Noory Bumper Music "Embrace the Suck"

Started by pate, November 17, 2014, 11:52:12 AM

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FRED!  Fred, that's your name yo'?

Check it:
OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean

"So Fresh, So Clean"  -- Outkast

Freddy, we you who is countying?  Good vibes and love, we all see it... 



Quote from: pate on January 01, 2015, 07:44:42 AM
FRED!  Fred, that's your name yo'?

Check it:
OutKast - So Fresh, So Clean

"So Fresh, So Clean"  -- Outkast

Freddy, we you who is countying?  Good vibes and love, we all see it... 


and this weekend brings us a .....
super suck sunday with submerging artists starring the snooron.


George, much apologies, I seem to have been lacking in my duties around hear...

I have managed to slap together a quick & short list that should be well adapted to your attention span, regard:

Wait, what was I dooing?  Oh, yeah

"Jackson" - Johnny Cash & June Carter
Johnny Cash and June Carter - "Jackson"

This is a great oldie!  It reckons back to what?  'aught six or so?  Somewheres around there, I personally can't recall and perhaps you don't either, whichever time it was it was a long time...  Just a good song, ole June had some pipes, eh?  You just play this one 'cuz you like it, George.  Good music needs no explanation...

"Walking on the Sun" - Smashmouth
Smash Mouth - Walkin' On The Sun

Surely you remember this song from the 60s?  No?  Me neither, I wasn't born...  Still good;  good for your solar flare reports?  I dunno, you decide, just a thought.  You know, the POG project?  You haven't forgotten both this song and the idea that you've had for so long have you?  The Protect Our Grid project!  C'mon, George, get out of that deep in depth research you're dooing for tonight's show and recall your legacy to the peepul!

"Medio Registro Alto de Primer Tono" - Francisco Peraza (or Bach, pick one)
Francisco Peraza - Medio Registro Alto de Primer Tono

This.  Erm, er-herm, *cough*.  THIS, George, this.  This throws a curveball at your audience, it speaks of culture and urbanity, but also shows a secrut.  Are you a member of the Bricklayer's Union #683 - Local 16?  Who can tell, you sir are mysterious, and no-one knows which Zorro hat your inner child will don next, onward Quixote!  Honestly, George, I could listen to stuff like this all night, and as an added bonus it makes you look as if you like weird pipe organ (similar to skin flute) music, so your enjoyment of the "Dracula Theme" as you so coyly call it doesn't seem so creepy. 

Rock on, George!


Jorch, I can imagine the pain of bee-ing under house arrest, (Burt's Bees, Jorch, 'tis on Crackle, tots free...)

Huh,?  It's live>?  He broadcasts live fr.ajoju....

Where wuz I?

Jem - They - Official Video
"They" - Jem

Half nekkid wymyn?  On broadcast?  Shameful... still a gud sung....

Morphine - Souvenir
"Souvenir" - Morphine

I also saw one of these and canna remumble....

Nada Surf - Popular
"Popular" - Nada Surf

George, you are so on your own.  Don't you understand that in order to understand you have to provide your own narrative, and it has to survive the test of "suspension of disbelief". ? !~ yu nefer nerfherded>?  is you 'tarded?  You have the ball in yer cork!  Serve it yup!

Man, I don't know how many obvious bumber songs ah ken softball atcha....

Jorch, wake up, read ur ohm Tee Leaves...  I'm writing to a brick wall, and that usefull... Fulla....


when I heard got weird that one night when TOmmy played it


Quote from: on February 05, 2015, 11:30:54 PMwhen I heard got weird that one night when TOmmy played it

Jorch, pardon the aside:

Seriously?  That has a sort of late eighties sort of 'prescience" and perhaps that 'splains the emporerical observation...  Still:  Sure, Not...

Sir George Noory of the Excellent broadcast awarding authourity board (this is not the aside part, know an mouse troll "hur, hur, hur"):

Rush - Fly By Night

"Fly By Night" - Rush

Here UI hesitate a half tick.  I put Rush in a thread somehow related to suck, I think the pohrdahl develops & I cannot finish my thought.  And again I say one does n/t become intar-tube bazillionaire by not buying ticket...  I hope gnomish soul-eaters in my dimension are satisfied, otherhow all worlds at wisk...

