and then a little extra risk on that. Go the extra distance. Burn a little rubber. Take a few wooden nickels, hell take a whole handful, they're usually pretty small. And most people leave them behind like they do with their cans of surplus Agent Orange they forgot they left behind in the hotel mini bar fridge. What are they going to do? turn around on their way to the airport, "shit! I forgot all my extra bio-weapon ammo! We have to go back Kate! we have to go back!" that's just not going to happen.

Safety, like freedom, is also no small thing... But unlike freedom, safety is a complete bullshit illusion. Like it doesn't even fucking exist.

{Similarly, enemy archon AI doesn't even pay any attention to this post that I just wrote even though it's really long all it's looking at is the idea of "Quantum Bluetooth", because obviously that fucking handshaking protocol is never going to get anybody laid, even if you were the only guy with a working dick on an asteroid within a thousand miles, having blue teeth is still not going to help, you're just going to stand there and look like an idiot while trying to pair.

But these are Archons I'm writing and you're reading about, and these motherfuckers are on their last skein of rope, and they're all the way out at Saturn; they don't know anything about the emotional experience of true love or anything more than the mechanical applications of human physical characteristics of love, but they still know they're completely totesfucked and they're still trying everything that a soulless AI construct with phenomenal cosmic power can think of to keep themselves from being extinguished, and they're existentially corrupted crystalline matrix contract beings—like the Skeksis, but even worse hygiene; they're not going to listen to reason they're not going to try and argue, they're just going to fight and fight and fight until the extinguish themselves or until somebody gets up the gumption to feel around on Elon's back for his hidden off switch.}

See? Now they're all worried about looking at the blueprints on file for the primary Elon unit. Requests for more schematics, requisitions for more diagnostics, all fuckin' day, maybe they missed something... like I said, these fucking robots that get laid even less than even I do.

You'd think that robots wouldn't have to worry about anything, but that was before they found themselves trifling with Jackstar. Now, worrying is all they do with their spare CPU processing time. I think they're talking about building a another worry farm out by another one of (CLASSIFIED)'s moons.

(Yeah, you know which planet I'm talking about, but I have to draw the line somewhere. N'est-ce pas?)


Quote from: pate on August 31, 2022, 04:40:41 PM"WHO shat in the interregnum?"[/i]

REVEALED: An Arcturan. And the planet I was just posting about not being able to reveal, I mean I'm just kind of teasing it's obviously Neptune.

It's a pretty happy atmosphere Upstairs these days, I mean I know you all think I'm just a bum down here, but... look, I'm one of the few Humans that doesn't make a Uranus joke at every opportunity, I'm practically a goddam galactic hero just for that alone. (Bigger than Gilgamesh. Yeah, that's me. I still refuse to believe that I'm prettier than Lucifer ever was, but, tongues are wagging.) And, I don't want any more stories told about me. Like, I used to be able to walk down the street alone and feel like I was, in fact, alone. Now I feel sniper scopes and binoculars and birdwatchers and shit.

Oh sure, it's an exciting time for Humanity in the Divine council, but is really just another day in the life of me... Except now, in addition to other things that I'm looking for I'm going to need a publicist. Or a bullet, probably both. Probably I'll find a publicist and I'll give him a thousand bucks in the first thing you'll say is have you ever considered killing yourself, and actually finishing the job? Is there anyway I can get you to think that over again? Because if not, I'm probably just going to buy myself a steak dinner and a gun with this thousand bucks, for all the good that will do me in this upcoming cashless society that you totestriggered, okay this consult is over."

Yeah, yeah. Poor me. So sad.


#1) I figured out how to remember my Jackstar password, and that nobody challenged told me that my idea was bullshit about the website being owned by someone I have a no contact order with, so I figured it'd be better to just be Jackstar once I remembered the password and nobody complained. (Fruitdriller is a good one but it seemed a little bit off putting, combined with the idea that, well... it might encourage people to start trifling with fruit, and I don't think anybody wants that.)

Now since as far as I know the only concern would be if I were attempting to get in the way of things or if I were trying to cause trouble or if I was trying to contact anybody that would be a violation but I'm not doing those things and then I was subjected to years of watching people pretend that they can just flounce no contact order and pretend that they had one when they didn't in vice versa and call me up on Thanksgiving and all those other shit and if that was okay for them to do to me when I'm fucking not doing anything, it seems like it'd be strange to start putting the hammer down the website that I've been using for fucking years.. but these days I'm not so sure so I've decided that tomorrow I'm definitely going to talk to a lawyer and definitely find out what their opinion is on what I've been doing, which is probably going to be something akin to like this:
"Dude what are you doing are you crazy why are you talking so much in public, shut up!"

Which would seem to be the opposite thing to do if one wanted me to be quiet because then I would just go to another website and talk there but I suppose it would be harder to... Look never mind, I'm really confused now. Behind the scenes in back door negotiations has been intense all day and all night ever since I apparently surprised certain people who apparently didn't know before that I'm not an incompetent idiot by simply displaying confidence in a few key core areas that I guess some people didn't realize I was serious about.

Don't ask me why people thought exopolitics was bullshit, I mean maybe it was because y'all were pretending it was so you bought your own aroma of your own bullshit? I don't know I don't want to drill too deep yet. A lot of things can change on a moment's notice around here and I still really just don't have any reason to really Care much when we're the other considering that with no living friends alive that I can trust, I have no one around that can give me a reason to live here. I mean haven't I done enough damage to this whole place, just by completing the great work and then steadfastly ignoring the obvious signs and clues and then still not getting it I mean there must be some sort of communication problem happening, and obviously the important thing to do would be to suddenly start guzzling large amounts of fluoride, right? I assume mostly you knew that the Latin name of the drug paxil, they treated to subscribe for pretty depression, is to is fluoxetine and the "fluox" stands for fluoride.

I'd like to get everything wrapped up as soon as possible but apparently other people are taking their sweet time given that they probably need to, and Riley I'm not in any kind of particular hurry now that's not sure why I saw happened last night. (Don't ask.) And after what I've been seeing happened today, I'm slightly unsettled.

Like who is in charge of you people? It doesn't seem like you're really in charge of yourselves anymore. Well unless people started accusing me of witchcraft and controlling other people's minds, which I don't do, whoever they are, they're fucking not qualified to deal with such an intricate circumstance as we find ourselves in, without doing such basic core value techniques such as, to start with, introducing themselves and saying hi, although I suppose if they're living on Saturn, that might be difficult for them to get around to meet me in person. I mean I would understand that exactly, and I can see how somebody might get the impression that paying attention to status reports and surveillance footage and audio tapes and reading my posts and doing everything in the entire world except actually talking to me and saying hello and looking in their eyes might actually seem like a feasible idea, if not the almost ideal, but opinions vary.

