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I think the show started yesterday. (Like Michio Kaku, I don't believe in the linear nature of time. This has made it difficult for me to hold a steady job or keep dentist appointments.)

just jump back thru the worm hole to when u didnt need a dentist :P


--- Quote from: NIN on April 24, 2009, 07:19:26 PM ---Now all we need are some GNS MIB's to track down people who taped and listend back then and get there tapes lol.
--- End quote ---

Indeed.  I have a feeling there are lots of folks out there with private collections which could be pretty impressive.  I think the earliest show of his I ever caught was sometime in 89/90/91 at the latest.  While the show wasn't all that different it definitely had a different feel to it.  But I digress.

Anyway, if a single individual is responsible for the hoard of episodes of "Open Mind with Bill Jenkins", I can only imagine what a motivated individual could do to track down audiotapes in their community, digitize them and upload them to the communal funk-o-sphere.

I'm still optimistic.

I recall that, like back in the late '90's Art used to give over-the-air instructions on how to use your VCR to tape the C2C audio since audio cassette tapes wouldn't hold the whole program.

yep he use to, his shows use to be free  to  listen to online till i think early 2000, then all of a sudden you had to pay for it by subscribing to the website and streamlink was formed.


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