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The General:
Trump flirts with running for president, says Ron Paul has ZERO chance of winning the election.

Donald Trump: Ron Paul Can't Get Elected President

I'd tend to agree with him, but then again I thought the same thing the first time I heard about Barack Hussein Obama.  So... you never know.  I'd vote for Trump.

I've heard talk about him running for president.  What about Trump is it that you like?  I don't know anything about his political views but his background raises giant red flags for me.  Why would americans elect someone with so much incentive to help the ultra wealthy?  The man must have friends in high places all over the world who would come knocking on his door.  You don't become such a successful businessman without becoming used to screwing people over.  That's not to say your average politician genuinely cares about anyone's interests but his own but with Trump it's right on the surface.  His whole life has been about screwing people and building power.

The General:

--- Quote from: Silent on February 11, 2011, 06:40:07 AM ---I've heard talk about him running for president.  What about Trump is it that you like?...

--- End quote ---

Well, I never would have considered him, until I heard him on Michael Savage.  He's a savvy businessman and he could probably do more to fix our financial mess than anyone else could.  He's a strong conservative, he wants to impose tarrifs on China, he wants to make incentives for businesses to stay in the USA instead of shipping jobs over the borders and across the seas, he wants to fix the mess made by NAFTA.  He was against the Bush machine's dumb mistakes financially and militarily.  He wants to pull our troops out of Afghanistan and other places where we don't need to be.  He wants to run the country like a business and not an empire.  And I think he could do it.

Here's a clip.....
Donald Trump Calls the Savage Nation - Trump 2012? Aired January 10, 2011

fromwomewhere outthere:
I'd vote for Trump without a doubt. We need a fiscally responsible person in the White House who can not be bought off. I find it ironic that the people who are making huge financial decisions for our country are for the most part lawyers and probably never have taken either and Econ or Accounting 100 class.

if i can be made to feel confident that trump is not a "free trade at any cost" zombie or a member of the bedroom police, i'd support him.  i also want the patriot act scrutinized and rolled back where appropriate.


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