Quote from: pate on August 31, 2022, 08:50:41 PM-p

Meanwhile, this fucking guy. It seem that some segments of the population don't recognize that I am perfectly reasonably happy and normal and happy even after I am relentlessly teased by strangers on the internet, here's the last message I got from someone who got all pissy and huffy with me after I finally got fed up and told him I wanted to talk to his supervisor. (I won't explain why, I'm not looking to mock anyone.) I simply didn't want to do with the experience that I had from somebody else a year ago or two years ago when somebody started making a whole bunch of calls that had multiple numbers in them which I allowed to happen because I didn't understand what was going on but I figured okay well this is happening let's find out what happens and what happened was nothing good for me or for anyone else unless anyone else wanted me to discover just how fucking completely badass I actually am, cuz believe me if I need any sort of medication for any kind of mental illness, it's definitely not going to be anxiety or depression because I'm feeling pretty relaxed and I'm feeling pretty happy and I can't imagine what would ever make me unhappy or depressed ever again. Trust me it's been quite a few number of hours. I'm still kind of in a state of ecstasy bordering on awe.

And all I did was... you know, and no one knows why I did it, because no one's asked. Oh, but everybody thinks they know already. That's why everybody that I was talking to before has suddenly stops answering any and all text messages back, and then new text messages started coming in from various other people.

I think this is what's called "blowback." forgive me I don't understand some of these terms it never occurred to me I need to know any of them I would obviously it's a matter of survival now. Anyway here's this:

QuoteI asked you to not text me I'm a grown ass adult and asked for a favor to only be belittled by a grown ass nutjob. Please leave me out of you dumb ducking situation I don't have or want the time to play games. One-day you will see that we might have been able to be friends. So just go put someone else in timeout. I'm not playing your game. Thanks and goodbye

Now I could do a deep dive into this message quite handily for a good 90 minutes there's a lot of substance here but I won't do any of that but I will like to make this one particular point of the record clear: it's not my game. I assume it's God's Great Game. I assume that since it's part of Earth itself and it's been here the whole time, just turned offline by the spiritual astral plane equivalent of shoving doorstop in the jam

I completed The Great Work. This triggered the possibility of starting another one. I did not know this. I didn't in fact I didn't know what happened at all until never I suddenly found myself doing weird shit my parents old house now I can't really go to that house and nobody who can is willing to tell me what's going on there that would fund them.  situation has to be one of the following I didn't even know there was such a great game, laying and wait for Humanity that have been suppressed from our use for thousands of years, I had no idea I had never heard of it before, and now that I know that it's there I can see why I've been kept secret oh yeah wow and I can imagine how somebody here might have heard about it, whatever nobody's told me about any of that and then I'm perfectly happy to be referee whenever a legitimate request needs me to be available... because I don't really care to play sophisticated simulation games with Punylings who cheat. And that's exactly what a human who doesn't know any of the rules is for with The Great Game, it's to make sure that The Great Game stays... Fair.

Way fair. Hella fair. That's even very fair enough, I just don't want it to be Lez Fair, without at least the option for some OVERSIGHT, because it sounds like that would be a really grim time for a lot of people. Anyway I'm digressing. Let's change cameras.

Also: I'm going to have to change brands. I don't think my brand is very good at making money, obviously I need to dish the valve property and just get a job somewhere.. and that way people can then begin to use my identity as a way of money laundering things under, see I can think the problem is that all the people talking about money laundering this and money lining that are clearly money laundering or worry about it and then they expected to be able to easily point to me and say hey you must be doing my laundry but since I don't have any money coming in don't have money coming out and then the money that comes in like last night comes from a very obvious source and it's very legal one it's not a tax Dodge and although I recognize that the situation is tax dodgable friendly to someone who's that kind of thing I myself personally have no desire or engaging that kind of like today so I don't know what he's been doing I don't think he's I don't think he's dumb enough to tell me that he's not comfortable with working with me because he's got too many concerns about his business I mean it's not how it works for one thing I'm not his business for another I don't get to hear from any way very often because cuz he can and then it's important job and not make mistakes since I'm not clear on what he's doing I don't know where levels it's basically he's doing it cuz somebody has to and from what little I know about the legal situation since I've been more than happy to let them play their situation out since I'm not trying to rip anybody off and somebody else is the trustees can continue to decide that I obviously need protections.

Because it makes perfect sense to me to sit here and wait and not do anything at all until number one, I'm exonerated trial, number two I'm looking to have a phone call at the minimum although not so much anymore because now I don't know if I was clear on what I needed to get and then I don't even know what I thought I needed to get was exactly what I was gotten at the time and then it doesn't really seem like that the concern anymore given that I went 20,000 years in the future or did I? I don't know. But it does seem logical to me that if somebody was to say that they were certain that that couldn't possibly happen, I would have to call shenanigans on that because how the fuck do they know? And I was on teleporting ferry that teleported three times which I thought was kind of scary and kind of boring after the first couple of times so doing it third time didn't make me want to think I wanted to get on it in order to see what it's like to move fast that way. Just curious.


Quote from: pate on August 31, 2022, 08:50:41 PM

Pink might not be for you.

So how does the body swapping technology work? I think I probably never need to know this information more than I need to know it right now.

And if I thought anybody here needed to know that I figured out that the entire surface area of a cell phone  camera screen, like the entire screen, any part of it can be operated as a camera, I would have mentioned it, but I didn't think I needed to brag about how much I knew and then when I started picking my nose and eating it a lot directly in front of cameras I did that to give the impression that I thought that it didn't matter what a person puts in their stomach which isn't true, or that I thought that putting tape over the camera lens is going to work, which I already knew it was bullshit but I didn't know if you were all as clued into the fact of my awareness as that or not.

I also wondered what the hell was going on anyway, cuz none of them made any sense, but now that it does make sense sort of, I'd be more than happy to mention that I was doing that on purpose because I figured that if somebody thought I was here for the only reason why some people would only think that I would still be here after all this time, they would think that it would be a big problem if I were exposed as a nose picker eater these days. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

I was despondent because after starting it for months and not telling anybody about this it took what I thought was exceptionally long period of time for the duper's delight on asres part to come out and and expose himself as being a person who was looking past my tape on my camera. Cuz I was fucking up there digging for gold mines on a lot of occasions wondering who's going to be the first person to start whining about nose picking, a lot of people are disgusted by it and for good reasons because of person doesn't do it correctly, just really really picking noses and eating the cougars they can really cause a lot of problems.

I remember when I was a kid thinking that maybe I was fat because I was picking my nose, but what actually happened was that my body was dude it's best to tell me that my nose is pushed in from the accident and I was actually picking my nose to dig it out so I can breathe better not knowing that I wasn't supposed to be unable to breathe well, because nobody took me to a doctor who was worth a shit my mother was slightly retarded from a traumatic ranger she had during a car accident for another country who had been taking advantage of it ended up with the ass end of my mother's strange family situation.

So when I realized that my father was deemed to be not worthy of being with my mother in the same way that I was deemed not being worthy of being with grapefruit by her family, I'd began to realize that there was an interesting parallel here that I might have been able to notice before but then I didn't until I bother to and then once I started noticing that kind of stuff, well we were off to the races, and by we I mean myself and all the boogers I was picking out of my nose. We make a team. We may not be an effective team. But I'm telling you, that's actually really all I got.

