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Justin BieberWhy is this little punk kid so famous?
i want to come his fucking hair.

this is actually a good thread, and nobody has done this before.  here's my first contribution.

why in the FUCK is it that everything i buy has to be made of particle board?  why?  do we still use actual wood for anything?  it's so annoying.

Yeah no shit. Now even dressers are made of that shit. You go to move it and the fucking thing breaks. It just falls apart.


Comcast We Care......
ok i have had to deal with this god forsaken company many times. They tell you they are always around when you need them. The people on the phone when you need second tier help. They Techs talk to you like you are a fucking retard. The price they quote you on the phone is never the same as what shows on your fucking bill. I recently had service with them. I had internet and cable. They cable always fucked up. What I mean is the line that is ran from the pole when the wind would blow would drop my signal. I would call them and say can you please send out one of your techs. They would come out and find nothing. I have had 6 times had a tech out to my house. All the times but ones was it for the fucking internet. My wife who has no idea how networks or modems work told comcast that it was the modem. Ok so after 6 times they show up at the house and say yeah its your modem. They claim they wear boot covers and respect your home. This fucker of a tech came out and tore my living room out and was rude to my wife my kids and told me to get my DOG My fucking 3 pound Chihuahua called it a mutt. Fuck you don't come into my house and talk to my family like that. One time he came out the tech stole my signal amp. I called Comcast and told them the tech stole my amp. He had to bring it back to my house. Anyhow I have had the worst experience with this shit of a company.
Fuck that company. I wish the company would give you what you pay for and offer a better product. This company needs to be evaluated again. Motherfuckers. 

You cant buy pants that fit anymore. What the fuck happened there? It's not me, it's the pants.

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