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Joe Biden 2020

Started by maren, September 11, 2015, 11:27:32 AM


ZXiden + documents in two places + January 22 = Comma-La for 10 years.


Quote from: Juan on January 11, 2023, 04:44:26 PMZXiden + documents in two places + January 22 = Comma-La for 10 years.
Now I hear that his son was "renting" the house with the classified documents (and the locked up corvette) for $50,000 a month? If that was not a typo with an extra "0" added it would appear that it might be a way to funnel "10% for the big guy" to his dad?

And they had a crackhead living in a house with classified documents about the Ukraine. So if they found 10, how many were there to start with?


I wish I could post here more often, but I'm hardly around. Its just not worth the hassle and time. I don't like typing on my phone, and I have spent hours trying to post on the computer over the last months between restarting it, and typing out posts five or six times just to be constantly meet with a screen saying 502 bad gateway nginx. I love you all, but it's just not worth the hours of time and frustration and still not being able to actually make a fucking post.

I'll continue trying when I think of it, but that is the reason for my extremely limited presence.


And still I post in the wrong section. Have I mentioned that I hate doing crap on a phone?

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