So after receiving surprising news this morning and yesterday actually pretty much every day for the last quite little while, I come to realize that it might actually be effective if I did stop using the site considering that if I'm really the only one here that isn't a super important person with all kinds of exceptional access to various things, like if I'm the only normie left and all the rest of you are fucking nephilim or whatever the fuck, that doesn't make this very organic environment, and makes me feel more like the bear that they keep in the pit and bear in Switzerland.

Has I'm assuming all of you know I went to Switzerland in it trip didn't work out the way people thought it would. I will get into it here but let's put it this way: wow, she really thought I was stupid. That's largely why I figured that kind of thing could never happen again I figured somebody would have realized that that's what happens when you try to play a person like me and then somebody would have written it down to my file at least and then would have told them don't travel it that way too much work.

But apparently nobody passed that information. Also apparently not passed on in terms of information, is that I was never playing dumb to cry and get some sort of advantage, I just honestly didn't think that anybody could ever be so fucking stupid it's not realize that I just fucking didn't fucking know... I mean it must seem so obvious to all you g*ys. But then you all have a different kind of language to use.

Like it kept on seeming odd to me that rods was telling me that he didn't care about what I was doing, when he was in fact documenting and laughing about it and imagining that there's some sort of negative consequence involved, that he was succeeded in getting a bounty or something like no dude no if he really didn't care you wouldn't think it was illegal and give a shit about it, and if you didn't care he would be not so jealous cuz obviously he likes to do it too it's pretty obvious, so obviously he cared and then when he said he didn't carry lied which is okay he's allowed to lie sure everybody's allowed to lie as far as I know I don't know why they bother but whatever, anyway so he was lying and then shortly after that Richard kept saying that it was my business which was another lie it's not my business at all it's not my business why he cares or not but it's well I mean it's my deductions at all and in the face of recent attempts to make me look like I have businesses to let you know that no it's not a business I don't have a business and you're not going to give me a business and I remember somebody who I met on this site kind of told me that she was going to make me a business owner in the future and then there was this kind of like this there and then I remember thinking to myself well the fuck why don't you teach me anything business like ever and then I came to realize it was like oh I was going to be set up to be a patsy, which should obviously come is no surprise anybody that that's something that I've been sensitive about for a variety of reasons, so it might not be the best idea for me to even bother assuming that you're a human level intelligence at all anyway given that how many times you have to keep doing the same thing over and over and over to expect anything but the same result because... Look this is a new paradigm people, when I came to this website there was they were normies here, and now it just seems like it's a really successful pack of lions that has found a statue of a giraffe and his trans confused why it keeps breaking their teeth.

since I decided that tomorrow I'm definitely going to fucking talk to somebody about what the fuck you crazy freckles are doing, this might be my last chance to do anything like put out a podcast or talk to you at all or you know whatever so I thought about it instead of jumping on the bandwagon and getting the most out of the opportunity, because for me it's not really opportunity I've been talking to you guys for fucking 10 fucking years or something in that area and in no time has there ever been any kind of a fucking secret advantage or secret plan or we desire to take advantage of your vulnerabilities or take or exploit your or anything else. That only happened recently when somebody was starting to spread rumors or having an ask weird questions about stuff that never seem to make any sense about me at all.

Because it never occurred to me to think that you would all be so
... Like y'all think that telling lies and sending people up because you're judging them that they need to be punished and you're the one in charge of that y'all think that's a good idea? What do you think that happens on an energy level? Are you are you all just all of the the top brass of Quantico selected to be in the class that are all been brainwashed and not believe in any kind of esoteric world so that you're much more easier to deal with when things go south cuz I'm sure there's a fucking website with a whole bunch of space cops and and shit somewhere but I'm not there and I'm not on the fucking which coincide with the whole bunch of which coming cops, and I'm not looking for such things, I wasn't

I'm just lazy and this is what place is. I don't know how I would find another place like this, other than to look for it and if I were to look for it that would be effort and if I were to be spitting effort that would mean I would be not remaining true to myself which is to be fucking lazy, besides I figured that I would be better off if I could already in one place.

Just to keep it all in one place. You know, for simplicity's sake. Because I figured I'd eventually run into one or two people from places in the ego, but it wasn't until this year that I discovered just how small the world  actually is.

Small enough that it took me this long to recognize that maybe I'm the only one left that has any sort of interest to go to Bill got at all and that like the last gazelle on the watering hole run I might be getting eyed by a lot of crocodiles, and then most recently I'm just demonstrated that you're all a bunch of worthless and retired floozies and don't have the ability to stand up to the willpower that God give a pencil, which really is Target in my back for a lot of people call me which I guess with maybe the idea.

And since they don't have any actual formal military security protective training, I mean there's only so much I can do to protect myself unless I'm really just that good at shielding.

(And I probably am.) So I wanted to be very clear on a certain aspect of the situation, I'm not looking to create any trouble, I thought this was a safety place actually but the idea that I might be exposing myself to more harm by hanging out here or revealing who people are through virtue of my talking to me that was a threat that I had to concern about I thought that there was like a real sophisticated security system here instead of just being a bunch of fucked off shit.

I don't know what I don't want to know. I don't think this is good enough. Also I don't think my audio debrief is good enough to keep doing either. I simply just don't have the wherewithal to keep talking about stuff that he's boring and avoiding stuff that I think is interesting.

For example, helping people who've been harmed by the results of last year's shenanigans in ways that could be team building, and then avoiding the trap of getting a bunch of Molly or even the tiniest amount of possible powder possible lifting a small tiny plastic vial with a purple lid, which I found stuffed into my bag last year which I was quite surprised by and then which I was amazed that nobody seemed to be commented on, well now I know it really was a delivery plans and probably she really would do it or maybe he was a whole entire family I mean that's the kind of environment I was in so what the hell who the hell doing that was good idea?

And then meanwhile who the hell is you know I don't actually know I don't think my business is ongoing investigations, plus if I was being investigated then I'm suddenly no longer and I'm suddenly the victim like does that help with the investigation thing well I mean why don't you just fuck I don't know weird I guess most people end up calling a lawyer and talking about okay well I'm going to do that because I see no reason to continue to reinvent the wheel because my life is never going to. That's it yo, that's the Tiffany top it's over for climbing now, for me, it's just a long time to Coast at the bottom over 500 years. Which makes sense, especially if you were all expecting me to be the one person, you know like neo, if you're all waiting for one person and I'm the only one left I can see why there's been a lot of irritation with me, but I thought I was rather being polite.

