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Corona Kitty:
For those who care,  Mr. Radin joins us this Saturday night live at 7:30pm pst
If anyone has any questions leave them here I'll ask him and say they are by YOU. Also you're all welcome to call in 760 332806

Thank you.

Corona Kitty:
Let's try this again shall we.

Episode 5: The Gauntlet

Longtime friend of the program Robert Bruce, teacher and author of numerous books and courses on astral projection, psychic self defense, kundalini, and other spiritual topics, joined Michael in the first segment of End of Days Episode 5: The Gauntlet. As always, Robert shared remarkable wisdom and anecdotes, and also discussed his most recent video, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

After the break, Michael spoke to Paul H. Smith, retired army intelligence officer, PhD in philosophy, and president of Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. Paul spoke about his career in the infamous government remote viewing program, and also offered a fascinating overview of remote viewing as a technique anyone can learn.

Remote viewer John Herlosky, author of A Sorcererís Apprentice, also called in to the second segment to contribute his thoughts about remote viewing to the conversation.

Awesome, Myke!  Thank you. ;)

Corona Kitty:

--- Quote from: (y) on November 27, 2016, 10:06:12 PM ---Awesome, Myke!  Thank you. ;)

--- End quote ---

You're welcome  ;D

Original Larry:
Glad you started your own thread, buddy!
If you hadn't I would have.


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