Noory Bumper Music "Embrace the Suck"

Started by pate, November 17, 2014, 11:52:12 AM

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Jorch, I am walking a tightrope here, but I think this song is good.  Not Sure that you should use it for Bumper Music tonite, might be impolite:

"We Built This City" - Starship

speaking of tight-ropes:

"Tightrope" - Stevie Ray Vaughn

This next one is top sekrut, Jorch:

James McMurtry - Walk Between the Raindrops

"Walk Between the Raindrops" - James McMurtry

In my younger days, Jorch.  I could do just what the title described.  Alas, I am no longer young and spry.  My mind is sharp as a whip, jus' like yers tho!  Doan't play this wun issa sekrut!


I don't even know the name of the song but I'm amazed Norry hasn't pulled out that badda-boom number frequently heard in the strip shows in the older days (pre-GNR and when you wouldn't get as much "stripping" for your two-drink minimum, etc) for LMH but, maybe he thinks his choice ballads like Red, Red Wine etc are more appealing to his prey and attempted seduction? I give her credit, like a hot secretary in the "bad" old-days, having to put up with come-ons, or at least leers, by every businessman waiting for a meeting, delivering coffee, etc.


al b, could you possibly pick from one of these?  With a minute mark?

"Random Strip Compilation w/ video & song clips" - unknown

If you can hear the "Name that tune" half second in that it'd be a help in tracking down the song you reference, which I think I've heard, but don't know the name of nor the artist(s?) that did it.  I sure it isn't in hear, but if it is I'll be happy to "run it up the hill to the flagpole" for ya...

edit: sorry, George, this might throw you off your research so close to show time, but STAY STRONG MY BROTHER!



George, I often forget the naissance of this thread, surely you can appreciate this old sea shanty:

"Don't forget you old Shipmate" - Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess

I think that Blue Falcon award that I put you in for might be coming through, George.  I'm hearing good things...


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Hell Of A Hat

"Hell of a Hat" - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Here's a song for your next karaoke gig, George!  The video even has the words.  I am not sure how you can use this as a segue into a topic, but then not all bumper music has to fit that bill, especially if you have Mastered the Art of Bumper Music.  Doan worry, grasshopper, I'm shure you get out of the temple someday, might be painful though.  But what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, eh?

here's some sekrut messages, get out the de-coder ring!


Caller 'Augustus' criticized Norry's bumper music and said he should fire his music director. His solution was to "play more Beach Boys."


Ah, George, big night tonight, eh?  LMH is on, so you have no research to worry about, just have to figure out the Bumper Music.

My name is Caine, I am here to help!

Blondie - The Tide Is High

"Tide is High" - Blondie

"I'm gonna be your number one" and being #1 is way better than being #2, amirite?  I heard that LMH practically slides off her chair when a guy sings this one to her.  You should try it!  Get 'em, tiger!  I thought you might enjoy the Navy reference too, maybe you can show off your scientific knowledge by explaining how tides work to LMH when she starts to bore you a little bit, you know, just to show her who's really in charge!  Moving on...


"Sunglasses at Night" - Corey Hart

This one is a no-brainer, George.  I mean seriously, I am sure you've already got this one lined up for tonight...  It'll make you look like a bad-ass, you can use this after she rebuffs your first attempt to seduce her.  Besides, you know when a lady turns you down, it really means she's got the hots for you, amirite?  I wish I could find that picture of you and Tommy in the red limo with the sign, I mean, you two were rock-star in that one.  Seriously!


Divinyls - I Touch Myself

"I Touch Myself" - Divinyls

I think the ladies are onto you trying to get them to sing "Happy Birthday" to you like Marilyn Monroe.  How asking them to sing "I Touch Myself" instead?  To show how much you appreciate them if they refuse you go:  "No, no, it's easy look..." then YOU sing it to THEM!  Man, we know you are a lady-killer, all you need to do is change your tack!  You like that Navy reference?  Change your tack?  See, Captain I am totally on board with you, not like those sea-rat eating haters!


Michael Jackson - Beat It (Digitally Restored Version)

"Beat It" - Micheal Jackson

This is another song for you to show off your legendary bravura, George.  I suggest using it after/before you talk about how you would give those ISIS thugs the sound thrashing they so richly deserve if they ever caught you and tried to cut your head off.  This song is poerful, George.  I only recommend using it as a last resort, a theoretical "nuclear option" if the above tactics & songs fail to soften LMH's resolve.  I am sorry to use the word soft there, George, just a turn of the phrase, nothing personal I swear, please don't hurt me!  I am only trying to help!

PS:  You could mention that one of your loyal listeners has recommended you for yet another military decoration, I believe that Blue Falcon award is going to come through.  If the Army won't do it I'll see if the Marines will, surely the Marines will recognize you, even if it's honorary?  After all, you were Navy, so are the Marines so it just fits.  Anyhow, you can also list all your other military achievements and awards, ladies love a military man!

Good luck tonight, I think LMH is just playing-hard-to get, you're a shoe-in!


George, you epitomize (a good word to practice saying) this song. 

Shrimpboat- "Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer" by Morphine (Studio Session)

"Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer" - Morphine

You figure awk the sekrut!  Dee-coder rung...


George, you'll forgive me if after an epic session of playing your drinking game I failed to come up with the old timey song that has the refrain that goes something like "...poor man, poor men, Poer men..." or sumsuch...

All I could come up with was this:

good song, but not the one I wuz looking for...

Ah, suppohze the lawd above shall preveyed!

edit: your Jourch-fu is strong my master...