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

"Little Talks" - Of Monsters And Men

This is sort of my thread salute to you:  there's this lyric "...don't listen to a word I say..."
That is all for this song, ofer!  Non-coincidental anything else you har-har-har...

The Sirens - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (5/10) Movie CLIP (2000) HD

"SomeMovie" - iHaventSeen

On the list, but still worth listenininininin' too, doo I say!

edit: DOH!


Quote from: 21st Century Man on February 08, 2015, 04:17:41 AM
The Beatles - The Fool On The Hill

John Lennon How Do You Sleep with Lyrics

"Fool On The Hill" - Beatles

2cm, one of my faves, could never seem to 'werk it in...   Wunderbar!

(fur yew: 2cm

igNorry ^^no peaking^^^

ANd on we goo, to the doo!  I love shoe!

BLUE ANGEL - Squirrel Nut Zippers

"Blue Angel" - SQNZ


Jorch you gigantic dolt Sir George Noory winner of the Effigy of Radiotronics, Esq et al (Macaroni):

How'd you miss this awesome song:

Sting - All this time (Album The Soul Cages)

"All This Time" - Sting

I'm stumped how a song on my sister's "I love you Bro" (as a sister) mixtape missed the mix for you on air Zorro>><?

TOomeric Soon as in Dr. SoonYangVu

Star Trek TNG 40 - The Doctor

Damn yew evul Data hiding behind your rat-eating intartubb persona!



Tonight I have a veritable feast of Bumper Music suggestions for you!

I have asked my mom to cook this one up (she wears combat boots, y'know?), she'll be 'bringing it' down here to the basement in a second.  So you'll love the first course, I've paired it with a vodka tonic w/ lemon (I use Luksusowa, a Polish potato vodka) since I want not so much to accent the flavor of this dish as to enhance it (you'll love this one, it's an old family recipe):

Black Sabbath - Rat Salad

"Rat Salad" - Black Sabbath

Don't know where you'll fit this one it, maybe right after you go on a lulz-rant about intar-tube haters or sumthin...  Say, you ever think of having Ozzy guest host for yew?  I betcha, he'd fit right in, that is unless you feel like he might be more intelligible than you are... Well, it was an idea anyhow, Ozzy's cool.


For the next dish, I've decided to pair it with a nice Chianti, I asked mom to make some fava beans to go with it but we're fresh out appparently:

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

"Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley

(that's the slow version, here's the 'regular version' w/ lyrics if that's too much for ya:
they're both good so use either one yew like better)

I'm sure there's more than a few guests on your show that you can use this one for.  Really though, there's one word in the entire song I want you to hear, it's the word "COINCIDENCE."  You could think that the other lyrics don't matter, they are just coincidences...  But then perhaps there is no such thing as a coincidence... who knows?
^^^(Jorch, this here's a speshul secrut song, you probably can't use it on air, but it's pretty entertaining, you see it's a guy doing karaoke, but the guy has a speech impediment, JUST LIKE YOU!  Stay strong, brother!  PS I sorta look like that guy, but it's probably coincidence...)^^^


This is a four course feast so I hope this next one doesn't fill yew up, I've paired this one with a Margarita made with Petron Tequila:

Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

"Mexican Radio" - Wall of Voodoo

George, this will be awesome!  I've figured out a way you can increase your listening audience share!  Yep, there's tons of Spanish language AM radio stations out there!  You can offer it to them for "pennies a day!"  You can use this for when you make the "Big Announcement!"

No need, to thank me.  This is a labor of love for me, so just the pleasure of doing this work & trying to help you improve the shoe is enough thanks!

PS:  for some reason I thought this was They Might Be Giants, and figured you use it when you have Steve Quayle on.  See?  Don't feel bad, even I make mistakes sometimes!  Buck up, cowboy!



