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Cel phone SIM Unlocking

Started by area51drone, November 16, 2014, 02:30:15 AM


I'm thinking of switching from T-Mobile to Cricket, but I need to unlock my phones.  I called T-Mobile and for free they'll unlock the two I'm using because I'm "traveling out of the country" but I have three other old phones I'd like to unlock too.    So I'm curious if any of you guys have used any of the services out there, there are a bazillion of them.   Cheap and credible would be best, or if you know of a way of getting an HTC phone unlocked by some other method, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance. 

BTW, with Cricket I should save about $10/mo over what I'm paying now, and the Cricket coverage is far superior to TMobile.  I wish there was a Spec Sheet to call in to..  ::)


Sorry for the late reply.  I can only tell you that I have used cellunlocker.net three times without issue.  I do not know what they would be like if there were an problem- but I have had 3 successful transactions...


Cool. I actually got t-mobile to give me all the unlock codes before I switched.   Then, I had one number left over on my son's cell phone that I decided to just cancel instead of transfer, and t-mobile refused to give it to me since I cancelled service.  LOL... it's a 12 year old flip phone.  I found the unlock sequence online anyway.


I should have mentioned tht some phones you can find the codes for (or get them with a little patience and google.)  Glad to hear that they worked out.

Have you flashed any custom ROM's yet?


I have rooted phones, but not flashed.  I've flashed a few tablets though.   Each time though I have found that there's always some thing not working, so I'd prefer to keep the original rom just rooted.   


Quote from: area51drone on November 21, 2014, 04:05:26 AM
...I'd prefer to keep the original rom just rooted.

that's what i do, too.

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