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Camazotz Automat:
For commenting on anything of technological interest in the news or on your mind if you do not wish to start a unique thread about it.

Software, electronics, engineering, automobiles, spaceships, planes, trains, submarines, power tools, cool gadgets, building pyramids, Selectric typewriters, inventions, bio-tech, military weaponry/black projects, etc.


I'm curious to know exactly how far along "they" actually are with this wi-fi as radar tech?  Very cool technology and supposedly totally undetectable since the device only sniffs wi-fi waves and doesn't transmit anything you can't even tell swats about too pop through the door and double tap yer ass like Osama.  I have a great little program for sniffing wifi traffic called Comm View for wifi.  Although I'm not using it to triangulate my neighbors position next door I'm sure it's the predecessor of this new wi-spy stuff.

Camazotz Automat:
Waiting to see what Apple's next big thing is.
 (looking at watch)
 (I'm not anti-Apple.  Just pro-cynicism.  If I were Apple, I would seriously consider purchasing Sprint and upgrade the network and then completely destroy dish and cable by rendering them obsolete.  This would cost 4 to 7 billion total, but they can afford it. They make, what, a billion a week?)

(as if I am really comfortable speaking in terms of billions of dollars)
 In other news, my website provider said they will officially be migrating away from Flash and eventually to an all HTML 5 platform, though currently, they are heavily invested in Flash.
 Sort of made my day just knowing they are even planning it.
 Damnable Flash.

Camazotz Automat:
Wow.  This is huge.

"The case, which has centered over a panoply of patents relating to both hardware and software design, should settle one major argument once and for all: did Samsung rip off Apple's design when it started churning out touch devices of its own? Does Apple own the right to tech features that've become completely ubiquitous, like icon grids and black rectangles? The repercussions here are mammoth—this decision could literally and profoundly change the way our gadgets look for years and years to come."

The whole article:

Apple truly sucks. They put a stupid shitty circular interface (that I'm too clumsy to use) on ipods, simply to make some fucking pointless distinction between their products and the rational up-down-left-right-enter world the rest of us live in. Their aversion to any sort of cross-product compatibility is counterproductive, bad capitalism, and I daresay unAmerican.
Oh, ok - it's just that my fingers are too big. Hmph.


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