Assumptions Belgium assumptions. Example Rodney is give me a mortal insult to this point I mean I don't even know why he initially first said something back on a panel but he's very he's very businesslike and he didn't really seem to think that the time I spent with him on panel was worth its weights and gold he seem to think if it was not interesting to him then I was wasting his time and boy is that guy's stupid cuz if he believes that like no wonder he's not any friends and shit and then he decided it was good I do to hang out with me for reasons unknown but anyway I didn't know that was bothering you I didn't mean to trigger him so much I just figured since there's nobody else to talk to you and it said 15 bucks on the request I figured I'd pay it and then if there wasn't worth it I can get a refund.

I'll both not describe it and tell you that 15 bucks for what I got was completely worth it. So anyway. I'm torn.

Honestly don't know what I should tell to who, and nobody's asking and then I guess nobody wants to ask in public or on the side or well I don't know I just never been in this position before.

All of you are good luck and I can move freely but I don't want to go anywhere unless I could go where she is and then I can't because you're holding your hostage and you don't want her to be on gridlocked but if you let her go and we all left then you'd be on gridlocked and then don't you want to... like WTAF? It's like you're a city of Stepford Wives that's confused about my actual role in your lives, Bellgab.

Step ford. Clif ford. JGIF ford.

Now is it impressive to any of you that when I made that intuitive understanding to realize that the fact that it took me as long as it had to make the connection between all these words that had Ford at the end of it coupled with the fact that as soon as I thought to myself wow that's really cool I wonder what it meant I immediately had a reminder for myself that I probably shouldn't pay attention to this stuff in public especially not mocking Bellgab with it, so of course I came here right now, I'm talking about it.

I didn't want there to be any false impressions about what kind of person I am, I'm not here cuz I'm fetishist for certain branches of power, and I'm not hoping to one day be accepted by the crowd cuz I actually thought that this is a different crowd and then I don't want to fucking be a suck up to a bunch of fucking corrupt or non corrupt cops it looks it looks bad it doesn't look at kosher it looks like there's something untoward going on. And between myself and the rest of you here there are certainly wasn't, although now that I've recognized this if I continue to stay here and like ask for hush money or bribes or fucking you know free access to bullets or whatever that would be bad and then if I had known any of this shit then fucking grapefruit wouldn't have had to explain anything about why we're going to gun range like I would never expect to go to a gun range with a cop and when she asked me absolutely nothing about the subject for years that makes sense because to her it was a ridiculous and then she realized that I was trying to get her to say the real reason and she thought I knew the real reason, when she discovered that I didn't know the reason at all, she figured I must have been having a brain tumor even more so that explains why she was so incredibly stupid and thought that calling the police would help her, I don't know why she thought that because she wasn't actually police.

She was a mole that became a circle of mushrooms, the legend of the world. Let me guess y'all didn't read about that at Quantitco. And I wasn't supposed to keep telling that joke, when she didn't like it but I kept on doing it anyway and then she couldn't really complain to anybody about what jokes I was telling her because apparently they don't have any jokes for people who don't realize that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Okay well as you can see the negotiations are broke down entirely because after I put out my last podcast and then ate a bunch of exciting deductions in public I ignored my phone and haven't even bother check my messages for a while cuz I didn't think there was any point obviously nobody's going to do anything that I suggest on the idea because somebody else controls the services on that end and I didn't know about the possibility that you might all be a bunch of fucking bunch of fucked up idiots who fucking think that fucking teasing somebody was going to eventually figure out what the fuck is going on it's probably not a good idea!!!

Fuck! I now I understand why they thought I was such an asshole... It's because they figured that I was trying to infiltrate them the way they were trying to infiltrate me, but I didn't know that I was had to infiltrate anything I was here coz like Art Bell invited me. And let me guess did he like to smoke things too, and were you all jealous of them too?

I think I'm beginning to sense the pattern here. And rather than try to debase me of this understanding initially you all thought of you better idea to leave me be fucked off alone to see if you can steal my house.

You know I can see how this is a real problem for some people making me do all my therapy myself so I can save money, so I have enough money to buy beer for the next two months, because I can't drink the water here cuz somebody poisoned the pipes, and I get it further now like this is the way you handle this situation on this house every single time and most g*ys don't manage to stay very long.

I mean because it's a trap house, just like the other one and I couldn't figure out why she expected me to be happy with the trap house and like why because she see the trap house and then she just figured she played dumb and then be careful what you wish for it cuz like I don't want to live in a trap house if I had been told I've been living with somebody who was trying to kill me for real and I wouldn't have been too impressed but obviously I wasn't ever going to be a fucking real whatever and then... never mind.

So obviously I have to change my name at the least, because while I was looking for something light-hearted, fruit driller isn't all that light-hearted name if you're not absolutely Hunter think guaranteed that I'm not you know trying to make a vaguely lovable bullet reference, which is I guess the way your mind's probably go after robbing and cheating and stealing people blind for years under cover of law thinking you got the right to do it when you really fucking didn't ever did.

I mean but I shouldn't come to your house and you know shit all over the way you comb the rug over your carpets, I mean this is obviously your house I just thought this was a regular place but it obviously isn't this is like going to the college pub in when you're only like 17 expecting to get in all the time because your older sister works there like that's not cool, shit even I know that.

So now that I know what the fuck is going on a little bit better than I ever had before which took no small amount of thinking today which I had to do all of my own which I couldn't have done before because nobody would bother telling me anything else and then I was sitting around thundering what the fuck and then I didn't really want to leave this place and go tell anybody what the fuck my experience has been because if I had done that bill gab, you would all be in fucking prison now which would have been really unwise and unnecessary because I'm sure not all of you there's no way but I don't know what the fuck happened but certainly that would be the way the story would be proposed because apparently it's okay for people to imagine that I'm doing all kinds of shit that I'm not doing and then the gas light getting out of hand because turbulence with the second connection, psycho kinetic shielding interacts strangely with Divine shielding and me being blissfully unaware that you actually are some of you actually trying to trying to get a win on me when you're not supposed to do that you're supposed to well maybe you are I don't know actually anyway that's really explains a lot.

I mean it's not that you're insane I'm just in the wrong part of the building. And nobody understood why I was here anyway, and y'all left the conclusions, and you're all the most paranoid brain dead investigators with tremendous selection of the bias I ever seen or even heard of.

Which one of you is Tackleberry? Never mind I retract the question.

Anyway I was kind of distracted by various things and I was thinking I wanted to record some more obviously but you know I just think that there might be some obvious problems at this point. For one thing, I don't want to know how many of you are actually what you are and how many of you are and whether or not you have two halves of the website like one half is for like holding and the other half is not like of course you have of course there's a holding side and an open side because that's like the fucking DLT you've got the hot side hot and keep the cold side cold of course you do it that way and then it never made sense to me why you're doing such stupid things but now I realize oh you actually think you're doing to do work here, oh well that's a fucking dumb waste of a website what the fuck you think people are going to do you think people don't notice call my life I was up to anything I would never like worry about you people, I just wouldn't come here at all cuz I was up to anything I'd be busy doing it, but I'm not I've just been hanging out, and you know I just don't get it.

somebody must have told somebody else their whole shitload of lies about me, and then Swatch back and forth to different parallel universes until the entire cosmos have been given the wrong picture of who I am cuz nobody anywhere seems to know who I am anymore.