Sorry 'bout that, George.  Dessert, is coming right up.  I decided to pair this course with a nice Riesling, for no other reason than it is a great dessert wine, I'm thinking you'll enjoy this nice Eiswein, I'd offer you a Kabinett, but yew are a 'speshul' guest, so nuttin butt the best for yew!  Enjoy:

Basement Jaxx - Rock This Road feat. Shakka

"Rock This Road" - Basement Jaxx

This for is some chronic pain I heard you've been having lately...  I hear you caught it from intar-tube trollz or something, and your normal Preparation H & Toomeric cure isn't working.   Hope this makes you feel better!  Thanks for droppin' by!



Sorry, 'bout that George, thanks for stopping by...

Oh, hey!  I almost forgot!  I want you to know that as a speshul thank you for your honest and conscientious treatment of Art Bell over the years & even though you're a Navy man;  I've nominated you for the Army's prestigious "Order of the Blue Falcon Medal w/ "A" device" I think you truly deserve it, the rare "A" device means "Awesome," I swear!  You truly do deserve it for all the other work you doo, but especially for your treatment of Art! 

Bye, now!  Thanks for stopping in!


"Right On Time" - Red Hot Chili Peppers (live)"

I think you will enjoy this one Jorch, it's about Sock Puppets!  In case you don't "get it" it's a widely known secrut.  Well, let me 'splain it to yew:  Sock on a dick, Jorch...  Take a watch, AK sez something about outer space at the end, I'm sure you can find a use for this one...


The Killers - Mr. Brightside

"Mr. Brightside" - The Killers

George, this song is about Jealousy.  Perhaps you could perform it at one of your secrut insider shoes as your favorite "dress-up" persona 'deMandy'?  Then play it live on air when you wear your speshul underpants (I guess that Depends on if you like the song or not...)


Cheap Trick - "I Want You To Want Me": SXSW Music 2010

"I Want Yew To Want Me" - Cheap Trick

This is another song you could use before/after you go on your lulz-haturz rants.  No rats in this one...  Alternately, you can use it for when you are hitting on your guests again (this one works for men and women & XYZBLTs too, so right up you "alley" so to speak)


The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed

"Our Lips Are Sealed" - The Go-Gos

You can get great "dress-up" ideas from this video if you watch it, George!  It's a classhic too.  You can use this for haturz-lulz rant intros too!  Plus it's a good song!  Can yew hear me?  Cuz, Jorch I can't hear yew (radio's on a different channel right now...)


Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams

"Shattered Dreams" - Johnny Hates Jazz

Check this one out, George!  You could use it when you talk about Art coming back to the radio, or when LMH brushes off your lame attempts to hit on her.  As a doubleplus good, I think it musically fits in with what you already are dooing with your bumper music.


Pink - So What (Official Music Video) yt

"So What" - Pink

Jorch, you're still a rockstar!  Never forget that!  As a plus you can quash all those rumors about you not liking the Pink, without really having to say it... Wait, you will have to say "I like The Pink" right before/after this plays...


Ministry - So What

"So What" - Ministry

This is actually my favorite version of that "So What" song...  It's a bit long, so maybe you could play it on one of your extended breaks?  For when you and Tommee are digging around in the closet for "Emchurching Ardists" or whatever it is you do in there?  It runs something like eight minutes....


Ministry - Thieves (Full Metal Jacket)

"Thieves and Liars" - Ministry

Well, Forgive Me!  Jorch, I seem to be on a Ministry kick here...  I never hear you play music like this (well I never really hear you play anything to tell the truth...)  Nah, forget that last statement I wuz lying!  Hur, hur, hur...



"Just What I Needed" - The Cars

I guess you could use this for bumper music, the lyrics are good...  But I think if you can convince Tommee to do some karoake, you can have him sing this to you at your secrut 'insider' shows while you play dress-up as deMandy (Jorch, I love the deMandy idear!  Brilliant!  Never thought you'd try to get "the Gays" onboard your shoe like that!  You sir, are A for Awesome!  BTW, No word yet on that Blue Flacon award w/A device from the Army yet, but real soon now I am sure!) I'm sure you can drag a costume out of the closet to wear while Tommee sings this to you!


Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

"Everybody Knows" - Leonard Cohen

Just a placeholder here, prolly won't delete it (as I am against censorship in general...)

So, George, this is going to be difficult for yew:  Yew hafta make your own commentary for this one, sort of like reading my mind....


