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20150901 - Patrick Burns - Live Chat Thread

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High quality AAC stream, click here.
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Call Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert.
Phone:  952-225-5278
North America Skype:  mitd51
Overseas Skype:  mitd55

This thread will be unlocked just prior to show time tonight (9PM Pacific, 12AM Eastern).  Midnight in the Desert airs Monday-Friday from Midnight-3AM Eastern.  That's 9PM to midnight Pacific.

Evening, all!  Spooky ghost stories?  Cool.

Hi  :-*

evening all. im ready for an awesome show. 8)


--- Quote from: brig on September 01, 2015, 10:56:22 PM ---Hi  :-*

--- End quote ---

Hi Brig....just woke up!


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