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How to Help the Egyptians
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i just learned from this story that it is illegal to insult islam OR christianity in egypt.
... and suddenly the sole aetheist in Egypt soils the self


How to Help the Egyptians
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I think this would be a good policy for the whole world.  If another country wants (or can only establish) a monarchy, a dictatorship, a democracy, a theocracy, or a bunch a warring tribes -- that is their business.  We have no right to interfere.  And people generally resent the interference of outsiders even if it means their societies are more prosperous, more peaceful, and run more smoothly.

As for the Middle East and oil: they are perfectly willing to sell it.  That is the source of their wealth, after all.  If the U.S. would stop participating in the wars of the war, we would be saving billions.
And if they don't want it, we shouldn't intervene either!