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UFO investigator Major Donald Keyhoe, the 1958 Mike Wallace interview
In 1958, CBS censored UFO investigator Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe during a live TV broadcast. Soon after, legendary investigative reporter Mike Wallace invited Keyhoe to appear on his show Interview to discuss the controversy.

Now, thanks to video archives donated by Wallace to the University of Texas library, we too can watch Keyhoe tell his side of the story.

Video & Transcript at link

Camazotz Automat:
When Art told the story of he and Ramona encountering a gigantic silent UFO in the desert, I had no trouble visualizing the event, but have often wondered if it was a true story.  I happen to believe he was telling the truth - that he did see something, but I have no way of knowing beyond all doubt he told the truth and if he did, what was seen.  This poll ran for 60 days then dissolved into the ether, much like a UFO. 

I am going to go with a military craft ... only because the same craft has been documented by police officers, people in other countries, as well as Art and Ramona's sighting. Their proximity to Groom Lake aka Area 51 kind of makes me think it was one of ours.

Awesome question and poll by the way! :)

Camazotz Automat:

--- Quote from: Charles on April 12, 2008, 03:59:46 AM ---Awesome question and poll by the way! :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Charles. 

Here is an artists concept of what Art and Ramona saw that Art had commissioned.


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