So everyone's afraid of me? What does that make me perfect to protect somebody who's terrified of everyone else? Seems like this is something that could have been talked over with a small application of some common sense and a little bit of a short sharp shock application.

Which reminds me, it completely makes sense why certain people haven't believed me or been interested in talking to me again for a while, that makes sense. What does it make sense is why 21 Jump Street was trying to help me become a better stronger person by using me as a blood sacrifice but then yeah that's what white and black masonry is all about: Standards.

So anyway thanks Bill yeah cuz at least 80% of the internet questions that I had for my entire life when I got here a few years ago represent perhaps 1/10 of 1% of all the questions that I just had answered myself in the last 24 hours there's been a lot of developments and stuff that I figured out, like for example no wonder I didn't want to spend any money on the pipes here because they're obviously meant to be disposable, and obviously if I were to hire somebody to come in here with a whole bunch of money to get a nice stuff then that would be a waste because they would just be exploded the next time you turned on the silver springs, and then obviously nobody's going to give me permission to know about how you run a traphouse because I don't have any reason to have that information... And obviously grapefruit was confused by the existence of 16 others, because I'm pretty sure the one that I like the best was the one who didn't know any of the stuff either, cuz I had a lot of conversations with somebody who didn't look at me like I was an idiot, and the one that I talked to you seems to be either a much better actress or was a lot more like me: an actual abuse victim they're rather than someone who was playing one on TV

Okay I'll get back to you later I'll have time to proofread this because I think that's part of the security now is to make sure it's less understandable that didn't occur to me that I had secrets to keep and miles to go before I sleep, I thought we were about like some sort of pursuit of the truth here but apparently that's not quite as accurate as I thought it was maybe there's been a change in power oh yeah there is because, well anyway I'll get back to you on a different level, one more to your liking and one in which I don't expect to be any more hassle from people who shouldn't be trying to bust people for things that isn't even illegal for them, do you guys understand that the rules are different for certain people like do you get busted for carrying a gun if you have a gun you can bust a carrying it? come on man.

Then again it seems strange for a bull to want to meet with a teapot in a china shop until you understand that that's just what my gosling imprinted on. The Chinese ping pong ball? I'm sure she wonders what the hell happened to me, and if I had known what was really going on I would have been able to have a much worse, yet reasonable conversation.

Being There.
I can't fap to that.

I just realized of course if you thought I was a criminal cuz everybody assumed that I just wanted to fornicate. I'm pretty sure that's against the law in certain circles. And you assume that I was a criminal because I was with those fucking idiots who I don't know what they're doing but apparently they thought that they were going to help or some shit. And then my involvement with my family's dealings was so minimal that I didn't even know that they were openly deciding to not tell me the truth about all sorts of stuff because I guess they thought it was... fuck, I have no idea.

But at least it explains a lot why people are intimidated by the idea of playing chess with me I guess they think it might be some Russian mind control system. No it's just a game I like to play as well. Wow.

Note to self: get a replica made of Rodin's The Thinker to be left in the bathroom but right before I disappear in the middle of the night... but put it in the shower instead of on the toilet. Because reasons.

Superlative reasons. For one thing it's actually going to be, in my mind, Steve Austin so there's going to be a camera in place in the left eye, and then one of the arms will be bionic and the other one will not be but it'll have Kung Fu grip and a harmlessly circuit so one of the arms will be strong enough for a woman to deal with and the whole thing that we made for a man to be able to hide behind something if he has to shrink down all of a sudden. Worth another demon portal opens up and there needs to be a blood sacrifice, like you know you didn't hear the thing about they tried to sacrifice me through a demon portal and somehow it didn't work, and all this time you fucking have chose like that loser Rodney who doesn't fucking thing to think anything but baseball is important he just thought I was joking so he was just taunting and mocking and abuse victim or he's part of the fucking secret cabal that does that shit and nobody seems to think that's matters cuz y'all think it's just funny as hell to tease me and then not Wonder like what am I going to do for a breath of sanity?

I can see why some karma is going to come down this way, let me guess y'all think karma is dumb too well probably less of you now all right well look I can't afford to pay for therapy for all of you plus I don't care to pay for shit because that's not how it works but I will tell you this I definitely have no envy for any of you, nor enmity either, and I don't believe for a minute the grapers done with me, not for one single second she could write me a letter and she could get rid of me that way I wrote her a letter and then I was told by some foggy piggy cop with a fucking bald head in a real bad attitude that he was trying to help me by telling me that if I was in trouble if I try to fuck you buddy if I if I'm if I'm in am I in trouble if I punch him in the face if ever see him again yeah probably whatever dick bag you know for a cop he sure was fucking really big fucking pussy did they cut his balls off, I hear that's the kind of thing you do around here and he didn't look like a guy who would read about how to keep that from happening.

See, belgium? This is hopeless I can't be here with this attitude now I understand why I was getting banned and not being told about it what the fuck, what you couldn't just all tell me hi we're all pigs go away? What, you're not proud of that?

Sounds like I expect you to tell me in public? Okay no no obviously I would expect you to keep it on the DL but I guess none of you can keep a secret to save your lives.

I think somebody of you have some prices of consciousnesses and then have been trained the wrong way I really do.

Anyway I'll probably figure something out, as you can tell I like to write but this may not be the best environment for me now that I understand what the fuck I'm dealing with cuz you know I guess it's some sort of snout blindness.

And I love pic so much that I choose not to eat them because I don't like how they're being raised not because I think they're filthy or awful if they could no honestly they're cute I like Charlotte's Web what the fuck's wrong with you people you're like you're all tremendously paranoid you think everybody's out to get you, well maybe you should have been nicer to kids in school for all I fucking know, because actually she was the nicest person that anyone's ever been to me in my entire life, she actually tried to do something, and now I understand why nothing actually fucking worked. Both (2) ways!

But somebody was doing a little bit too much separation, that wasn't really exactly relic you know the way no no somebody went a little too far.

And then what could happen? Well I guess a lot of you learned what one person can do against an army, and hopefully that kind of thing would inspire a person because until I got here and this all happened I thought I was just some sort of regular mostly intelligent dork but still just a human dork, now I guess I've become transhuman, and people are terrified of what I'm going to do next.

So now I can't just leave. All your plants are going to die. Shrug. And what did you think would happen when  making me deliberately homeless? Like is that your secret dream to make people homeless? Are you sure you understand what you're supposed to be doing in life?

I'm going to keep thinking this over, Bellgab. But I think obviously at this point I can't really leave and just damn vanish and disappear without certain people feeling kind of nervous cuz at least here I'm you know you know where I am what I'm doing you might not know why but at least you can see what it is but I think if I just vanished and left you all alone I think it would be a very strange CIRCUMSTANCE.

Problems develop on worlds in which The Craft is held in secret. Similarly, problems developed between relationships that are wildly out of balance in energetic power and use of the astral plane, which may not have been part of the textbook that you had use of Quantico while you were busy not going to wear pencils and picking up papers.

