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Friend of the show, actor Doug Hutchinson, 51, marries 16 year old.

Started by TaoOfLuxLisbon, June 21, 2011, 01:27:54 PM

Quote from: FightTheFuture on November 03, 2013, 08:38:23 AM
He`ll always be Eugene Victor Tooms, to me.

Same here. Creepy eyed monster. Mr. Fantastic if he was on baff salts. (The character, not the actor himself)


First of all, no dissing Jerry. I imagine Mick married her not just because she's beautiful, but because Texan women have a certain something. Ry Cooder did a song about it.

And though she may not be a nice person, and you may not like her politics, I don't think she's aged badly. I remember seeing a nude picture of her when she was 40. It may have been airbrushed but I still remember thinking, "Dang, she looks better than me, I need to get in shape." I was 19 at the time and 40 seemed so old

My aunt, now deceased, married at 15 and had her first baby at 16. Lots of women did back then. It was during the Depression. Admittedly my uncle wasn't much older but in some cases the men were substantially older. My uncle was a bum and she came close to leaving him at one point, but she stayed for the children and they were married til he died. The only person I knew who came West in a covered wagon(she died when I was 4)married at 15 and had her first baby at 16. In this case I think the man was substantially older. They had 7 children and the oldest girl married at 15 and had her first baby at 16.
A couple of years ago Dennis Prager interviewed an author who claims that a lot of what we think we know about the teenage brain is wrong. Too bad C to C doesn't have that calibre of guest on any more. It would be a good show. Anyway, if he's correct, it would mean huge societal changes, everything from drinking and voting ages to changes in the educational system and the criminal justice system( and Obamacare) because we would no longer work from this premise of attenuated childhood. I will go through my wish lists on Goodreads, etc. and try to find the title, though I haven't read it myself yet.
I also heard somebody(OK, it was Callista Gingrich) say last night that one of the founding fathers was only 18 at the time of the revolution. I forget which one it was but he was president later, I think. Quite a lot later, obviously, since you have to be 30 something to be president.


The second person I was talking about was Brigitte Bardot. The preview function here is hard for me to use.


By chance I saw a piece in the UK Mail Online saying this couple was splitting amicably.

The have a dog named Dourtney.


Man , i'd be happy if my ass would fit in a hand , or a gunny sack ..or a doorway


Quote from: Cynnie on December 26, 2013, 04:08:50 PM
Man , i'd be happy if my ass would fit in a hand , or a gunny sack ..or a doorway

So that's what that 'big hands' thing is all about...


Man, I must live in a cave.  I'd never heard of these ppl.  But I laughed  my butt off to some of the postings.

I don't get in here much and some of this stuff was gold, I tell you.  Thanks for the late night laugh. 


Thanks, I think.
The book I referenced was Teen 2.0 by Robert Epstein

Yorkshire pud

Quote from: Rockaria on September 13, 2014, 02:01:27 AM
The Green Mile actor then covered up his pale torso with a black T-shirt as the fame-hungry duo continued the romantic performance on their blanket....."   :o


Might this be the same Daily Mail that gets it's knickers in a wad on the front page about the debauchery of the young and not so young, paedophiles, rapists, exploitation of the young and sex; whilst simultaneously devoting almost all it's online output to sex, young women with no clothes on, sex, and (if it can get away with it) the  physical attributes of teenage daughters of famous people?

Yes, it is.  ::)

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