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Oculus and other emerging VR platforms...

Started by Caruthers612, September 25, 2015, 08:03:55 PM


         I wanted to open a discussion about the soon to be released VR gear like Oculus Rift, a discussion which can go in any direction anyone wants, although in particular I'm interested in:

         1) Who here is planning on being an early adopter,

         2) Do you think the initial iteration of hardware and software for VR will be cool and workable, or immature technology that will take a couple of years to become useful, and

         3) How quickly do you think this technology will evolve and become the next major platform?

          I'm expecting it all to evolve very rapidly, driven as it will be by gaming, porn and social media. As to whether the first wave of offerings will be any good, who knows. What I did read is that Dell, Alienware and other PC makers will be offering computers designed for use with the Oculus. It is this latter aspect that interests me as I'm wondering what technology these PCs will feature that is worth waiting and saving up money for.

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