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20 gauge is a good starter, with buck-shot (that I do not believe actually will run through the barrel, but sheeeit)!  Put a slug in the chamber and at close range with no obstacles, that is a man-stopper, for a well aimed single shot.

A twenty gauge in the shotgun world may be considered a "toy" by enthusiasts, but it is lethal if needed to be:  Bear that in mind when you casually "forget" such a thing at your dear old mother's domicile.

Some "basic" education is warranted;  it is absolutely not a "needed" thing, but if AND when it is wanted and absent...

A .22 caliber air-rifle is lethal if aimed with skill.  I digress, and certainly have said too much.

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Yes, the rumours are true: I cannot be obtained.

Seems you can't be trained either, bitch. Pissing and shitting all over the threads like this.

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K_Dubb do something.