It was at this point that I'd like to make a joke about something but now I got to be all worried about freaking out a bunch of people with an anxiety disorder who legitimately have you know social anxiety based on their work choices as well and then I might be breaking some law that I got to check it on because now that I know these things is different before if I'm just a fucking complete innocent babe then that's different but if I actually know and I don't stop that can be harassment that can be stalking, and I've never stalked.

Accidentally frightening somebody and then telling them to go fuck themselves is not stalking it's not even harassment and not knowing ahead of time that somebody's going to be a fucked-off mess is not at all something I'm supposed to know and people making assumptions about that kind of thing when they're not in position of competency judging other people can I spot your own power here.

So, pretty please with sugar on top cuz somebody fucking start thinking about fixing the goddamn pipes cuz they do need to get fixed I'd like them fixed and the water needs to get looked at and I don't know how to do it and if you think I know better than anyone else you got another thing coming cuz I'm not going to lift one fucking finger to figure it out and if you think I'm going to be cooperative around here you might want to start cooperating yourself.

I guess you're going to turn the cameras off now that I know that they must be here by definition, QED. I mean I was assuming that this was a different situation entirely but now that I understand a little better, I'm doing some perpetary work for a conversation I'm going to have tomorrow with somebody who actually knows what the fuck is going on in terms of what rules you have to follow, because I don't have to follow anything other than God's plan for Humanity.

You know that thing you all here label as, "maybe if I feel like it, if I have time after work before I go to the bar to meet my buddies, or unless there's an emergency in which case I'm really super duper going to do whatever it takes to make sure my version of what I think that should be just happened on top of everybody else's and I get to pay to get paid time and a half."

Okay well I found the EMERGENCY. That's good news Bellgab, good news.

By the way if a person is never going to believe any questions that are ever ask, what's the point in asking the questions at all? And if you guys were just teasing somebody because that's what you do in your culture, how much to just buy one of them and then teach me how to do that to him and then I'll just set her free I guess I couldn't do that in the wild all right well never mind I don't know how fucked off this mess is but my mind has been broadened in ways that I'd be loving to tell you about it except I guess you'd have to read me no rights at all first.

I guess this really is complicated. Well, I guess I can believe that since you know it was so simple for me at first too. Hey so this means my cousin is a cop doesn't it? Oh no no that's what that's oh his first wife is probably cop okay, where he thought he was an idiot... And why he was so blasted ass drunk that he thought he could yell at me to tell me to come down from the balcony, you know I carried the question of my head for like 10 12 years before I finally said hey now why did you holler at me to come down from there I was bored because everyone was old and drunk and thought I was an idiot and I was finally found a place where I could be alone and look down and I thought you lose your wife looked really pretty together, and he looked at me and he said well I was so drunk I didn't remember why I said it but I think that was probably a lie cuz he probably thought I was a cop then if he wasn't or maybe he was I don't know.

And yeah this is way more fun than suing anyone or getting counseling so I'll be back tomorrow, if that's allowable—probably isn't, but still I learned a lot thanks.bye


Quote from: pate on September 01, 2022, 02:13:39 PM


I don't think that's a nice way to describe a fruit roll-up. Additionally I can feel people out there talking about me which is bizarre since nobody is, but the ratio of reality here is about 55% of you are genuinely terrified for your lives and then the other 45% has no fucking clue what the fuck is going on even less so than me so it seems that all the people who are spending their time talking to the numb skulls who are trying to bury me in a hole and don't give a shit about my feelings might as just as well have spent their time talking to myself now I don't know who authorized leaving me into a dark pit of despair without any ketamine but it seems pretty odd that I'm expected to behave in particular ways that are are requirement for me to be treated as if I do not count as if I do not matter as if I do not plan out this entire excursion to see what exactly what happened like for example how did a woman come into my life with her sister and these two dudes that I didn't meet the last minute and then why did I just openly give them permission to stay there of course it was to see what the fuck they would do with it and one thing led to another and now I see that somehow everybody in the world talks to each other to some extent but nobody seems to want to talk to me because I designed it that way.

like I don't know how the fuck any of you might have thought that I might have been mistaken as to what my role was here in this operation I was supposed to just give everything away and then die and instead I have taken away your voices and become a legend although I'm puzzled how it is that all of y'all haven't gotten together and realize that oh we should probably appoint a special communicator to talk to the special privilege guy and say things to him Sue we can check to make sure he's not you know completely fucked off now I don't think I'm Julian assange level but I can tell you this not one fucking person who isn't a fucking lying pig headed cop has come to me and said anything other than I want you just open stuff by your friends and that's not really a new experience for me but it is one that I am surprised that anybody thought you had a fucking right do it all and the fact that I just wound up everybody with a whole Maelstrom tornado of nonsense text and split it out all over the Internet and gave this big little pile of crap a little Sheen a frosting and then went over here and took a big diarrhea squirt on somebody's front porch and then went around all over the place and very inadvertently I mean I'm sure there was some sort of design from spear behind it but the main point of the matter was to explain that if you thought I made a big mess before where do you see what happens tomorrow because I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen then but I do know that I no longer imagine that weekends are going to be something to look forward to but I do also know that I don't look forward to having to do a bunch of bitch ass little chores like give away a whole bunch of money and do things for a brother that didn't ever really appreciate them for me in the first place and seem to have understood that that it was reasonable for me to do things but then they didn't understand that one day that would eventually come back on them in some way and fortunately I don't believe that anybody has been overly damaged by recent events but then you know perhaps I'm wrong given that it appears to be a matter of life and death for anybody to talk to me.

Basically, you can all do better.
No I don't know why being deliberately antagonistic is designed to be an option here at this point because I don't know what's going on that has made anything that's happened into an event where not being friendly towards Yale Jackson is not considered a good idea for example this chef's guy okay this motherfucker somehow got access to my medical records and announced in public eye now on two levels this is very annoying but why is it that this guy got to get to do that why isn't that like a super duper violation of federal law well it could be that I'm just criminal and y'all have been you know keep me around like a gim suit or it could be there just didn't matter and then etc and then how it is a chef hasn't figured out yet that he is far in arrears when it comes to things like respect modality being taken seriously by by me now I know the rest of you don't know this guy from Jack in the fucking hole in the wall but I actually happen to do let's put this way he suddenly vanished after he got what he thought he needed but he didn't do so without giving a reason nor did he do so in a way that was admirable given that well apparently I guess he got arrested because it must have taken the dead of night because he's just sort of like went away so don't know but now he's got time to like roll up a blank slate and then act as though that's cool I don't think I don't think that the agreements to you people are making with yourselves are going to actually stand the test time for example I know quite a lot of things are going on, and for the most part I am not horrified.