Insane Clown Posse - Another Love Song

"Another Love Song" - Insane Clown Posse

George, you have to appreciate how difficult it was to find this video, lot's of 'tube searchin'...  I understand that you are afraid of clowns, but I think that is just a fear of yourself, what is inside you!  You should face your fears!  This one is worth it I promise...

Besides, you should totally use it as bumper music, there's a whole new demographic out there that I'm sure would love to help you get over your fear and hatred of clowns...  Don't hate on yourself, bro!!


Bonnie Raitt - Something To Talk About

"Something to Talk About" - Bonnie Raitt

Jorch, I'll leave you to think about the myriad reasons you really should try this one out...


"When You're Hot, You're Hot" by Jerry Reed at the CMAs 1971

"When You're Hot, You're Hot" - Jerry Reed

Jorch, I was thinking you should do a shoe about the USS Forrestal fire and it's possible connection to Secretary of Defense Jim Forrestal (no coincidences, right?)
You could use this as the bumper music at some point in that shoe...

-Cheers, brother!


last nights bumpers (way to rub it in jorch)

Bumper music from Wednesday February 11, 2015

Midnight Express (The Chase) Giorgio Moroder

Wind Of Change The Scorpions

Dawn (Go Away) Frankie Valli & Four Seasons

Shatter Me Lindsey Stirling featuring Lzzy Hale

Your Wildest Dreams Moody Blues

Guam Cusco

Land of Confusion Genesis

Red Barchetta Rush

Love Me Two Times  Doors

Catalina Cusco

It Ain't Me, Babe Johnny Cash

Pickpockets David Holmes

Jackie Blue Ozark Mountain Daredevils

When You Come Back to Me World Party

All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix

Inca Dance Cusco



Think about this one:

Van Halen - Jump

Great music?  Very happy, eh?

Call your own shots, bro!


Accidents will happen!

"Accidents Happen"

I don't want to advise your gambling habits, sir.  But, accidents doo happen! 

You're correct, it does DEPEND, Jorch!  Jorch, yew are a genius!


I always thought the "hey-ya" bit was some gay Enya garbage:

Dream Academy - "Life In A Northern Town" (Official Music Video)

I stand corrected, it was some gay British garbage....

I keed, I keed...


Jorch, you have established your love for that queer Morrisey, so hear's a few fur yew:

"How Soon Is Now?" - Smiths

You are indeed humandneed to be loved despite that 'devil drink' that so taunts you...


"Vicar In A Tutu" - Smiths

What can anyone say?  Some awkward moments are bound to be caught on film, let it go...

OMC - How Bizzare

"How Bizarre" - OMC

needs this explain?  "It's Hollywood, everybody's gay sometimes..." (paraphrase...)


I've often said, if there ain't horns (brass, orchestral type) in the song, it ain't no good...

Outkast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious

I always understood the lyric "OE" to mean Olde English, an excellent beer...


Shmoov. Love the smell of outkast in the morning.


Peter Gabriel - Big Time

"Big Time" - Peter Gabriel

George, I heard this on the radio and thought of both you AND Tommee!
You really should watch this video, I think you'll find it entartainting!

I have more songs selected for you, no worries!  I don't want to overwhelm you with a flood of love though!

edit: here's the extended version, it's even better than the other one:


George!  Hey, I've got a few more songs for you to think about using!

"Just A Girl" - No Doubt

I bet you wish you had this one when you were talking about those mean closeted rat eating haters on the intar-tubes the other day.  Well, put it in your saved music file.  You can practice it for your next "dress-up karaoke" gig, I'm sure Tommee will get a kick out of you and might offer helpful pointers on what sort of outfit you can wear for the performance.  Some of the notable lyrics:  "I've had it up to here" & "I'm just a grrrl, lucky me"  Well, go ahead and put it in your secret Bumper Music closet anyway.

Jack Johnson - Good People

"Good People" - Jack Johnson

This could be a classic!  Just listen to the lyrics, all sorts of non-coincidental stuff in there.  Talk of TeeVee shoes.  The video is pretty neat too, you should watch it, it'll probably remind you of the good times you and Tommee have when you're in Vegas or LA before and after the broadcasts...