You rockstar, doancha worrie nun 'bout this lowly souljer's pruhlemm...  uhl figger 'tout...


21st, I wholeheartedly apologize for stealing your Divinyls hit song earlier in this thread, I had no idea, or perhaps thought it was so good that I'd steal it....

I give you props on that one, and again apologies...

GNS (That stands fur George Noory Supreme, George!  I swear!)


Grasshopper George, stop dranking the Crème de Menthe.  There is much wisdom hear:

Classic "Caddy Shack" doodie in pool- Hilarious!

Meditate on this, and the Path shall be clear...


Lordy, George, I apologize.  It's apparently shoe-thyme, and hear I wuz working on another set of reccomendations for yew!

I must 'drive-on;'  I was thinking I should puh-leeze (police?) up this thread.  I notice a lot of Lee Cigar butts laying around, I will be short on comments with this next batch, but I hope you haven't lost that seckrut dee-coder ring I included with the last batch of Frumus Umphen Wine I sent you...

Sting - All This Time

"All This Time" - Sting

I am Not Sure that this or any of the following are Topical, but then, I think I have pointed out that they don't necessarily have to be before.  Enjoy!


Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart (Option Two)

"Fortress Around Your Heart" - Sting

"...walking on the mines I laid..."  to me personally, that line reminds me of walking in the backyard where my dogs have been pooing all winter... I have a lot of picking up to doo this spring.  What does that line mean to you, George?  If anything?


Sting - Desert Rose

"Desert Rose" - Sting

Just a new song by an old favorite, I figured as a member of the Noory clan, you'd appreciate it...  Apologies if you can't hear the awesome...

Good luck, Jorch!


Quote from: the_peeve on March 04, 2015, 03:26:38 PM
Shouldn't Noory's theme song be Supertamp's "Fool's Overture"?

Awesome!  Incidentlily(sp) my first return at the usual spot wuz this (I looked up "Breakfast in America SuperTramp"):

Cole Swindell - Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Official Music Video)

disclaimer:  George, disregard this as it is normal ARMY infighting, as NAVY you are above all that stuff, yew shuld knew.  Yew shuld knew...



Your submerging Artisht segment tomorrow nite wouldn't bee complete withougt:

Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart" (Official Music Video)

Ssshhh!  SEKRUT!



If you ever get fired, (perish the thought.)

Reflect on this one, or use this as bumper music?

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Full Length Version) (1980/ 2013) (HD)

or just reflect...

You, sir, are worth it...

Stuart Smalley's famous quote



I'm all disturbed and shivery(sp)

Staind - It's Been Awhile (Video)

"It's Been Awhile" - Staind

Nefer you mynd, good sir!  Suggestions...

Pardon me, I have to fire up a smoke while I listen to this whole thing play out.  I'm enjoying it, BTW!

Weeeell, if you press me for reasons why, I suggest you recall what made you and who made the who>?  ){warning decoder-ring}(

Body Count - Hey Joe

"Hey Joe" - Body Count dark, Jorch, so dark...

BODY COUNT - Institutionalized (Official Music Video)

"Institutionalized" - Body Count

Gotta love that whole new look youtube haz>?  Can I hz chzbrgr?

Just/Kidding, you notice that too?



Team America: World Police (6/10) Movie CLIP - I'm So Ronery (2004) HD

I meant that old skool sovmg...

The Police - So Lonely

I forget how much you suck when you talk to LHM (Lame Mouldy Howl! {that's my pet name for ger, gro}) this is ogorne"?

Udder piple?

Monty Python Dead Parrot Sketch

Papers, PUH_LEASE!


Fifteen cents a day!?! 


Freedom Isn't Free. It costs a buck o' five.

Art?  Suck it, he can pay up (like that parking meter you fed eight quarters to...) right before you told me freedom waqs chea[r htan a buck o' five...

In fact, 0.15 dollars adey!


George, next time you have a 'prayer caller' you should use this oldie after you hang up on them or their call mysteriously drops:

"Soft Parade" - The Doors

The lyrics are also otherwise apropos to your show...

As an added plus it's like nine minutes long.  I think you'll like it!  Give it a play sometime!



George, seriously listen to this next one:

"Thanks A Lot" -- Neko Case

You should play this either before or after your next "rat-eating hater" speech! 

Oh, the execs will use the delay button on the next one of those?

Still &anyhow, consider this gem!




"Fascination" -- Human League

Hey, George!

"Fascination" sorta rhymes with "Falkie Nation"

I am dubious....


"Somebody Told Me" -- The Killers

Tommy (and George), this isn't a 'gay joke' it is a song.  You might think about using it for bumper music.  I am sure you can come up with the 'appropriate situation' to deploy it...

(Sorry, had to work in the word "deploy" there, it's a semi-military term, and I need to get back to this thread's roots.  You can google the word "deploy" I'm sure you'll find definitions there.)

Also, I apologize if I've already suggested this song, I lose track sometimes, it is THAT GOOD, I promise!




another George asked you to gamble and quit screwing around...

I think he meant go for the TV shoe, anyhoe here's the message:

"Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp" -- George Harrison


George!  Been awhile.  Once again in keeping with the military theme here, I give you the Bumper Music liquor store theme:

"Liquorstore" - The Easton Ellises

I reccomend Vodka with this one.


"Liquor Store" - The Killigans

This song pairs nicely with Rum...


"Down To The Liquor Store" - The Milkman and Sons/Marcus Milius

Saved the best for last, this one should be lishnend too with some really good Whiskey or Bourbon (my favorite beverage...)


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