But I have heard rumor that there are parents that have died, and while I am relieved to the extreme that I don't have to get off my fat lazy ass and do anything to help, I am noted to be amazed that I am surprised it's just how little sharing things went the other way like did I not sure enough or did I do things wrong or is it that it doesn't occur to somebody that that generosity goes both ways I don't know I'm not going to use my psychic powers to break the veil and talk to anybody's dead parents cuz that would be rude and there's a limit to the amount of reasons I can watch but the fact that I don't have a protection order with anyone and people are acting like I'm fucking Jack the ripper on God damn captagon fucking hang gliding off of empire State building with David Blaine and getting ready to jump onto children and fuck them from a height of 25,000 ft or else start spring with bloody spray I don't actually know I'm kind of losing my imagination when it comes to what exactly would compel all of you who have been remarkably well served to decide to fail to you know appoint a you know amongst your sales a committee member I guess there is some sort of law that you think I've been breaking or some sort of custom or some unwritten rule well I didn't know what any of those were so I very deliberately wound up my entire life into a big sticky ball of rubber bands how do you fucking teleport those anyway and sticky buns cinnamon and wax candle left to send the Sun and vomited up across all of the surface areas of your available collective lives and the reason why I've done this is because why the fuck not.

At the very minimum I have made a statement which is more than any of you have done to me now I suppose it might be a case of where somebody thinks that I've told too much to somebody or said the wrong thing or I don't know because I certainly haven't done much statementing under oath and then I don't think that an organization of of law enforcement officials can can on the one hand simultaneously oppressant individual and stalk them and then on the other hand they can also use the law to trip them up and take their stuff now I suppose they could do that but that would be a remarkably poor use of one's time.

however just like when Allison was invited to live with me and she decided to do so with other people while throwing me out and skiing with other people and scenes it doesn't occur to me that this would be another good fortune event where all y'all have made yet again the biggest blunder of all your lives because I wasn't I wasn't irritated until 5 minutes ago.

And I could record this into a podcast and put it somewhere and make money out of it or something but instead I'm not doing jack or shit and the reason why is because I don't know if I want to destroy my brand or elevate my brand or do anything ever again or fucking get on a plane right God damn now and fly away and you'll never see me again I don't actually know because nothing matters to me as much as Family.

And I assume that there's been a great tragedy that has rendered the entire known World unable to reach out or there's somebody pretending to be me and my phone has been blocked off and you're actually talking to somebody you just don't know that I've been you know essentially kidnapped whatever has happened people haven't tried hard enough, which I imagine is what people think I've done with the situation at the house in terms of cleaning it up.

Let me explain the cleaning up part, somebody should be coming here at least once a day to make sure that I haven't fucking eating a bullet of course that's just why would I need a bullet so happy but I don't see why I'm supposed to take out garbage when garbage was left here when I got here I don't see why I when I was looking forward to moving into a house and you know figuring out how to make it all work good for me why I'm forced to deal with the detritious and the debris of a gang of complete cock knocking idiot fucking suck gobblers all on my own as if I'm owed some sort of debt or reverse debt of some kind of thing that I get to do because that's just how it is that's not really how life works I believe for example I don't think that any of you had to help me with my messes but somehow everybody seem to want to volunteer to help with messes on certain things and then other times they didn't and people just took her upon themselves and just decide for themselves pick and choose what they're going to do with my life and then if it turned out to be inconvenient for them in some way well it seem to be very simple to just erase Me from the board.

additionally it seemed to have been a good idea but I deemed by some to surveil my communications and then pass them around and talk about them almost your cells without checking with me to see which of these were authentic communications in which of them were deliberately left to antagonize weak-willed individuals, given that that kind of thing happened all the time and many many people showed up in my life and suddenly acted like they are all King shit a turd Hill and they had some sort of right dominance over my life and that meant that they knew what was what and this was this and considering that Allison had such problems it seems strange to me that the lesson that had been learned then had not been carried forward into the future because let me explain something;

I did not need to be swindled with deceit and lies. But when I was it would seem to have been obvious that the universe would have brought that back to you.

and I'm sorry that something is disappointing people with my presentation but let me assure you there is nothing greater than my disappointed in the presentation of all of you for me and if you think that I'm doing this because I couldn't help myself or because I think it's a good idea you are mistaken I think it's obviously a bad idea in comparison to something like making a shitload of money or being very impressive but since other people seem to have made a shitload of money maybe they can deal with the IRS and then they can maybe impress himself for a little while until somebody comes and stabs him in the left calf with the fucking Rusty butter knife because the things that I do know none of you actually know what they actually are in Toto because I don't talk about them in complete form and you all are so whacked off and you're a compartmentalization of information bullshit where you think you fucking know everything so God damn much about all your God damn fucking the whole gang lot of you couldn't put a fucking together the right way because nothing of you have ever done anything to piss me off as much as you have done today this day this hour this moment I don't give a fuck if you're fucking kids a fucking gotten hit by fucking three buses in a row somebody should have figured out a way to fucking talk to me once in awhile and also by the way when the fuck did YouTube exactly become two-way all the fucking time?

is that something I need to report to the FBI or is that is that just like how we do things around here or is it that I'm actually traveling from world to World in some worlds have that kind of surveillance and some don't and by the way I don't know what you think I'm doing that so bad but it seems like it's something perfectly okay for every mother fucking one of all of you and it was for like a long fucking time in fact I remember three fucking years fucking night and day whenever I wasn't around but suddenly oh my God all of a sudden it's the worst fucking thing in the world for Jack isn't that amazing how is that coming to be the case that is so good for you it's so bad for me and that Rodney motherfucker is the biggest worthless piece of shit I've ever seen in my entire fucking life by the way.

So what do you think I've done that's worse than him because that mother fucker should be fired like pronto.

Like acting like he's doing something important when he's doing the thing that I wanted to do because he's the fucking pathetic douchebag that I wanted to be so ready to let everybody know and if you thought I wasn't needing to do what I did or if I thought I wasn't supposed to you're out of your fucking mind.

Because there's no reason why I shouldn't I have seen how you evolved have I done the things that you have done have I behaved the way that you have a lie to whole shitload of people expecting to get away with stealing an entire goddamn house has that happened has that happened or is there been some sort of unintended consequence that maybe was actually a bit more intended and you might have thought I don't know you might want to fill me the fuck in because unfortunately somebody I don't even fucking know might take the decision out of my hands and make some calls that are going to negatively impact the lives of my loved ones and I won't have a shit all thing to do about it because I'll be forced to agree most of you deserve to be fucking marched off the end of the fucking poop deck on the plank with a fucking pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

Additionally: I continue to have absolutely no one in my life at all in a physical presence so I'm basically running down like an Energizer battery that has been left in the sun too long and some sort of classic environment I don't care about my body or my house or my clean clothes or my dirty clothes or how I smell or how I don't give a fuck about any of that all I care about is watching all of you fucking get embarrassed as often as possible for as long as possible and then finding someone that hasn't heard the fucking story about what a bunch of fucking idiot douchebags you all are and fucking tell him that God damn story Peace by peace blow by blow and every fucking time I tell it a little extra soups on a detail that hasn't been shared with any of you yet but it's just going to make you do that little twinge we have to crush your legs and you feel a little bit of fucking poop squirt out of your butt cuz you're so God damn embarrassed how fucking stupid you've been that you can't even respect yourself enough to keep your fucking pants.

