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Gardens, Lawns and Such...
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Part II

I am somewhat disappointed that I did not manage to break Bellgab/bellchan with that last post.

I snapped a picture of the finished potting mix today, after a thunder-hailstorm that put tree-trash all over the place:
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I am glad the weather wasn't doing that yesterday and the day before.

I figure I made (and will make as there is still a bit of the vermiculite/perlite/sand mix to go through) a total of 36 cubic feet of potting mix.  A cubic yard of sand cost ~$40 and I only used 4 cubic feet of it for this, and the Perlite and Vermiculite both cost $40 each for 4 cubic feet.  3 cubic feet of compressed Peat Moss costs about $20 a bale, and the dirt/wormcastings are free.

For about $100 (and some sweat, and perhaps 8 hours of work) I made a shit-ton of premium potting soil.  Organic and all that crap, too.

I traded my neighbor two and a half wheelbarrows of the potting mix for a bale of Peat Moss, or about 67.5 gallons of finished potting soil.  She was pretty happy, and saved me a trip to stand in line to get into the hardware store, then stand in line at social distance to get out of the store.  Win/win I think.

The rest of the cubic yard of sand I will use to set a brick path on the side of the house, where said neighbor's lack of guttering has eroded everything, and what is left from that will be mixed with peat-moss and whatever is left from last year's compost for top-dressing on the Monaco Bermuda seed I plan to get down real soon now.

Where does the damn thyme go?