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Crossing the River . . .

Started by EvB, August 03, 2008, 10:29:45 AM


With Dogs

Okay - we've had an English usage test, how about one on anyalitical reasoning:

A family of five goes on a hike.  Each family member has a dog. The dogs all get along fine; however, each is human-aggressive when not with its owner.

The family comes to a river they did not expect.  They have no boat.  They manage to find a boat to rent, but it will hold only three creatures of whatever species.

It would be completely impossible to cross the river is it were not for the fact that one of the dogs is so intelligent, it can operate the boat.

REMEMBER:  NO dog may be left in the presence of a human unless its owner is with it.

How do they get all ten across?  How many trips will it take?

Have fun and good luck!

In the interest of full disclosure - I will tell you that while I got an A in the class where this brain buster was posed, I never did figure this one out.

I have thought about it enough to be confident that I can spot an error in your logic, if you make one. And, I have some clues.

3 occupants total + Captain? or 3 occ. total?


Quote from: PhantasticSanShiSan on August 03, 2008, 11:15:20 AM
3 occupants total + Captain? or 3 occ. total?


And all the dogs - even the one that can operate the boat - are human-aggressive without their owner.


I'm going to offer ONE tip to all, since it was the thing I was missing - but Phan did not.

I was being MUCH too literal.  I was assuming that a human in the boat, by either shore where there was a  masterless dog, was in danger.  If you think that, you will never get it. A human who remains in the boat is safe.

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