"Personal Jesus" - Johnny Cash

This would be good for open lines, think of it as invitational music to your listeners, as a plus it's a set-up for that "Jump" song by Van Halen in case you get one of those juicy suicide-on-the-line calls that you love because they are, let's face it, broadcast gold!  edit: I know it's not the Depeche Mode version, but give it a chance you can still play the Depeche Mode version that I'm sure you love...

This next one is a bonus track that I just thought of just now:

"Beautiful World" - Coldplay

No Jorch, it's not by CosPlay, although you are free to pronounce anything anyway you want.  Believe me, this song doesn't SUCK, and you should use it...

That's all for today, don't worry, I doo have plenty more scribbled down on my conspiracy wall of Post-It notes, colored string and push-pins... My mom made me put up some cork-board to protect the antique Plaster & Lath in our/my finished man/listenin' cave in the basement, I digress...


Hi, George!  I have some more musical selections I think you may find interesting.  I've tried to make this one somewhat topical, you see there's something going on.  Or at least it appears that something was going on Saturday night.  A big mystery, I think it was a studio fire and I am proceeding to suggest the following songs with a very small eye on solving the mystery.  I feel like Magnum PI, or something, gives me the shivers, and that man had a fine moustache.  Oh, speaking of Hawaii, if the studio did get burnt up the other night, does this in any way accelerate your studio build over there?  So without further ado:

Sheryl Crow - "A Change Would Do You Good" b/w music video

"A Change Would Do You Good" - Sheyrl Crow

I love this song, can you imagine living for ten years in a paper bag?  I would think I could fight my way out of it, I bet you could too, George.  I really would lay money on that, even if the paper bag was wet!  You are a rock star, sir!  Anyhow, that's what caught my eye besides the obvious title, starts out strong.  There's lines referencing the mafia ("cement shoes") and another favorite subject "ouiji board," I'm not sure how the line about "chasing dragons with plastic swords" can fit in but you the broadcast master can surely do something with that.

"Dancing in the Dark" - Bruce Springsteen"

This one's been my list for you for awhile, but really haven't been able to make it super-relevant until I listened to it the other day.  I initially put it on the list because of the title again, I mean you are essentially a ballroom dancer over the night-time airwaves.  Have you ever considered getting on that "Dancing With The Stars" TV show?  You should, I'd love to see that.  Anyhow, it moved up to the top of the list when I listened to it the other day, again like the last song it busts out of the gate (my racing horse reference, heh) with a "I get up in the evening and I ain't got notheeng to say," I am sure you have days like that on occasion, but night after night you dazzle us with you improvisational conversational skills!  Then there's the "can't start a fire without a spark" line that brought this song up to the top of my recommendation list, you could use this for Bumper Music before/after you explain the 'incident' Saturday night.  BTW, I want to say that Lisa Garr is an awesome host, and as I am sure you have notice she has broadcast skills that might possibly rival your own.  I was most disturbed to find that she went OFF AIR the other night, but I was quickly calmed by a truly classic replay of one of you best shows of yesteryear...  I am sorry, I seem to be droning on and on, I shall get on to my final recommendation of the day (perhaps):

"Inside Out" - Eve 6 (Speed Remix)

I apologize for this one, I threw this one on at the end of the list tonight.  Essentially I just pulled it out of my behind, I'm not a pro and quick on my feet like you and Tommee.  I mean you two are always pulling stuff out of your behinds at the last minute before air to address the current issues of the day.  You know, baby deaths and other things that the people need to know about.  Anyhow, this one has a line "burn, burn like a wicker cabinet" which made me wonder if you kept your studio equipment in a wicker cabinet or something?  I dunno, some of the other lyrics are interesting too...  I know I will always think of C2C when I hear this song from now on, so thanks for that!

Oh, here's the "normal" version of that song if the above was a bit difficult to understand:

I do apologize if these particular three selections are not up to your normal tip-top expectations.  I had little prep time and just pulled something out of my butt like I said above.  I am not a pro like you and Tommee, so I apologize if I didn't live up to the high standards that you two set for each other, and possibly those that work for you.  I mean that has to be the case that high bar you set, how else could you be in the successful broadcast "KeenG of the Night" position that you are in right now!


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