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psychics and visionaries

Started by ringthane, January 02, 2011, 03:46:56 AM


Let me state up front I'm like Mulder -- I want to believe.

Noticed that tomorrow night, first hour, is Joseph Jacobs. This triggered memories from a frequent 'first hour' guest the last few years, the french psychic/visionary... i think his name is Louis Turi?

Turi gave very specific time ranges last year for major calamities -- I recall him saying last week of July and first week of November. Not localized tragedies like we had here in the US recently with tornados but worldwide 'eye openers.'

Frankly, I think Turi, Jacobs et al are full of shit. And I think Noory's gullibility with this millenial/end of days bullshit plays into this.

Has Noory ever called these clowns out?

Speaking of clowns, Ed Dames is back on Tuesday, Jan 4th.

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