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Nightvision contact lenses coming?
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Technically, you could call infrared vision night vision, but it's also useful for daytime activities, and it's not the type of "night vision" that they're showing in the pictures that accompany this article.   FLIR announced recently that they're putting out an iphone addon for $350 that will give your iphone IR capabilities up to 350 ft.   I have a FLIR HM-224, and it has similar capabilities, and when this iphone addon comes out, I might just drop the HM and get myself a used iphone plus the IR sleeve instead.     Regular night vision works by multiplying the photons down a tube, amplifying them - I have one as well.   Gen3 or greater NV's are amazing.   Using them side by side, if you are trying to "see" someone, more than likely the IR device is going to give you a more instant recognition, but if you are looking to go jogging or something, I would want regular NV.   

So, IMO, the contact lenses would be great for tactical or security purposes, maybe even hunting where they're legally allowed to be used, but for every day "let's go walk around at night" I don't think they'd be ideal.    Still cool though, thanks for posting the link bateman.

Nightvision contact lenses coming?
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Well Bateman, you are forgetting the possibility that an investor buys the patent and then locks it in the sealed vault without producing a single unit.