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He doesn't care about Hollywood, he wants to know about physics and the big questions.  What made the show great is to contemplate some very weird stuff that was a tangent from something that you needed a few brain cells to rub together to get.  I mean, he has all kinds of scientists on and it's not boring.  Only Art could do that.

With some actual opinions of his own and some very sensible rules for good radio conduct, he presided over an orderly nut house.  Like a really good party that hovers right on the edge of chaos, but no one ever has to call the cops.

He travelled, he lived and he loved.  Only interesting people can do interesting radio.  Hence, the Noory problem.

Great post attraction is the science and physics, not only my attraction but passion, UFO's and the paranormal interest me also, but theoretical physics gets me every time, Art not only comes prepared but his genuine interest and knowledge shines through.

As a Senior Insomniac, I liked Art Bell for another reason. 
For 20 years, I could not sleep through the night and before I got on to Art Bell I spent a lot of time
just tossing and turning in bed.  Then I got on to Art's show and it changed my life around quite a bit.
I actually looked forward to going to bed and I had the radio with earphones on all the time.
It was a real treat and I thoroughly enjoyed the shows.  For the past 10 years or so, I leave my radio on all the time and when I wake up in the middle of the night, I just grab my earphones and spend some time listening to the show.
I think that there might be a lot of Seniors that do the same thing.

Lately, I've had to switch over to other radio stations like KGO in San Fran or the Phil Hendrie show but its not the same.  Sure miss Art.

I guess it was Art's ability to let his listeners know that he really cared about them.


Doug same here, Art made insomnia fun, haha. If you were tired the next day at least you felt like you really got something out of it. I still have insomnia but I have spent a lot of time find some really amazing podcasts. Unsubbing, and giving up on George was one of my better decisions.
I miss the "live" aspect of Arts show though...but I see even a few of my favourite podcasts are going live now too.

Yeah SillyDog, I agree. Art has a really good balance as a human being. The kind of person I would invite to dinner. The nuthouse was often not that orderly... and maybe the new maybe made him feel as if it wasn't worth it. He had so much trouble in the past. I just remember being so happy go lucky when I lived on Venice Beach... but when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I seriously lost my sense of humour about the unpredictible diversity. This must have been multiplied in the thousands for Art.
If anyone wants to PM me I have a list of podcasts that are really pretty good. Or if anyone has any they think I'd like send them.

ok ok ok

I just listend to c2c  1998 11-11  with guest David Icke (ike not icky lol)

On that show Art states he has been doing the show for 14 years and to me it sounds like he's refering to doing the show from his home.  Now if that is the case go back 14 years from 1998 is 1984.  So I think it can be safe to say Coast to Coast Am with Art Bell (aliens) at least in 1984. Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell (political) who knows when LOL.  According to the Art of Talk Alan Corbuth sp? Suggested the studio should be in Art's house. Now if Art is refering to doing the show from his house then I think we can say before 1984 for the birth of Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell (Aliens). The Art of Talk says management flipped when Art changed the format (politics/Aliens) untill they saw the rattings. Anywho, thats about where I think the show started 1984.
Now all we need are some GNS MIB's to track down people who taped and listend back then and get there tapes lol.


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