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Rather than continue spreading political conversations across other threads, it seems best that we have a centralized location for such discussions.  Sooo... here's the politics thread. 

I'll start.

If Romney is the Republican nominee, there is NO WAY Obama loses in November.  Romney is absolutely unelectable vs. Obama, and I'm sick of this notion that his supposed electability is the reason to support him.  His views are so congruent with those of Obama that I see NO REASON to bother winning in November if he's the nominee, anyway.  I support Ron Paul, although I know he won't be the nominee.  I'd vote for Gingrich if he were on the ballot in November, but I've begun to believe he can't win the nomination.  Santorum is another authoritarian conservative obsessed with gay marriage, but I guess I'd vote for him if he were the nominee.  Yawn.  I'm pretty depressed over the "choices" offered in this primary season.

Eddie Coyle:
         It's over, Obama has this thing wrapped up. The GOP has put out their least electable group of candidates since...well, 2008. Romney is a tycoon with no courage or convictions, Santorum makes Dubya look like George Washington, Gingrich has too many skeletons and I think he's a phony, he breathes fire publicly, but this Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac just proves he's another double talk insider. Check out Tom Coburn's "Breach of Trust" to get an idea of how Gingrich operates. He once yelled at Coburn and Steve Largent of how "you conservatives" caused him trouble.

        2016 will maybe bring a change...but 2012 the status quo stays,IMO.

The General:

Yeah.  Romney vs. Obama?  It's like we only have one party.  And they run two candidates.  More wealthy big-government aristocrat do-gooders. 

General...I know what you mean, but trust me there are two political parties:

Them vs. Us

Them wins far more often than Us.

This year I've decided instead of voting in the presidential election I am going to regularly vote for this season's American Idol.  I want my vote to count for something and a show created, owned and produced by British millionaires seems to be my best chance!

Frys Girl:
I think you guys are underestimating the anger of Republicans. I know many Republicans who are going to max out on donations. I think anything is better than Obama.


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