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The Malliard Report

Started by malliard, December 17, 2013, 10:05:11 PM


The Mallard Report is an interesting, informative, and engaging show that provides a unique perspective on the topic of extraterrestrial contact and hypnosis. The hosts, Jim Mallard and Leslie Mitchell Clark, have a genuine dialogue and an open-minded approach to the topic that allows for a truly unique exploration of the subject. The show is also sponsored by Sarah Wood Dock, a PTSD survivor who has created a small business selling unique gifts and animal prints. If you're interested in learning more about hypnosis, extraterrestrial contact, and the power of the subconscious mind, then The Mallard Report is definitely worth tuning into.



The Malliard Report welcomes guest Cheryl Costa to discuss her experiences with UFOs . Get ready to learn more about the UFO phenomenon and its impact on society with this unique episode. Tune in now to get answers to your burning questions!


'Erica Lukes: Debunking The Myths About UFOs' by The Malliard Report https://megaphone.link/FPMN6051592845

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