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The Camazotz Automat Storefront

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Camazotz Automat:

September 29 1945addressee
Betty Maxwell
221 Fifth Street
Kalispell, Montana

Could not cable sooner.  Commanding Officer said you were notified on September Fourth that I am okey dokey pokey. Thank God War is over.  Will begin construction on new store when I come home.  All higgledy piggledy here but relieved.  We lost Earl Kowalsky in final manuever.  Earl saved my life in July.  I am bringing home the Emerald Tablet Earl and I found in Memphis, Egypt. Will place it in storefront window for Good Luck. Full moon tonight.  Look at it and think of me. Can not wait to see you, darling. I will be home by Christmas. What do you think of "Camazotz Automat" as store name? Love, always. - Harvey

1749 3013 6692 4711Cairo, Egypt9:46 PM

The General:

Poor Earl.


--- Quote from: The General on May 14, 2015, 12:38:22 PM ---
Poor Earl.

--- End quote ---

Alas, poor Earl! I knew him, General, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy.

Camazotz Automat:

Camazotz Automat:
Galien subduction harkens twylyte blurkinfield. 
Wise powls perkundulate the coffin gridd.
Alad, here lize Fin Again, re-Joiced
In zotsteel suit, die cleaned to audio matte finis,
Ferried through batwing Ka-deuces doors.
Pheb be wary, too too,
Of yor chin-ease monk end key,
Tweeny seventeen.

Lens clap (on) to bind thee cyclopean I...

Many many tickle your parsings, Mister Hell Blab.

Ammit awaits your hobbscotch.

And Fin has become the feather.

- Harvey
retired/deceased/transmigrated/new planet designer


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