Noory Bumper Music "Embrace the Suck"

Started by pate, November 17, 2014, 11:52:12 AM

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Quote from: Who on October 10, 2015, 07:55:45 AM
A partial list of people more qualified to be president than George Noory:

1) Justin Bieber
2) Honey Boo Boo
3) Kim Kardashian
4) Miley Cyrus
5) Paris Hilton
6) Dennis Rodman
7) The guy who collects shopping carts at my local Walmart
8) Richard Nixon (sure, he's dead but he's well-rested)
9) Kim Jong Un
10) My dog
There's always this guy.


Sir Jorge,

Think long and hard on this one while you and Tommee review.

Easy in the Caddy, yah.

Dave, for yew.


There's always this guy.

Doan fergot the Veteraniarianisms, Jorch!

All proceeds to them!

It's the HoLeeFukDay CD for the X-mas!  A small portion of the seeds!

Doan tell the chauffer or it'd spoil Tommee's X-mas...


Sir Jorch! my thyme in line leads me to believe beyond Toomeric and TangyT that No'rries!

Yew Gallumping Colt, Yew Arr Knot FurGoatEXtense!

Thyme foal a neu dietary supplement Kommiercial:

Doan thunk me, think yore 'cruder!

that is all, HoreHay.


Jorch, it has been too long since I advised you on how to take your shoe in a new direction.

Here are three new tips:

"New Shoes" - Paolo Nutini

This one will give your ONE New Direction for the show some "way-back" chops with the kids.  Use it next Tues in Feb March, just as a one-off "insider" joke about how your show perpetration went because you georged yourself on Quickie-Mart Turkee Sammiches in celebration of "Leap-Monday."  Twit/tweet about it, you are the master of twits, sir!  #OneNewShoeDirection!


"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John

This one is a veritable smorgasbord (practice saying that!) of broadcast bumper applications; also, it has some good "skin-flute" like good ol' Andy Griffith used to play, in it.  Your forked tounge thing doesn't keep you from mastering the "skin-flute" does it, Jorch?  I called in one time to your shoe, didn't make it on-air, but Tommee assured me that you were indeed fluteent on the "skin-flute."  You can also use this one with your guests of teh female persuasion;  what's the line in it, "...will yew go home with me?"  Don't forget that you can always use it as an outro-bumper for commercial breaks when your ParaNORMALdate ads immediately follow.  Great stuff!


"Home" - Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros

Dave, this one not only features moar "skin-flute" for you to sharpen your Lounge-lizard Singer routine on, it can be used after Annie frum Alabamy calls in and you have to cut to a commercial break to get her off the phone/arrange a real-life meat-up off-air.

Mr. Noorie, I am in your corner and rooting for you to get that one-way trip to your new "Home" on Mars where we can properly hear you on a 19.5 minute delay, as the lawd intended.


Hope these tips will help you with that troublesome "hipster douche" demographic!



Dave, would you stop circe de soleing my coque-bloke with the top "down" and tease-soliqueefing me?


\aftur ull, it ease justice nefer-sumtheeng

Thumbs ar on yer sidereal, yup


ediot: ima2!


My gawd, onle drams:


GHaturz disc-over, cover?

Last was a dis-AM-big,yew{fonzie) short hand for(..}


, butt discharge dist'lld -n- essence d'NOORY!



Dave you doan liek the Zep cover bands?

heh.  Led Zeppelin Cover Band

Nuthing likes the origami, ami-rite?

I almost feel wai-ku.



I heard this one on the radio the other day, and the off-tune and incorrect bird songs the skin-flute player was attempting amused me in a musically syncopated way.

I later thought of you, we all know your love of the skin-flute and are proud that you are using your skin-flute hobbies to help with your speech impediment, the skin-flute playing really helps you tighten and develop your mouth muscles doesn't it?  Anyhow, I figured you might get a kick out of this and might enjoy listening to it while practicing your skin-flute playing with Tommee before the shoe.  Heck, you could even use it as bumper music I suppose:

Only have thyme for the one suggestion, Jorch!

Keep plugging away at it and you will eventually peg the bullseye!  I believe in yew!




Navy Davey!  I found another song, yew mite already have it in the closet amongst yore SubMerg'n ARTist 8-track Casio-types*:

You are the King of late nite microwavable snack-radio Thyme, and of course using such vintage music is entirely up to you.  Give it a lishun and see if it might fit in with your legendairy boredcast schtyle!

Much Luv,


*I had an idea for another Datun' Sight yew could pimp:  "SUB-MERGE'N'DATE" or SUBmergeINDave, just spit-balling.  Toss that snowball up to your BoredCast Vulcan Mountin' Master Tommee and see what pops up that yew two play with, might turn into an avalanche of grate radio?


Dave I just "fell out of sleep" and wondered if you recall this grate tune:

Y'know fur Lindy?

I bet she'd meat you athelete conference if you plait her hair-har0hair...


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