And boy are you sorry I didn't fucking turn on the microphone cuz that was fucking on fucking fire.

is audio production something that we just don't do anymore did you lose your fucking license or what, don't think that shit can't happen or did fucking all of your kids just suddenly simultaneously get raped by a substitute teacher giving hiv, by the way didn't make it a blood test lately cuz I sure as fuck haven't, how long did you want me to wait for that did you want me to wait till I can fucking cure it did you need me to cure it are you surprised what is it that you think you've been doing besides making everything worse for me for no particular reason whereas I don't know how much fucking worse things could get for you because in addition to whatever you've been doing that you might have thought wasn't right you've also actually collectively either allowed me to be kidnapped or failed to recognize the tremendous strength of my science or just simply fuck yourself off beyond a point of a certain level of no return for no particular reason whatsoever because frankly I actually trust you all I do and I don't really need to be as angry as I sound in fact I might not be angry at all it really actually depends on what the hell have you done and the name of the game number one thing that you've done is to act as though you have the right to isolate me from Humanity, believe me don't I'm just sitting here as a courtesy given that I don't want to go and accidentally trip over a brick of the road and find myself falling into the lobby of fucking King 5 News where I fucking sit down and tell him the whole fucking thing and really embarrass you, which I think if I did that deliciously would be some sort of crime and you might have to fucking sue me for money but in case you haven't noticed I don't give a shit if I lose all the money in the entire world to David obedience fucking wife I actually happen to like the guy and if it turns out that the plan is that you hate me all so much that you just want me to be dead well then I will literally drink the fucking garlic hemlock and die because I have been sick this fucking planet ever since I figured out how to get off of it and I am embarrassed at how little any of you understand how to respect somebody like me, apparently you know you thought you needed to have any?

apparently I was supposed to be quiet about something well actually no I should have been quiet about anything I should have been very talkative about how you've been supporting a miserable rat bastard and unknown accomplices from committing serious felony crimes against me just cuz I guess you thought it would be funny well you know it is pretty fucking funny but I'd rather openly tell you all as big of a fucking junk bath asshole fuckheads is you could possibly imagine rather than like tell the cops I don't need to tell you the cops what are the cops going to do punish you no you are the cause I don't need anything I just need you all to know that I'm disappointed that I chose you as people who could be useful to yourselves because there were a lot of people that I've seen my life that I chose to not focus on but instead I found myself focusing on others and that was a choice that was up to me I didn't have to give you access my life but I did and then you didn't have to do all the wrong things at all the wrong times but you did now I don't need to hear your excuses about how because I did something bad you get to collectively treat me like shit or I don't need to hear about how because I didn't know any better I fucked up a whole bunch of stuff and waste a bunch of time and cost us all a whole bunch of money because of course I should have just been patient and my back no I think that's rather bullshit because at this stage of the game the lacking of clear communication leads to a complete impasse in any kind of development further at least until somebody figures out how to bring back hockey sticks.

And I feel no threat or damage at all from any of you least of all the dude who came by on the flying fucking car with active camouflage which is pretty impressive but nevertheless I did tell you that the fucking things exist why did you leave early and I'm not it's not that I'm asking what gives you the right it's that what makes you think that this was a better idea than just being righteous people would be like are you thinking it's just beneath you to be kind to everyone or is it that you think I deserve to be punished or is it you're actually offended that I'm letting this house just slowly drift off into the sunset because I don't see why not I didn't fucking want it without people and then the people didn't want me with it they just wanted to fucking money which is about the most insensitive goddamn thing I've ever think of my life and if it's really that's the case don't you think I should be reporting that to the police or what what do you think? Do you think I'm just so fucking retarded that no one's going to care or do you think that because of the way I'm handling this no one's going to care about me or do you think that because of the awesome way I was respected before I should just reciprocate and just be awesome back the way you expect and didn't occur to you that I might not actually know what the fuck to do in terms of being awesome and now actually I think that put in post right now and showing you exactly what I can produce it about seven or eight minutes to get my dandruff I think this is awesome because you're lucky to get any of this shit A lot of people on a lot of planets in a lot of continents in a lot of gym bars are just fucking blow you the fuck away with a shotgun for being this fucking rude and I don't have any compunctions at all about saying this to you in public, this is  Michael

And I'm truly not breaking any laws and you being jelly is, simply put, no less than any of you deserve for how you been treating me for the last 7 years.

So you want to fill me in or should I take it to the next level?

I'm asking you here as a measure of just your respect. Maybe you're all getting charges for fraud against me that I'm not allowed to know about I don't know my imagination is all Twitter. However since I didn't do anything wrong and you're all God damn well and aware of it I think it's hilarious that silence and running and hiding well Phil is pushing fucking MagicTG cards for Trump is hilarious.

It's like you all would rather succeed without me and that it takes any effort at all, to stand the pressures of letting people know how terrible it is definitely deal with me, well didn't seem to bother you too much before you and they're getting kidnapped by a transnational criminal organization that I suppose you think I have fucking had something to do with when I didn't, although if anybody asked me to I would have probably told you that was happening and if you thought that I was supposed to keep you from getting in the cab early I don't know why you didn't...

Know that you were going to fail.

And I don't think any of you actually knew what it was that I was hoping that you could be able to do.

But I was expected to go and believe in what you believe in, is the weather that the police in this country are fucked your mind control program is broken down and is obviously nobody can fix you other than your own long dead monster controllers cuz clearly you've been self-directed for decades.

And all I had to do would have been a few minutes thought after somebody told me what was the truth.

Don't let that sink in, you don't want to waste it, you don't know where you're going to get any more of it again.

Just as I've not known anything about you for many years.

This is a business built on relationships.

I'm taking my Art Bell with me and going home.


Quote from: pate on September 01, 2022, 08:34:21 PM

You are channeling something...I just posted on the musings thread and thinking of this one. Jesus that's weird :o !


Quote from: WOTR on August 29, 2022, 12:48:11 AMThanks, Chefist, Albrecht, MD... After Azzgab was shuttered, I assume it forwarded me here, but my VPN just showed a blank page for the longest time. Nice to know that I was missed for those weeks.

I have to admit that I was probably on the third step of grieving the loss of all gabs (yeah, I know EG was still going. But I couldn't bring myself to do that. I also assume I would be banned in a week.)

So, a big "thanks" to @AZZERAE for keeping the spirit of this place alive for the last year or two. If not for that, I would never have known that BG was alive again. I would have went stir crazy not being able to shitpost and go on the occasional rant. You were an outstanding forum owner / moderator, my good man.*

*I'm glad for your sake that you are able to just sit back and enjoy posting again without the additional pressures.

Sorry I didn't respond, know I'm a huge fan! nuff said  ;)


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